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OBI Publisher Enterprise

Lab Guide VI
This is another document from BI Publishers hand-on Guide Series. This document briefs you the step by step approach to work with OBI Publisher Enterprise Join our professional training program to learn from Experts. We are specialized in delivering OBIEE and Hyperion Training and consulting.

Version 0.1 0.1 Description Change Initial Draft 1st Review Author Hitesh Mankar Amit Sharma Publish Date 10th Sep 2011 10th Sep 2011

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Oracle BI Publisher Enterprise To create a report using Oracle BI Publisher Enterprise (Installed with OBIEE 11g), 1. Create data source connection 2. Create Data Model and Set 3. Create Report Enter the url http://bi:7001/xmlpserver in browser to login into OBI Publisher Enterprise.

Enter username and password click on sign in to login.

Step1) To create any report need to create a data source connection to connect with data source click on Administration from the top.

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Step2) Click on Add Data Source button.

Step3) Enter a name for Data Source Name Select the Driver type for which database you want add as data source and use to create report.

Step4) After selecting your desired driver types set the connection string and enter user name and password for database Test Connection Press Apply to save if get the confirmation message.

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Step5) Check your new data source connection.

2) Creating Data Model and Data Set. Step 1) Click on the HOME button and Select Data Model.

Step 2) Select a data source from Default data Source drop down list.

Step 3) Click on Data Sets Click on New Data Set Select Data Set as SQL Query.

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Step4). Enter a name to create data set Check the data source click on the Query Builder.

Step5). Select appropriate schema and check out for table.

Step6) Create the data model, join tables using which you want to join with another table.

, and Click on column using

Select column check box using what want to generate data file and use as data source for BI Publisher report.

Step7) Click on Condition tab group the query and apply desired function.

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Step8) Click on condition SQL to check query and select the check box for only use default schema.

Step9) Click on result to check out and verify the result and click on save button to save this model.

Step10) Now the query is available into SQL Query (Query Builder Box) Click OK to close Create Data Set window.

Step11) Click on Structure tab for table view and to rename columns and view output.

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Step12) Click on Output tab below structure to view output for XML and Descriptive XML output.

Step13) Now the model is available to generate xml data file Click on the XML button to generate xml data file.

Step14) Select number of rows to return from drop down and click on RUN button.

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Step15) Check out the xml file, generated as per your query.

Step16) Click on Open Menu from the right pane click Export XML.

Step17) It returns with dialog box to download the xml data file of this model click OK to save.

Step18). Click on data Model and go to sample data Click on Sample data.

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Step19) Click on browse button to upload the newly generated sample xml data file from the current data set Click Upload to upload the file.

Step20) Check out the sample data file in Attachment.

Step21)Click on New button Select Report.

Step22)Select newly created data model as existing data model click open.

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Step23) Create a layout for report, Select Blank (portrait) from Basic Templates.

Step24) Click on Insert tab click on Data Table to drop a data item in report layout.

Step25) Drag and drop data Items into data table inside template layout to create a tabular view.

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Step26) From the Insert tab click on Chart option to add a chart in report layout.

Step27) Drop the specific columns into chart, according to desired view. Click on Chart tab properties to set the chart more properties.

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Step28) Add another view (pie chart) into report layout click on chart select chart type as Pie Chart Drag and drop the data items

Step29) Save the report and preview.

Step30) Check out the preview of report.

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