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VOL. XLII No. 253

By Our Staff Reporter tying up with school uniform growth prospects to the school shirting marketing company Zee uniform market. Keeping in mind Fabrics INC for stocking and the tie-up, we have increased our distribution of its uniform shirting production of school and corporate uniforms shirting across India. As part of the tie-up, product range by 120 lakh meters Mafatlal Fabrics will get an in addition to their existing opportunity to distribute its production. We have also increased school uniform across India through Zee Fabrics INCs 140 our uniform suiting production odd dealers in the country, in from 50 lakh mtr to 70 lakh mtrs., addition to Mafatlal Fabrics 80 Mr Raghunath added. Furthermore, Mafatlal odd exclusive Uniform Suiting fabrics in the last three years have and Shirting distributors. Commenting on the tie-up, produced high quality uniform Mr M B Raghunath, Sr. Vice items such as Fibre Dyed suiting President at Mafatlal Industries range in more than 100 shades Ltd. said, Emergence of new and more than 3000 designs in schools and colleges across the shirting with creative shade country has been providing combination patterns. School uniforms are products, targeted at a particular section of the society. The growing market for private education and schooling in India is providing growth prospects to this industry. Furthermore, industry players are also interested in increasing their presence and reach in the market. State governments are also creating opportunities for the textile companies as they offer uniforms through Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan to students in the schools, run by Municipalities or Gram Panchayats. At present, the size of school uniform market is Rs.10,000 crore and the yearly growth rate is 15 per cent.

PRICE: Rs. 5.00

Mafatlal Fabrics ties up with Zee Fabrics Inc

MUMBAI, NOV. 17 In its endeavour to retain leadership position in the countrys fabric market, Mafatlal Fabrics Ltd., a flagship company of the Arvind Mafatlal Group, is all set to enhance its presence school uniform shirting market by

Govt approves mandatory packaging of foodgrains in Jute bags

NEW DELHI, NOV. 17 In a relief to jute growers, the government has approved the mandatory packaging of 90 per cent of the production of foodgrains and sugar in bags made of the natural fibre bags during the current jute year. However, the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) exempted sugar fortified with vitamins, packaging for export of the commodities, small consumer packs of 25 kgs and below and bulk packaging of more than 100 kgs from this provision. ...The CCEA has approved the packaging of 90 per cent of the production of foodgrains and 90 per cent of the production of sugar in the jute packaging material for the jute year 2011-12 (July-June), an official statement said. Sugar packed for outbound shipment but could not be exported will also be exempted from this decision. The statement also said that in case of any shortage or distribution of jute packaging material or other contingency/ exigency, the Textiles Ministry will, in consultation with the user Ministries concerned, relax these provisions further, up to a maximum of 20 per cent of the production of foodgrains and sugar. The decision will provide relief to 3.7 lakh workers employed in jute mills and ancillary units as well as support the livelihood of around 40 lakh farm families, it added. Under the Jute Packaging Materials (Compulsory use in Packing Commodities) Act 1987, the government is required to consider and provide for the compulsory use of jute packaging material in supply and distribution of certain commodities. This is done so in the interest of production of raw jute and jute packaging material and of persons engaged in the production and for connected matters.

G. M. Mills extends retail presence

NEW DELHI, NOV. 17 As a forward integration to the business and to penetrate the domestic market, G.M. Mills Pvt. Ltd. has introduced its brand G.M. Home Fashions to embark its presence in the retail industry. G.M. Mills Pvt. Ltd. and its retail/franchising partner Inventure have planned the expansion strategy in a way that offers essential leverage ingredients assuring smooth operations, optimum profitability and regional adaptability for its retail operations. G.M. Home Fashions will embark its retail presence by setting up its maiden outlet in Mumbai by the end of current 2011. It may be noted here that G.M. Mills is a leading name in the international market as a creator and manufacturer of trend setting designer products in Home Decor. G.M. Mills values the customer-oriented approach and prides in being a trend-setter company in furnishing fabrics. The company offers a wide range of designer products viz. bedspreads, curtains, rugs, carpets, placemats, cushion covers, table covers, bath linen and much more. In last four decades of manufacturing and export operations, G.M. Mills has achieved the global standards in quality management system, technology and innovative & contemporary designs. In India, it may be noted here that Home Furnishings is being given utmost importance nowadays. Today, comfort, luxury, design and decor are the important features defining contemporary home furnishing styles. With the changing trends in the industry; there is an enormous potential for growth, both in the international as well as the Indian market. The booming economy has thrown up innumerable millionaires who are willing to take their homes and its decor seriously. Changing lifestyle aspirations of Indians have seen a sizable increase in demand for branded furniture and furnishings and organized players have been quick at anticipating the same. The urban home furnishings retail market is estimated to be Rs. 9,300 Crore and is expected to reach Rs 20,000 Crore by the year 2012. The organized market share to total home and interiors market in India is 16.1% and is expected to grow 16.7% by 2012.

Exim Banks capital to increase five-fold to Rs 10,000 crores

NEW DELHI, NOV. 17 The Cabinet today approved draft amendments to a law governing the Exim Bank, proposing an increase in its authorised capital from Rs 2,000 crore to Rs 10,000 crore. Besides, the Export Import Bank of India (Amendment) Bill, 2011 proposes appointment of two whole-time directors, other than the Chairman and Managing Director. The government will take the amendment bill to Parliament in the near future. The Exim Bank, which plays a vital role in financing of export and import deals, is governed under the Export?Import Bank Act, 1981. Increase in the authorised capital would enable the bank to take higher export credit exposures and enable it to borrow funds to disburse under export line of credits, an official statement said after the Cabinet meeting. The bill also seeks to empower the Central government to further increase the authorised capital of the Exim Bank without any more legislative changes. By appointing two whole time directors, the management structure of the bank would be strengthened, it said. During 2010-11, 22 Letters of Credit (LoC) aggregating USD 2.38 billion were given by the Exim Bank to support export of projects, goods and services from India. As on March, 2011, the Bank has a credit commitment of USD 6.66 billion covering 72 countries in Africa, Asia, CIS, Europe and Latin America.

Contracts of 343.56 mn kgs of cotton yarn recorded by DGFT in Apr-Sept.

By Our Stafff Reporter MUMBAI, NOV. 17 According to the detail hosted on the website of Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) (under the heading Cotton Yarn Registration Data), contracts for a total quantity of 343.56 Million Kgs for exports of Cotton yarn have been registered with the Office of DGFT during the period from 1st April to 30th September 2011. Month wise details are as follows:Month Quantity (Million Kgs) April 2011 71.36 May 2011 63.19 June 2011 54.07 July 2011 57.21 August 2011 97.73 September 2011 77.15 Total 420.71


EX-BHIWANDI TAXES/OCTROI EXTRA CENTURY RAYON 75/24 Brt I 469-00 75/24 Brt III 466-00 75/40 Brt I 475-00 75/40 Brt III 472-00 100 Brt I 372-00 100 Brt III 370-00 120 Brt I 351-00 120 Brt III 349-00 120 Dull I 381-00 120 Dull III 376-00 120 COL I 371-00 120 COL III 369-00 150 Brt I 331-00 150 Brt III 329-00 450 Brt I 238-00 450 Brt I 235-00 INDIAN RAYON 75/24 Brt I 469-00 75/24 Brt III 466-00 75/40 Brt I 475-00 75/40 Brt III 472-00 100 Brt I 372-00 100 Brt III 370-00 120 Brt I 351-00 120 Brt III 349-00 120 Dull I 381-00 120 Dull III 376-00 120 COL I 371-00 120 COL III 369-00 150 Brt I 331-00 150 Brt III 329-00 450 Brt I 238-00 450 Brt I 235-00 KESORAM RAYON 75/24 Brt I 467-00 75/24 Brt III 464-00 75/40 Brt I 473-00 75/40 Brt III 470-00 100 Brt I 370-00 100 Brt III 368-00 120 Brt I 349-00 120 Brt III 347-00 120 Dull I 379-00 120 Dull III 374-00 120 COL I 369-00 120 COL III 367-00 150 Brt I 330-00 150 Brt III 328-00 450 Brt I 237-00 450 Brt I 234-00

Art-Silk Texturised


0.8 Semi Dull 1.0 Semi Dull 1.2 Semi Dull 1.4 Semi Dull 2.0 Semi Dull 1.2 Super HT Brt 1.2 S HT (OW) 1.2 Optical White 1.2 Super Black 1.4 Super Black Tow Normal Tow TBL Tow Super Black 2.0/2.5 TBL 100-75 97-00 97-00 96-25 96-25 101-25 105-00 101-75 107-25 106-25 109-25 119-25 119-25 100-25

51/14 SD 130/34 SD 235/34 SD 250/34 SD 500/72 SD 115/108 240/216 250/108 250/288 124-81 101-96 98-75 98-08 96-40 104-61 103-59 99-15 98-30

80 Weft 80 Roto 80/108 Micro 80/72 Cotluk 80/72 Cationic 155 Weft 155 Roto 155 Micro 114-00 127-00 123-25 124-75 137-75 107-25 107-25 110-50

-----105-50 100/34 WEFT 100 ROTO -----75/72 MIC R -----77/72 MIC RO R -----75/108 MIC RO -----79/108 MIC RO -----79/108 MIC W -----80 WEFT 82/108 MIC RO -----80 WEFT 145/34 RO - Dyer -----Beekaylon ------ 150/34 W - Dyers ----------Bhilosa ------ 325/72 WEFT 325/72 SEMI RO -----Bhumi 112-00 -----Raj Rayon 108-00 325/72 ROTO 1/78/72 FD Wing -----Sanathan -----1/78/72 FD-Dyers -----WELLKNOWN 80/108/MICRO 117-00 80/34/ ROTO 113-00 80/72/ CA 131-00 80/72/ D CAT 132-00 80/72/FD ROTO 117-00 80/72/D/FDRO 118-00 80/34/BL ROTO 120-00 SRV 109-00 80/34/D BLACK -------80 ROTO 80/72/BL ROTO 124-00 Beekaylon ------ 80/72/DB ROTO 126-00 117-00 Bhumi 112-00 80/72/MICRO 50/48 CATC LIM ------Raj Rayon 110-00 109-00 Sanathan ------- 75/36 NIM 75/108/MICRO 118-00 Texspun ------100/144/MICRO ------SRV 110-00 150/288/MICRO 112-00 150 WEFT 150/48/FD ROTO 112-00 Beekaylon 105-00 150/48/BL ROTO 111-00 Bhumi ------- 150/48/CAT RO 126-00 Raj Rayon ------- 150/48/ROTO 102-00 Sanathan ------- 150/48/D ROTO 103-00 Texspun ------ 150/108/MICRO 104-00 SRV 103-50 150/108/MIC LIM104-00 150 ROTO 150/48/TEX 100-00 Beekaylon 106-00 320/72/LIM 101-00 Bhumi ------- 320/72/ROTO 102-00 Raj Rayon ------- 300/72/BL ROTO 103-00 Sanathan ------- 130/DEN HM/GK 135-00 Texspun ------- 160/DEN DISCAT124-00 137-00 SRV 104-50 80/108 M TW 80/34/ROTO TW 133-00 300 ROTO 137-00 Beekaylon 104-00 80/72/FD TW 80/72/D FD TW 137-00 Bhumi ------Raj Rayon ------- 80/72/CAT TW 151-00 Sanathan ------- 80/72/D CAT TW151-00 ------Texspun ------- 80/34/B TW 80/72/B TW 144-00 SRV 103-00 80/72/D BL TW 144-00 ALOK INDUSTRIES 150/48 RO TW 116-00 75/34 NIM 108.00 150/108/M TW 118-00 75/36 SIM 110.00 150/216/M TW -------80/72 SIM 118.00 80/72 HIM 112.00 75/108 SIM 113-00 75/108 HIM 113-00 75/144 SIM 115-00 75/34 NIM BK DD119.00 75/34 HIM BK DD123.00 (Excluding excise duty) 80/72 HIM BK DD125.00 SIYARAM 100/36 NIM 106.00 150/350 171-00 100/36 HIM 105.00 150/500 177-50 200/48 NIM 100.00 100/600 210-00 220/48 HIM 101.00 150/350 178-00 150/48 NIM 100.00 170 Siyasilk 233-00 150/48 SIM 101.00 80/72/350 R CotL 209-00 150/48 HIM 102.00 150/350 SD Space 192-00 150/48X2 HIM 102.00 150/350 Brt Space 189-00 150/300 TW 123.00 150/350 Brt SB 179-00 150/48 NIM B DD 108.00 150/350 Brt SQ 183-00 150/48 HIM B DD 110.00 170/350 Brt SP-C 177-00 150/108 SIM 104.00 170/350 Brt SP-V 182-00 150/108 HIM 104.00 170/350 Brt SP-SK179-00 300/216 SIM 104.00 100/450 Brt SP-S 183-00 150/144 SIM 105.00 170/350 B. SP-SK 180-00 150/216 SIM 106.00 170/350 Brt SP-T 184-00 300/72 HIM 100.00 170/350 Brt SP-ST 184-00 320/72 NIM 98.00 150/350 SD Spa-M184-00 320/72 SIM 99.00 200/72/120 SD M 179-00 330/72 HIM 99.00 VALSON INDUSTRIES 320/72 NIM -----DARK 450/96 HIM 99.00 150 Weft 179-00 480/120 HIM 99.00 150/0 184-00 320/72X2 HIM 99-00 150/350 191-00 300/72X2 SIM 92-00 85 Weft 193-00 320/72X3 SIM 92-00 85/0 Roto 193-00 300/96 H BK DD 110-00 205-00 360/73/1 Easy Yarns 140.00 85/300 85/ Royal Ro Tw 214-00 BHILOSA 79/48 ROTO ------ 80/108 Micro 202-50 80/48 ROTO ------ 80/108M Ry Ro 218-50 80/34 R - Dyers ------ 100/44/300 Mic 219-50 80/34 WEFT -----80/72 Ro Coluk 200-50 82/34 WEFT -----193-50 84/34 WEFT ------ 160/108 Micro 222-00 78/34 CRIMP S&Z ----- 100/34/600 330 Roto

30/0 Roto 299-50 2/60 100% Poly 251-00 2/76 100% P D 254-00 VALSON INDUSTRIES 80/0 115-00 80/0 Roto 117-00 80/300 132-00 75/34 Weft 116-00 75/300 Warp 132-00 80/Royal Warp 140-00 80/72 Royal Wr C 165-00 80/72/0 FD Roto 118-00 80/72/300 FD Ro 142-00 120/108/ RO FD 120-00 120/108/300 FD 142-00 100/72/ Roto FD 122-50 100/2 HIM 118-50 155/34/0 108-00 150/325 Twist 129-00 150/48 Roto 107-00 155/325 Dope Blk 135-00 150/350 Brt 134-00 100/450 Brt -------75/450 Brt -------160/108/300 Micro -------30/1000 --------

Rjapalayam 1190-00 Silver Raju 1185-00 Solingur 1185-00 Sundharsnam 1240-00 60S WT CARD 5KG CPM-B 935-00 Karur 935-00 Malhalakshmi 935-00 Mettur 940-00 Prakash 950-00 Ramnarayan 955-00 Selam 965-00 S.I. PAti 945-00

Cotton Yarn
10S PER KG. Krishna ------20S PER KG. Akola ------Century ------Krishna CBE ------Parbhani ------Shrihari ------24S PER KG. Akola ------Century ------Nimar ------Sharda ------38S WEFT 5 KG Cananore Co-Op. 815-00 Hindoostan 820-00 Malbar 820-00 Salem 815-00 Velan 815-00 38S WARP 5 KG. Arun Kumar 845-00 GVG 850-00 34S WEFT 5KG Mada 675-00 Pusad 700-00 Singoda 790-00 40S WEFT CARDED+ CannanoreCo.op. 760-00 Quilon0 760-00 Malbar 760-00 Yashwa Ambad 760-00 40S WARP CARDED+ Annamalai 810-00 Kumargiri 815-00 Nellai Cotton 825-00 42S WP CARD 5 KG. Bhuneshwari+ 920-00 Cannanore Co. 925-00 KB 925-00 Kadri Ambal + 930-00 Kaleswar B 955-00 Kumargiri + 915-00 Ntyakalani+ 915-00 Pondicheery + 915-00 Rangavilas 900-00 Saraswati + 930-00 Sanehavali + 945-00 Sulzer + 935-00 Velan 910-00 52s Wp Card 5 Kg Harshveni 875-00 Kaleswara 885-00 Kadri Ambal 885-00 Poineer 880-00 64S WP COM 5 KG + Annamaliar 1190-00 Bhagwati --------GVG 1195-00 Jaysundaram 1190-00 Jaylakshmi 1190-00 Jayijoti 1190-00 Katari 1150-00 Nagamnachia 1185-00

G m --------Ganesh 915-00 Krishnaveni 950-00 Meenakshi 925-00 Pankaj 925-00 Pondicheery 950-00 Satya 950-00 Satyanarayan + 965-00 Sharda 915-00 100S COMB 10 LB Eddricot ---------Ganesh 1270-00 Karthikaya 1430-00 Kottayam ---------Laxmi ---------Satya ---------New Gen ECO Yarns! Ask for LONGLASST (MVS) Vrajeswari ---------PILLING Resistance Yarns! LENZING VISCOSE, 120S COMB 10 LBS. MODAl, TENCEL, VILOFT,PV,PC,POLY Bhojraj 1370-00 Kottayam 1420-00 Mobile: +91 90470 26711 1460-00 Sounder 945-00 KLRF Sugana 1320-00 Visalaxmi 945-00 60S/63S WP CARD 5 KG + Eddri Cot 1020-00 RATES PER KG. NArendraraja + 1120-00 INCLUDING EXCISE Pondicheery 1085-00 Ragwandra 1060-00 ADITYA Ranilaxmi + 1160-00 2/30 PV 65/35 177-00 Sholingur + 1175-00 2/40 PV65/35 (TFO) 195-00 90 COM 5 KG + ------BSM 1160-00 2/60 PV 52/48 ------Jayajyothi 1185-00 2/60 PV 65/35 Lakshmi 1180-00 2/76 PV 65/35 ------KRT 1170-00 GIMATEX IND. Renuka 1170-00 -------Sugana 1170-00 15s PV 65/35 141-00 Super 1170-00 20s PV 65/35 Suryaprabha 1260-00 30s PV 65/35 161-00 82S/84S WP 30s PV 50/50 167-00 Ananthakumar 1185-00 40s PV 65/35 179-00 Kottayam 1365-00 Laxmi 1080-00 2/30 65/35 TFO 183-00 Rajapalayam 1225-00 2/40 65/35 N TFO 189-00 Ramalinga 1200-00 2/60 65/35 Airjet 223-00 Suguna 1220-00 PRIYADARSHINI SPG. 80S WT CD 10 LB 1/30 PV 65/35 151-00 Cambodia 910-00 1/40 PV 65/35 166-00 Eddri Cbd. 910-00

1/45 PV 65/35 1/60 PV 65/35 2/40 PV 65/35 2/60 PV 65/35 2/60 PV 55/45

165-00 186-00 ------209-00

PC Yarn

GIMATEX IND. 2/30 PC 65/35COM 200-00 215-00 1/30 PC 65/35COM180-00 2/30 PC COM TFO ------SPENTEX (CLC) 20/1 65/35 167-00 24/1 172-00 30/1 177-00

RSMW 2/40 65/35 PV 2/30 65/35 PV 2/24 65/35 PV 15s 65/35 PV 191-00 167-00 160-00

100% POLY

P/V Yarn

GIMATEX IND. -------- 40s POL Magic Slub 195-00 2/32 PVT 150-00 2/60 POLYAirjet 227-00 SPENTEX (CLC) 2/21 PVT 145-00 SOUNDARARAJA 15/1 100% Poly 130-00 20/1 100% Poly 134-00 2/30 PV 65/35 -----30/1 100% Poly 139-00 2/40 PV 65/35 175-00 30/1 100% Poly 152-00 2/60 PV 65/35 217-00 SPENTEX (CLC) 15/1PV 65/35 W 20/1PV 65/35 W

Pallavaa 147-00 Group 153-00

2/30 PV 65/35 W 165-00

P/V Yarn Dyed

CHENAB/BIRLA 30s 65/35 PV 190-00 2/18 65/35 PV 188-00 2/30 65/35 PV 198-00 2/40 65/35 PV 224-00 2/50 65/35 PV 260-00 2/60 65/35 PV 308-00 RTM 2/18 PV 65/35 -------2/20 PV 65/35 -------2/50 PV 65/35 --------

LongLasst (MVS) 30s Viscose 100% 210-00 30s PV 65/35 170-00 30s PC 65/35 170-00 30s CVC (PC4060) 197-00 30s Poly 100% 160-00 Lenzing Viscose 100% 30s LLst (MVS) 210-00 30s OE Viscose 205-00 30s Ring Viscose 215-00 Lenzing Modal 30s Modal 100% 260-00 30s CotMod 50/50240-00 30s Cot/Vis 50/50 225-00 Others 30s Ten 100% wp 290-00 30s Bamboo100% 265-00 30s Vis slub 240-00 60/2 Poly Inj Slub 420-00



Texturised DYED

Rs.-0450.00 Rs.-1000.00 Rs.-1100.00 Rs.-1100.00 Rs.-1100.00 Rs.-0325.00 Rs.-1075.00 Rs.-1100.00 Rs.-1100.00 Rs.-1100.00 Rs.-1275.00

For more Details Write :

D-66, Oshiwara Industrial Centre, Ground Floor, Goreagon (West), Opp. Bus Depot, Mumbai 400 104. Phone : 22-66978535 Fax : 22-28793022 E-Mail :


Indicative Export Prices in USD/Kg. (C&F) COTTON YARN (Carded) Price 20s 3.00 to 3.10 30s 3.35 to 3.45 40s 3.65 to 3.75 COTTON YARN (Combed) Price 20s 3.35 to 3.45 30s 3.60 to 3.70 40s 3.90 to 4.00 40s 4.80 to 4.90 POLYESTER - DTY Price 75 Denier 2.40 150 Denier 2.25 POLYESTER VISCOSE POLYESTER/VISCOSE 30s 30s 30s 2.70 3.70 3.05

Woolmark and Les Enphants caring for the next generation in China
From Tecoya NewsDesk MUMBAI, NOV. 17 The Woolmark Company and one of Chinas largest babywear brands, Les Enphants, have begun a joint marketing program to educate Chinese consumers about the benefits of Merino wool in babywear. The Les Enphants initiative is part of the Mothers and Babies program at Australian Wool Innovation (AWI), which has been set up to drive demand for Merino wool in this lucrative market. Products involved include a 100% Australian extra fine Merino wool cardigan, blanket and hat, all featuring the Woolmark logo. The products will be sold initially through 30 Les Enphants outlets within high end department stores including Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou. Merino wool is the ideal fibre for infants and childrens clothing as it has natural moisture management properties and assists with the regulation of body temperature. This inherent breathability and active moisture management properties of the fibre also helps prevent the skin from becoming clammy, which can provide a more comfortable environment for better sleep. AWI works on behalf of its 29,000 woolgrower shareholders who own the famous Woolmark logo. AWI will continue to work with Les Enphants to grow their Australian Merino wool program over the coming seasons. As a market leader in the babywear market, Les Enphants operates over 2000 retail outlets across Taiwan, China, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand. Stuart McCullough, CEO of Australian Wool Innovation said the partnership between AWI and Les Enphants is an important step in a significant program within the company. With the trend toward natural products and the emergence of the rapidly growing consumer demand for products consistent with a lifestyle of health and sustainability commonly known as the LOHAS consumer, the launch of this partnership is timely. Les Enphants is the market leader and is the ideal brand to bring the best Merino wool babywear product to the Chinese market. Australian Merino is a natural, biodegradable and renewable fibre, making it the perfect choice for those seeking clothing that has a minimal impact on the environment.


Quality Weave Width (inches) Ex- mill Rates/Mtr in Rs. 60 45 46 65 -100% COTTON 60x60/132*108 1/1 60x60/92*88 1/1 80x80/92*88 1/1 40x40/124*94 1/1 50x50/132*72 1/1 Cotton + Filament 30CottX150D/124*64 1/1 30CottX150D/124*68 1/1 PC Blends 40PCX40PC/100*76 1/1 45PCX45PC/112*72 1/1 45PCX45PC/124*72 1/1

Food inflation at 10.63% for week ended Nov 5

NEW DELHI, NOV. 17 Food inflation eased to 10.63 per cent for the week ended November 5 even as prices of agricultural items, barring onions and wheat, continued to rise on an annual basis. 63 -Food inflation, as measured 63 -by the Wholesale Price Index (WPI), stood at 11.81 per cent in 63 52 the previous week ended October 63 55 29. The rate of price rise of food 63 -items stood at 11.41 per cent in the corresponding week of the previous year. As per data released by the government * Prices are Ex-Mills today, onions became cheaper by 16s x 8s / 84 x 28 63 (OE-Virgin grade) Rs. 61.50 per meter 22.89 per cent year-on-year, while 10s x 6s / 76 x 26 63 (OE-Virgin grade) Rs. 75.50 per meter wheat price were down 3.63 per 40s x 40s+150Dn / 112 x 66 63 Rs. 52.50 per meter cent. However, all other items 60s x 60s / 92 x 88 48 Rs. 37.25 per meter became more expensive on an 60s x 60s / 132 x 108 63 Rs. 66.00 per meter annual basis during the week 80s x 80s / 92 x 80 63 Rs. 48.00 per meter under review. Inflation in the overall primary articles category stood at COTTON GREY FABRIC ( SULZER PRODUCTION ) 10.39 per cent during the week COUNT REEDXPICK WIDTH WEA VE Rs./ ended November 5, as against Meter 11.43 per cent in the previous 10's x 6's 76 x 28 63" DUCK 71.50 week. Inflation in non-food 16's x 8's 84 x28 63" DUCK 56.00 articles, including fibres, oilseeds 16's x 10's 44x40 116" FLANNEL 87.50 and minerals, was recorded at 16's x 10's 76 X 28 116" DUCK 93.00 5.33 per cent during the week 16'S X 12'S 108 X 56 63" 3/1 DRILL 80.50 under review, as against 6.41 per 20'S X 300 den 112 X 56 63" 2/1 TWILL 66.00 cent in the week ended October 30's X 30's 72 X68 120" 1/1 PLAIN 92.00 29. 63 63 63 63 63

Government to release revised paper on negative list for GST

NEW DELHI, NOV. 17 A revised paper on negative list of services consisting of 27 items which are not to be taxed under the proposed Goods and Services Tax (GST) will be released in a day or so, the Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC) said here. We have received feedback from all concerned stakeholders and fine-tuned our earlier proposal, said CBEC joint secretary V.K. Garg while addressing a national conference organised by The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM). The government intends to announce the negative list in the forthcoming Budget as this will familiarise states and the industry with it before the GST regime rolls out from next financial year most likely from October 2012. The idea behind the proposal is to curb duplication in taxing items falling under similar categories which could result in a lot of complications at the administrative level, said Mr Garg, adding that it will also result in making the tax collection process a lot more transparent. In a concept paper on the negative list for services released in August, the finance ministry had suggested 27 broad categories of services including items like social welfare and public utilities, agriculture and the financial sector. It had also proposed to tax newly introduced services like paid government services and rail travel. Mr Garg said the governments intention is to collect more taxes without raising the level of taxation. Service tax is currently levied at 10.3 per cent, inclusive of education cess. Nearly 63 per cent of the GDP comes from the services sector. In a mature fiscal framework, there should be no cascading impact and minimum litigation. Indirect taxes should not affect business decisions and final taxation on consumers should be the same, he said adding the Centre is quite close to striking a fine balance with states on the GST. The CBEC official also said the government will start refunding duty drawback claims electronically from next month. Meanwhile, senior director at Deloitte India Prashant Deshpande said the introduction of negative list should be in a manner that provides a stable system for taxation of services that can subsume into a comprehensive GST. The negative list-based tax approach may lead to significant jump in tax revenues maybe around 25 per cent as services not taxed so far come under the tax net. Efforts are on to include maximum number of services as there is need to widen the tax base, he said. Mr V. Lakshmikumaran, co-chairman of ASSOCHAM Indirect Taxation Council, said India deserves a modern fiscal legislation. Tax laws should be straight, simple and implement-able. However, clarity is required on what constitutes goods and services.



Grey Mulls
Count 100x120 100x100 90x100 70x90 80x100 80x100 60x80 60x80 60x80 44x60 COUNT 60x60 60x60 60x60 40x60 2x1 2x2 55x55 55x55 Chiffon COUNT Reed x pick Width 80x72 49" 78x68 49" Com 76x66 48" 64x56 48.5" Comb 68x64 49" Comb 68x64 49" Semi Com 58x48 47" 58x50 47" 56x44 47.5" 62x62 47" Rs./ Metre --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------RS./METRE ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------PR. HAND -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Morgan Stanley calls on India to accelerate policy reforms

SINGAPORE, NOV. 17-(PTI) The Indian government must accelerate implementation of major policy reforms to attract investments and keep up with projected economic growth, Morgan Stanley Asias managing director Chetan Ahya said here. India should undertake strengthening of its institutional capacity to allocate critical national resources such as land and minerals to public and private corporate sector in a transparent manner for rapid industrialisation, Ahya told reporters at the two-day Morgan Stanley Asia Pacific Summit, that started here yesterday. Ahya pointed out that Indias two-pronged strategy needed strengthening of institutional capacity to manage transparent awarding of major infrastructure projects under public-private route. India should also build a comprehensive plan for energy security along with a systematic programme for energy pricing reforms, Ahya said while stressing on the need for initiating aggressive fiscal consolidation. He said the country should allow foreign direct investment in multi-brand retail distribution, insurance and other areas to build a sustainable source of capital inflows. Ahya called on India not to delay any further the 25-30 planned infrastructure projects as quick executions of these investmentoriented developments would bring in the much needed foreign investments and capitals. He noted Indias good initiatives including the awarding of national highway contracts and reducing the environmental approval delays for coal mining. However, Ahya cautioned that clear signs of Indian economic slowdown have emerged in the last three to four months, even though the economy had till March this year maintained relatively strong growth. Morgan Stanley sees Indias gross domestic product growth at 7.3 per cent this fiscal and 7.4 per cent in the following year, but warns that the eurozone crisis can impact the countrys exports.

Govt to push second generation economic reforms: Pranab

MUMBAI, NOV. 17 The government has asserted it is committed to second generation economic reforms but said in a multi-party democracy decision-making takes more time than desired. There is an area of unfinished agenda of reform process. However, reform is a continuous process. As part of this process, some of the important legislations, including Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA) Bill, are likely to be passed (by Parliament) soon, Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee said. Earlier in the day the Union Cabinet approved changes in the PFRDA Bill said it will allow 26 per cent foreign investment in the pension sector but no sectoral caps will be mentioned in the legislation. The Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority Bill seeks to open the pension sector to private sector and foreign investment. It will be taken up for consideration and passage in the Winter Session of Parliament. Speaking at the FT-YES Bank Summit here through videoconferencing, he maintained that decision-making in a multi- party democracy takes more time than desired. In a multi -party democracy system, sometime legislature process takes longer time than desired. But, I can assure that there will be steady forward, he said. Mukherjee said the UPA government has already taken several steps to give fillip to the reform process. The second generation reforms.... include the recent deregulation of the savings interest rate, discussions on mode of presence of foreign banks and the process to give additional banking licences to private sector players. His remarks come amidst charges of paralysis in policy decisions and the government inaction on important economic issues have been a matter of debate in the recent past, with many industry leaders, seeking urgent steps from policymakers to tackle the issue.

Grey Cambric
REEDXPICE 88x80 92x88 92x04 72x72 72x72 72x72 80x80 72x72 80/1400 VAREITY WIDTH 39" Ichal 49" Comb Dyed 49" export 38" 40" 40" 39" 39"

Powerloom Grey
100x120 Mill Comb 80x72 100x100 Mill Comb 76x66 40x 60 HD Comb 62x52 Century Cotton 9.000 Kg. 10.000 Kgs. 11.000 Kgs. 12.000 Kgs. 12.500 kgs. 11.500 Kgs. 8.800 Kgs. 9.400 Kgs. Raymond 40 PV 9.700 Kgs. WIDTH IN CMS. 119 119 117 47" 37/38"



R.N.I. Regd. No. 20682/70.

North remains firm

By Cotton Man

MUMBAI, NOV. 17 The cotton prices continued their upward march innorthern market backed by good demand the mill industry. The cotton arrival were as follows: North Zone 28560; Gujarat -37000;Maharashtra 27000;MP - 9000; Karnataka - 6500 and Andhra When the weather turns cool and leaves begin to fall, thoughts Pradesh - 20000 Tamil Nadu 0 & Others -. The total arrivals were of cozying up in sweaters and corduroy are only natural. 128060; bales today. For some corduroy fans, November is the perfect time to don The northern varieties are quoted in maund while other varieties are in candy. The kapas & seed prices are quoted in quintal. their favorite fabric, for reasons that go beyond the weather. The recent meeting in US marked the Grandest Meeting of the Corduroy PUNJAB AKOLA Appreciation Club, the date of which 11|11|11 most closely 36300 resembled corduroys parallel lines. J-34 (SG) 3500-3520 H-4 SUP MOD Lest one think the event or group is simply satirical, look no J-34 (RG) 3540-3560 AUGRAGABAD further than The Desmond Tutu Center in Manhattan, where the HARYANA BB SPL MOD ------- celebratory meeting of the six-year-old club is sold out. At some point, it was more like an art project, a happening, but its definitely J-34 (SG) 3515-3530 INDORE changed, founder Miles Rohan recently told the NY Daily News in J-34 (RG) 3550-3560 BB PRM CONV ------- describing the early days of the CAC. Its become a legitimate RAJASTHAN (SGNR LINE) BB SPL MOD ------- organization. Retail offerings of corduroy pants peak in the fourth quarter ------J-34 (SG) 3800-3815 BB SPL CONV of each year, representing about 5% of pants at retail, compared to J-34 (RG) 3750-3765 GUNTUR about 1% at other times of the year, according to the Cotton PUNJAB BB PRM PLUS MOD ------- Incorporated Retail MonitorTM. Approximately 2% of pants available at U.S. retailers are corduroy. ------Desi (SG) ------------ BB PRM PLUS CONV At Blake, a better boutique in Portland, OR, owner Blake Desi (RG) ------------ BB PRM MOD 35100 Nieman-Davis says the store has traditionally carried corduroy HARYANA BB PRM CONV ------- bottoms for men and women. But the selection is expanding. Increasingly, were starting to see other things made in 34600 corduroy woven shirts, jackets, outerwear. We even have hair Desi (SG) ------------ BB SPL MOD Desi (RG) ------------ BB SPL CONV ------- ties in corduroy. We do carry a decent amount of it, Nieman-Davis says. Womens tend to be more fashion-forward than mens, which RAJASTHAN (SGR LINE) WARANGAL tend to be more tradition with a twist. 35600 Desi (SG) 3725-3750 BB PRM PLUS MOD In womens, we have flares and skinny bottoms. The pant Desi (RG) 3675-3700 BB PRM MOD 35100 styles are more trend-driven than the wovens or jackets. The shirts are button-down, and the jackets are trucker style a traditional OTHER BB PRM CONV ------look but done in corduroy. BB SPL MOD 34800 STATES In mens, we have aged cords in a traditional straight leg, but theyre washed down, Blake says. So its classic but theyre Guj S-6 29/30 mm 38300-38500 ADILABAD modernizing it by washing it down heavily, giving it whiskering and Guj S-6 27/28 mm ------- BB PRM MOD ------that kind of thing. ------Guj Kapas (Seeds) 1625 BB PRM CONV Most (57%) corduroy pants available at retail are womens, while 43% are mens, according to the Retail Monitor. The average Guj Kapas (New) 4400-4650 BB SPL MOD ------retail price of corduroy pants is $37. Average prices are highest at Guj. V797 22 mm Old 28000 RAYAGADA specialty stores ($58), followed by department stores ($39), chain ------- stores ($31) and mass merchants ($17). Mah MECH-1 28 mm 35500 BB PRM MOD While corduroy found plenty of devotees among the nations Mah Bunny 29 mm 37500 BB PRM CONV ------college professors, it is now equally appreciated by the fashion set. Maha Bunny 30 mm ------- HUBLI At Perchance Boutique in Chicago, cord pieces include AG ------- jeggings, trousers from Raven Denim and feminine pieces from Maha Kapas 4650 BB PRM MOD Maha & MP (Seeds) MP Kapas MP MECH-1 29 mm MP Bunny 30 mm MP DCH-32 AP MECH-1 27/28 mm AP MECH-1 29/30 mm AP MECH-1 30/31 mm AP MCU-5 30/32 mm Kar Jaydhar Karna Bunny 30 mm Karna MECH-1 29 mm Karna MECH-1 28 mm Kar DCH-32 34/25 mm TN DCH-32 35 mm 1650 4600 36800 ------44000-49000 36000 37000 38000 ------28000 37500 36500 34500 49000 54000 BB PRM CONV MECH CONV Bengal Desi RG Bengal Desi SG V-797 Jayadhar Y -1 J-34 NHH-44 LRA-5166 MECH-1 Shankar-6 Bunny/Brahma MCU-5 DCH-32 ( Per Candy) ------------------------------------------37100 ------------Bengal Desi V-797 Jaydhar Karn. J-34 MECH (MP) Sankar-6 MCU-5 DCH-32Karna N.Q. 24000 30000 32388 37500 38000 39000 49000 ------------35300 36200 24400 ------------31000 ------------35400 38200 37500 38700 48500

US Group Celebrates Corduroy As Designers Give It Fashion Appeal

Annelore. This season, says Mary Liz Lehman, founder and president, corduroy is no longer relegated to the workplace, but can also be incorporated into the modern womans wardrobe by pairing it with skinny jeans, silky blouses or smart riding pants. And at Sweet Lady Jane in Burlington, VT, owner Rachel Strules says the shop carries a skinny curry cord from Free People. Its in a funky, 70s color like pea greeen, she says. Were a big college town and tourist destination, so our customers are college kids and their families, as well as people who like to shop here because everthing is well-edited and put together.We have a lot of little cape sweaters and one from Left on Houston has leather detail that would bring extra style to the cord, without looking collegiate. Corduroy pants are a core cotton product; of those offered at retail, 93% contain cotton, according to the Retail Monitor. More than 8 of 10 consumers (83%) describe cotton apparel as comfortable, followed by soft (81%), good quality (79%), casual (78%), natural (77%), durable (76%) and a good value (76%), according to the Cotton Incorporated 2011 Environment Survey. The members of the Corduroy Appreciation Club normally wear two corduroy items to their meetings. But for tomorrows Grandest Meeting, sponsored by Cotton Incorporated, a three-item rule will be in effect. The group intends to crown a corduroy messiah a child celebrating his or her eleventh birthday on Nov. 11. Other CAC activities at the Grandest Meeting will include a presentation of awards for Exemplary Usage of Corduroy, awards for best dressed, a performance by an 11-member choir, dancing and poetry inspired by corduroy. All actions are intended to, as the groups slogan goes, hail the wale. In the last couple of years, weve seen a resurgence in peoples interest in corduroy, and this season its sold better than in the last couple of years, Nieman-Davis says. AG does a straight leg thats great in womens. Men say, I havent worn corduroy in 20 years, but now that it looks modern and there are fresher silhouettes, theyre interested again. Here in Portland, its become trendier. Its not being worn in a professional or dressy way here. People here are wearing it in more fashion-forward looks or silhouettes. The Blake store sells fine cords from Rag & Bone, as well as AG mens cords for $200 or more. We have designer brands doing great things with corduroy. And thats where the perceived value has to be high. It cant be the same product it was 20 years ago. Now, it looks sophisticated and interesting. Its still corduroy only done with a twist in a modern way.


Expect relief from inflation if moderating trend continues: FM

NEW DELHI, NOV. 17-(PTI) With food inflation easing by over a percentage point during the week ended November 5, Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee today said if the trend continues, some relief can be expected on the price front. At least on the food front, we may expect to have some relief if this trend continues, Mukherjee told reporters here. His comments came after food inflation eased to 10.63 per cent for the week ended November 5 from 11.81 per cent in the previous week. It (food inflation) is still in double digits, but on percentage points, it has come down, Mukherjee said. As per data released by the government today, onions grew cheaper by 22.89 per cent year-on-year, while wheat prices were down by 3.63 per cent during the week ended November 5. However, all other items became more expensive on an annual basis during the week under review. Inflation in the overall primary articles category stood at 10.39 per cent during the week ended November 5, as against 11.43 per cent in the previous week. Inflation in non-food articles, including fibres, oilseeds and minerals, was recorded at 5.33 per cent during the week under review, as against 6.41 per cent in the week ended October 29. Fuel and power inflation stood at 15.49 per cent during the week ended November 5, as against 14.50 per cent in the previous week.

Visual 2000 redefines fashion lifecycle management with PLM concept

From Tecoya NewsDesk MUMBAI, NOV. 17 transactional information from Visual 2000 International ERP and other tools available Inc. has announced a step change inside PLM, teams and their in fashion business computing suppliers can better leverage with its new PLM-as-a-Platform their historical data to plan and concept. The revolutionary innovate on current and future approach to functional and products and deliveries. systems integration provides The new End2End solution Visual users with option gives clients access to the unprecedented access and full range of Visual 2000 software visibility into enterprise-wide and global collaboration business information previously technology; including PLM, ERP, restricted to enterprise resource SCM, WMS, Sales Force planning (ERP), supply chain Automation, Customer management (SCM), warehouse Relationship Management, management (WMS), and other Business Intelligence (BI), B2B independent software systems. and B2C E-commerce capabilities. Available for immediate The End2End solution can delivery, new End2End and alternatively be integrated with Design2Delivery software an existing ERP implementation. options have been packaged to The focused equip fashion executives and Design2Delivery package professionals with various levels includes PLM, SCM, and BI tools. of integrated functionality based Both provide Visual 2000 clients on their specific business with the option to purchase requirements. Both comprise a implementation and training variety of functional capabilities programs for only the capabilities in an affordable, single-license they wish to use. Both options solution that is coupled with feature concurrent user licenses Visual 2000s rapid and flexible that allow multiple workers to implementation methodology. share a single license where According to Charles practical. In addition to the new Benoualid, Visual 2000 Vice packaged solutions, Visual 2000 President of Research and will continue to offer separate Development, Our PLM-as-a- software modules in select Platform approach redefines the situations. role and value of PLM in the TO KNOW fashion industry. While most software providers are working to MOREABOUT make incremental improvements Write for to their toolsets, we are advancing PLM as the core business platform for managing todays complex concept-toconsumer process. By making Subs: Rs. 2500

No intention of relaxing CRR as of now : Gokarn

MUMBAI, NOV. 17 Reserve Bank of India Deputy Governor Subir Gokarn today said the RBI will not relax the quantum of deposits banks have to park with the central bank, dubbed the cash reserve ratio (CRR), to ease current liquidity pressures. Not at the moment. CRR is being seen by us as a part of a monetary dashboard. To use it in a sort of tactical liquidity management sense, I think we are not at that point, Gokarn told reporters on the sidelines of a conference here. The CRR stands at 6 per cent at present and has not been changed for over a year now. The RBI had yesterday announced it will buy Rs 10,000 crore of government bonds from the market through open market operations (OMO) on November 24, which is reportedly aimed at easing pressures on liquidity and interest rates. With the busy season for credit picking up, banks are reportedly borrowing up to Rs 1 lakh crore everyday from the repo window. According to reports, the move can also be aimed at easing pressures on yields, as the RBI was unable to carry out three bond sales because investors were asking for higher yields than what the RBI was offering. ... The OMO is the obvious market-based tactical move. It does not send a signal of change in the monetary policy stance, which the CRR always runs the risk of doing, Gokarn said.



NEW YORK COTTON as on 17-11-2011 Dec. 11 Mar. 12 May 12 July 12 103.50 100.48 100.48 100.13 +84 -14 -9 +10


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