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RLE CONCEPT: CORE CONCEPTS: PLACEMENT: Nursing Care Management 103 Peri Operative Nursing 3rd Year, 2nd Semester


TERMINAL COMPETENCIES Within 8 days of the 8 hour duty, the students will be able to acquire knowledge, skills, orientation and attitude, as well as demonstrating effectiveness and efficiency in assisting surgical procedure as member of the operating team, required as a health care provider and become more efficient with the implementation of the interventions that are needed for proper patient management. Specifically: A. SAFE AND QUALITY NURSING CARE 1. Provide safe and quality nursing care by:



1. Nursing Process: vital signs, nursing health history,

1. Formulation and carrying out of individualized

> utilizing nursing process as framework for nursing care >promote safety and comfort of patients > Demonstrate knowledge based on health/illness status of individual/ groups B. MANAGEMENT OF RESOURCES AND ENVIRONMENT 2. Maintain effective management of resources and environment by maintaining it safe and sterile > Ensures the functioning of resources

physical assessment, safety and comfort measures

nursing care plans, assessing vital signs (including pulse oximetry), conducting complete head-to-toe physical assessment, instituting age specific safety and comfort measures, transferring of patients, Complete appropriate assessment forms, Performs effective assessment techniques, Obtains comprehensive client information, Maintains privacy and confidentiality
2. Practicing aseptic techniques; orientation and

2. Safety and Asepsis

compliance to hospital infection control, waste management and fire safety protocol, Check proper functioning of the equipment

C. HEALTH EDUCATION 3. Render health education: >assessing needs of the patient and family >developing health education plan based on assessed and anticipated needs >implementing health education plan >evaluating the outcome
3. Teaching and learning

D. LEGAL RESPONSIBILITIES 4. abide to legal responsibilities by: > adhering to practices in accordance with the nursing law and other relevant legislation including informed consent >adhering to organizational policies and procedures > documenting care rendered to patients E. ETHICO MORAL RESPONSIBILITIES 5. Portray ethico moral responsibilities by: >rendering nursing care consistent with the patients Bill of Rights >projecting a positive image of nursing profession >reporting unethical and immoral incidents to proper authorities F. PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBILITIES 6. Demonstrate personal and professional development by: >verbalizing strengths, weaknesses, 6. Self awareness, RLE rules and regulations
6. Conducting self awareness activity that will

4. RA 9173; Informed Consent, Hospitals organizational policies and procedures, documentation system

4. Review on relevant topics of RA 9173, proper securing of informed consent, , review on hospitals organizational policies and procedures, and general guidelines in documenting and charting

5. Patients Bill of Rights, Code of Ethics for Nurses, Incident Report

5. Review of Patients Bill of Rights and COE for

Nurses, accomplishing of IR, Articulates the vision and mission of the institution where one belongs, acts in accordance with the established norms and conduct of the institution/ organization

facilitate verbalization of strengths, weaknesses and limitations., orientation to RLE rules and

limitations >dressing appropriately >behaving appropriately at all times >demonstrating congruence of words and actions


G. QUALITY IMPROVEMENT 7. Contribute to quality improvement by: >detecting variation in vital signs of the patient >maintaining aseptic technique H. RESEARCH 8. Apply research findings in nursing practice by: > making use of evidence based nursing to enhance nursing practice I. RECORD MANAGEMENT 9. Establish accurate records management by: >completing updated documentation of 9. Documentation system, charting, ethical and legal consideration
9. Orientation to hospitals documentation system,

7. Vital signs monitoring and reporting

7. Monitoring vital signs variations and reporting it immediately, participating in change-of-shifts reports

8. Evidence based nursing practice

8. Performing critical appraisal of research works, journals, published works, and internet based information.

observes legal imperatives in recording keeping, observes confidentially and privacy of patients records

patient care > observing legal imperatives in record keeping J. COMMUNICATION 10. Communicate effectively by: >establishing rapport with patients, significant others, and members of the health care team >identifying verbal and nonverbal cues K. COLLABORATION AND TEAMWORK 11. Establishing collaboration and teamwork by: >maintaining good interpersonal relationship with patients and members of the health team >acting as patient advocate 11. Communication, nurse client relationship, documenting and reporting; client advocacy 11. Maintains good interpersonal relationships with patients, colleagues and other members of the health team 10. Communication, nurse client relationship, documenting and reporting 10. Review on dynamics of communication, including therapeutic nurse client relationship, orientation to hospitals documentation system, charting, participating in change of shift reports

ARAULLO UNIVERSITY Maharlika Highway, Bitas , Cabanatuan City NURSING DEPARTMENT CLINICAL TEACHING PLAN Area of Experience DAY Shift : OR : 1ST Day : 7 3 PM

Terminal Competencies: Within 8 hours of duty, the students will be able to: 1. Communicate effectively within the members of the health care team 2. Abode to legal responsibilities of the organizational policies and procedures 3. Maintain effective management of resources and environment. Topics : Orientation, Anatomy and Physiology, Sterile Technique, Duties and Responsibilities of Scrub and Circulating Nurse, Documentation






1. The student staff nurse

Discussion of the schedule and activities for the day

will be able to know the schedule and proper

sequence of the task to be done for the day.

2. The student staff nurse

will be able to know the policies of the hospital as well as the staffs and personnel.
3. Orientation to the clinical

Discussion of the policies and a Tour throughout the hospital.

objectives and assignments for this rotation.

4. Orientation and

familiarization of the hospital mission and vision, physical set-up, facilities, organizational set-up, key personnel, general policies and procedures and patient population.
5. Orientation on the SOPs

of the hospital specifically in the area of assignment. Observation of the procedures done in the unit. Observation and familiarization of the admission procedures in

the unit. Familiarization to the use of different OR forms. Return Demonstration of surgical hand washing, gowning, donning. Review of stages of labor and nursing interventions in each stage.

1. E n u m e r a t e &

o b s e r v e t h e principles of sterile technique in the operating room 2.Apply principles of asepsis in handling sterile technique 3.Describe the operating room attire 4.Apply, define & e n u m e r a t e step by step the procedure of surgical

scrubbing 5.Apply & state the purpose of gowning and gloving 6.Apply & d i f f e r e n t i a t e between open glove & closed technique 7.Apply & describe h o w O R nurse do surgical scrub, gowning & gloving 8.Put on & remove s t e r i l e gown, & gloves observing 9. Apply correct handling o f sterile supplies & Instruments 10.Perform correct draping technique 11. Identify basic surgical instruments required for particular operation.

Area of Experience

: OR

DAY Shift

: 2nd 7th Day : 8 to 4

Terminal Competencies: : Basic skills of scrubbing, gowning, gloving, & identification of instruments in particular operation. Topics :

INTERMEDIATE COMPETENCIES Assign student in the operating room or delivery room or NICU. Assist the scrub/circulating nurse in their respective operating theaters Assist the physician in the delivery room. Assist the physician/nurse in doing the procedures in the immediate careof the newborn (e.g. cord dressing, bed bath, etc.) Observe endorsement to the post operative/ recovery room Proper care of specimen





Do after care of instruments Identify and familiarize self with the different surgical instruments. Monitoring of post-op patient Case discussion

Area of Experience DAY Shift

: OR : 8th Day : 8 to 4

Terminal Competencies: : Completion of Cases, Case Presentation, Post Test Topics :