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A Special Invitation to EFT Practitioners...

Callahan Techniques Thought Field Therapy

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The Evolution of Callahan Techniques and Thought Field Therapy

By Joanne Callahan, MBA (Healthcare Administration) 2010

The healing world of Callahan Techniques and Thought Field Therapy spawned the beginnings of many therapies, often collectively called Energy Psychology. Most have a basis in the original form of Thought Field Therapy, and, together have all performed a tremendous service to improve the effectiveness of healing and the field of psychology. As many practicing and receiving benefit from these newer therapies may not be aware of the history and the underpinnings of their beginnings, we have created this brief history and time-line guide. In this guide, there is a short list of some of the numerous versions of energy therapies, having their beginnings in TFT. The very fact that there are so many versions, varieties and methods, and that they are all effective to varying degrees, and have helped over a million people worldwide... is testament to the power of the original, Thought Field Therapy (TFT). A therapy, which can be copied, tweaked, and adjusted by different practitioners all over the world, with each version remaining effective, and doing no harm, demonstrates the true underlying power and simplicity. While all of the various methods and ideas have developed over the years, TFT has also been a dynamic, constantly changing and improving modality. As we work to join efforts with ACEP, we welcome all EFT practitioners and those of the various energy based therapies into our TFT family and friends. We have to provided a simple, time line and history of development of TFT for their understanding. We believe that together we can be a much stronger force for change and improvement in the world.
Dr. Roger Callahan And Joanne Callahan

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During the late seventies and early eighties, Dr. Roger Callahan worked diligently on finding a simpler, more effective way to help his patients. He found traditional psychological methods slow, sometimes painful and often ineffective. As a clinical psychologist, his focus was on emotional problems. Through his studies of related fields of healing, and his research and clinical testing, he discovered some simple procedures that quickly eliminated phobias and identified and eliminated self-sabotage, which he termed psychological reversal. The concept of psychological reversal (PR) is still one of the most important concepts to understand and apply to any healing modality. He made these discoveries and early developments in the late 1970s and early 1980s, and called the process The Callahan Techniques. His book, The Five Minute Phobia Cure (Enterprise, 1985) detailed and presented these new discoveries and brief treatments, The Callahan Techniques. He demonstrated them live, on radio and television across the country. While treating thousands around the world, he expanded and developed further procedures for many other psychological problems including grief, trauma, addictions and cravings, depression, anxiety and many other emotional problems. This developmental work led to the creation of a causal diagnostic process, where he could quickly determine a specific tapping sequence (healing code) for any problem. This diagnostic process, repeated over many years, on thousands of clients, led to the development of very successful and commonly used algorithms (tapping sequences). The Callahan Techniques now had two levels of treatment, simple algorithms that could be applied quickly and easily, by anyone, and a causal diagnostic procedure for more complex problems or when the algorithms did not completely resolve the problem being addressed. It is at this algorithm level that EFT commonly addresses problems, incorporating a single, long algorithm, with the PR corrections, 9 gamut, and collarbone breathing exercises. The psychological reversal, 9 gamut and collarbone breathing exercises all came from Dr. Callahans causal diagnostic process. It is this process that he has continued to use to improve and develop TFT. It allows one to quickly discern precisely what is needed when there are other aspects (EFT terminology) or complications or toxins. As Dr. Callahan was asked to treat more and more people and do more radio shows, he realized he needed to find a way to treat these people successfully, over the phone as well as face-to-face. This work led him to discover the Voice Technology, which has proved to be the most effective and rapid level of the Callahan Techniques TFT treatment procedures.

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Then in 1994, Professors Charles Figley and Joyce Carbonell of Florida State University began looking for the most effective treatments for PTSD. They invited Dr. Callahan and me to participate in the study along with three other therapies, EMDR, TIR and VK/D, a form of NLP. They told Dr. Callahan to come up with a descriptive name. And so, we had the birth of Thought Field Therapy evolving from 15 years of the Callahan Techniques. Our first newsletter, The Thought Field, published details of the study as did an article in the Family Therapy Networker where the author stated if it had been a horse race, the TFT contingent would have won hands down. Thought Field Therapy (TFT) was off to a great start. It was also in 1994 that Gary Craig began his training in TFT. (We wish him the best in his retirement as we move forward to embrace EFT and ACEP in our goal to share TFT in all its forms, with all who need it, and provide trauma relief worldwide). Over the next fifteen years, TFT was used by more and more practitioners and lay people alike, treating and helping not only emotional problems but many physical problems with amazing success. We began to realize TFT must be natures healing system as we saw miraculous improvements with problems like Menieres disease, cancer, chronic pain, immune disorders, anaphylaxis, and so many others. TFT was appearing to be equally effective in the physical realm. EFT was finding the same phenomenon as well.
Alternatives Spawned From 30 Years of Healing with The Callahan Techniques and Thought Field Therapy
Emotional Freedom Techniques developed by Gary Craig TFT Training in 1994 o o WHEE Dan Benor based on EMDR and EFT MTT Patricia Carrington based on EFT -

TEST Fred Gallo TFT Training in 1994 Dynamic Energetic Healing Helen Tuggy TFT Training 1995 Advanced Diagnostics Greg Nicosia TFT Training 1995 Healing from the Body Level Up Judith Swack TFT Training in 1995 Quantum Techniques Stephen Daniel 1996 Touch and Breathe (TAB) Ev TFT John Diepold, Victoria Britt, Sheila Bender TFT Training 1996/1997 Allergy Antidotes Sandra Radomski TFT Training 1996 Tapping Cure Roberta Temes - TFT Training 1996 Emotional Self Management Peter Lambrou TFT Training 1997 The Healing Codes Alex Lloyd TFT Training in 1999

Dr. Callahan found that many physical problems responded to TFT very quickly and the healing lasted. He also found that much of poor health, both emotional and physical, was affected or aggravated by energy toxins, and that TFT could be used to identify and treat these toxin problems with great success. (Gary Craig said we live in a sewer and also addressed toxins in EFT.) In TFT, Dr. Callahan developed a causal diagnosis system that specifically identifies toxins of all types, then quickly diagnoses a tapping sequence to neutralize the toxins effects. This technique has such an impact that we have included it as one of TFTs Power Tools, along with PR and Collarbone Breathing. The ability to identify the specific toxin, and immediately
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eliminate or neutralize its effects, allows you to quickly address the symptoms and continue with the tapping treatments, without the need to wait, move to a new location, and repeat the tapping over and over again. I personally am very thankful Roger was able to find a way to eliminate the side-effects of necessary medications, greatly improving the quality of life for those individuals needing them. I was diagnosed with Stage IV Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in Jan. 2001 and have been cancer free for nearly 8 years, without the use of chemo or radiation. I have had no recurrences during that time. My physician recommended I take Interferon for about a year to boost my immune system. TFT was able to completely eliminate the negative side-effects (severe nausea and flulike symptoms with deep aching). I had no down time during my entire course of cancer treatment and am confident the selective and specific identification and treatment of PR and the elimination of the side-effects of the Interferon saved my life and preserved my quality of life during treatment. Today, we receive reports daily from all over the world, about how TFT has promoted healing from many physical problems and chronic diseases. I know many of you experience the same. Dr. Callahan and our VT and Optimal Health practitioners can work with anyone, anywhere, over the phone and have had amazing healing successes with their friends, family and clients. At the end of this guide I have listed the training and designation levels within TFT for your reference. As Dr. Callahan has been developing TFT in the physical realm, we have others who have used TFT in the spiritual realm. We first presented this in an article for our newsletter. Fr. Luis Jorge Gonzalez, ocd., PhD, said TFT opens a door to Gods grace and makes possible the spiritual healing for people who have been suffering for years and years. Our recent work with the genocide victims of Rwanda also suggests TFT can help remove blocks to spiritual growth. Many who were locked in trauma, nightmares, anger, grief, move into higher levels of consciousness. After treatment they could express love and caring for others and demonstrated improved self-esteem. An excellent example of a spiritual change was eloquently expressed by one of our team members from our Feb. 2009, Uganda Trauma Relief Mission, Roger Ludwig. We saw similar changes in our other trauma relief missions. Our 6 person volunteer team trained nearly 500 practitioners and treated nearly as many villagers. The

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community leaders trained are part of a well organized network serving and reaching out to a total population of more than 500,000. They are served by a network of healing teams that meet in small groups to support one another once a week. This healing and support has continued very successfully. The priests and sisters who had been traumatized by the war rebels from 1996-2001 and more specifically by the seminary attack in 1997 when 20 seminarians were abducted and almost 14 of them killed, were healed of their trauma, during the TFT training. Roger Ludwig reported this specific incident, The priests anguish as they silently reflected on their memories of this horror was palpable. As their fellow priests, newly trained, treated them, all watching were eased to feel it pass, like a great oppressive weight lifting from the room. Several of those treated were transformed, explaining to us the profound compassion and forgiveness they now felt, compassion even for the rebels. This was a grace that they had longed for but had resignedly feared they would never know in this life (published, ATFT UPdate, Summer 2009). Others have reported they use TFT to successfully quiet their mind and aid in the meditation process. TFT can help heal the whole person, emotionally, physically and spiritually. It is truly a divine healing system and a gift to the world. Roger and I, Callahan Techniques, Ltd., The ATFT Foundation and ACEP are working together to support and provide research to demonstrate the efficacy of these healing modalities. Together, we are a much stronger force and can do so much more.

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A Gift:
Roger and I would like to offer a gift to all those using various tapping methods. We have included, in this guide, two of TFTs most successful and brief algorithms for you to try, the simple phobia, fear, and stress algorithm and our complex trauma algorithm. While these two algorithms are much briefer than the EFT tapping protocol, they have embedded within them several of the common tapping points and sequences such that they are unusually effective for many problems. For example, the common phobia algorithm actually embeds seven possible treatment sequences. It is the same principle in that the longer EFT recipe embeds many of the common algorithms. The complex trauma algorithm also embeds several other very powerful tapping sequences within it and is the very same algorithm used in our trauma relief work and can provide amazing, lasting results in a brief session. We invite you to try these brief tapping sequences and see what kind of results you get. They are brief, effective and specific.

Phobia, Fear and Stress Algorithm

PR Corrections Under Eye, Under Arm, Collarbone (9 gamut) Under Eye, Under Arm, Collarbone (PR, e, a, c - 9g e, a, c)

Most Simple Phobias, Fears and Stress

Complex Trauma Algorithm With Anger and Guilt

PR Corrections Beginning of eyebrow, Under Eye, Under Arm, Collarbone, Tiny Finger, Collarbone, Index Finger, Collarbone (9 gamut) Beginning of eyebrow, Under Eye, Under Arm, Collarbone, Tiny Finger, Collarbone, Index Finger, Collarbone (PR, eb, e, a, c, tf, c, if, c - 9g eb, e, a, c, tf, c, if, c)

Complex Trauma with Anger and Guilt

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It is our goal to provide TFT Trauma Relief to all who need it. The ATFT Foundations TFT Trauma Relief Blog, has the complex trauma tapping sequence available in several languages, both in video and print. We invite you to join us on this mission. Visit our blog and if you can provide a translation or have an experience you wish to report or a question to ask, please join us. Each trauma we heal brings us that much closer to a better world.

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An Invitation to EFT Practitioners:

As we move forward, we are building and increasing our Internet presence, international marketing efforts, affiliate programs, new product tools... to support our practitioners and create a greater worldwide presence. We have created two special programs for EFT practitioners; first an online algorithm level course for our EFT certified friends, who wish to also have a TFT certification and become part of our international growth; and, for those want a more in-depth approach and wish to learn Dr. Callahans causal diagnosis, we have a special offer to attend our TFT Boot Camp. These courses will also be open to those with MTT and ACEP certifications. Please watch your email for more information on our new online algorithm course.

We welcome you, as an avid tapping healer and practitioner... to join us and become a part of the TFT family.
Join us at the TFT Bootcamp - click here to find out more.

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Levels of TFT From algorithms to Optimal Health Algorithms Diagnostic (Dx) Self-testing Self-treatment Voice Technology (VT) Optimal Health
Algorithm Level Practitioner TFT-Algo Designed for individuals who will use TFT algorithms to assist others and/or themselves. Individuals may advertise or otherwise indicate they have completed this training with statements such as Completed an Association for Thought Field Therapy approved Algorithm Level Training. ATFT approved Algorithm Trainings must be taught by an ATFT approved instructor and meet specific requirements for materials, content, and guidelines set by ATFT and licensed by Callahan Techniques, Ltd. Individuals completing this level of training may also use the designation TFT-Algo after their names. Diagnostic Level Practitioner TFT-Dx Consisting of the materials from Step A (self-study) and Step B (basic diagnostic), toxins and advanced procedures, presented by Callahan Techniques, Ltd. The training provides the basic skills and knowledge for determining specific protocols to address a wide range of problems. Included in this level of training are skills and knowledge to identify and neutralize individual energy toxins and chronic and recurring problems. Individuals may advertise or otherwise indicate they have completed this training with statements such as Completed Callahan Techniques, Ltd. approved Causal Diagnostic training. Individuals completing this level of training may also use the designation TFT-Dx after their names. Advanced Level Practitioner TFT-Adv Training consisting of the TFT self-testing, self-treatment and Voice Technology procedures in a group setting, presented by Callahan Techniqu es, Ltd. The training provides the skills and knowledge for determining specific protocols to address a wide range of problems. Included in this level of training are skills and knowledge to identify and neutralize individual energy toxins and chronic and recurring problems on oneself and over the telephone. Individuals may advertise or otherwise indicate they have completed this training with statements such as Completed Callahan Techniques, Ltd. approved Optimal Health course. Individuals completing this level of training may also use the designation TFT-Adv after their names. Voice Technology Practitioner TFT-VT An extensive, in-person training with Dr. Callahan and provided by Callahan Techniques, Ltd. in the most advanced causal diagnostic procedures for treatments of problems including identification and neutralization of individual energy toxins. Individuals may advertise or otherwise indicate they have completed this training with statements such as Completed Callahan Techniques, Ltd. approved Voice Technology training. Individuals completing this level of training may also use the designation TFT-VT after their names.

Callahan Techniques, Ltd. does not establish standards of competence nor make any assurances of an individual s performance as practitioners or trainers. The use of these approved statements and designations only indicate the individual has completed these levels of training.

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TFT Products:
Thought Field Therapy books, home-study programs, and online-training programs offer TFT practitioners a wide range of opportunities to create income from their practice of TFT. Click here to become an affiliate. A sampling of our products:
Tapping The Healer Within Using Thought Field Therapy to Instantly Conquer Your Fears, Anxieties, and Emotional Distress. By Roger J. Callahan, PhD, with Richard Trubo, Forward by Dr. Earl Mindell. The first book on TFT by its founder Dr. Roger Callahan. Thought Field Therapy (TFT) has already changed the way thousands of people have overcome emotional problems. Introduction to TFT Self-Study Course This new package, from the live event in London, includes: * Three DVDs with presentation and demonstrations * New, 64 page manual including step-by-step instructions and o Underlying theory of TFT o Psychological Reversal Self-sabotage o What about toxins? o Fears and phobias tapping sequence o Visualization for peak performance o Post traumatic stress relief o Anger and guilt o Jet Lag Online TFT 8-Week Course

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