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hi all, Intercompany stock transport order process : ME21N <-- MM pricing VL10 VF01 <-- SD pricing MIGO MIRO

Is there a standard (!!!) or a known method to get in any case : SD pricing = MM pricing ? Using the standard customizing we have to maintain an identical price on both si des purchasing and sales. It could be better ! Thanks for help Hi Alain, 1.Create a vendor for the company code of receiving plant, using account group : 0007 using T-Code XK01. 2. Assign this vendor to Delivering plant, Go to XK02 >Purchasing view>Extras>Ad d. Purchasing data>Plant 3. Create internal customer with the sales area of the vendor. Go To XD01 4. In Pricing procedure determination relevant to STO, assign document Pricing P rocedure and customer pricing procedure appropriate for STO to get the pricing i n the invoice. 5. Maintain condition records for the relevant pricing condition. 6. Some more setting for STO: Go to MM> Purchasing > Purchase Order > Set up STO > define shipping data for plants > Go to Receiving plant >assign customer here & Supplying SA (for billing) to Receiving plant here 7. Go to MM> Purchasing > Purchase Order > Set up STO> define shipping data for plants > Go to Supplying plant and assign the sales area of receiving plant. 8. Go to MM> Purchasing > Purchase Order > Set up STO> assign delivery Type & Ch ecking rule Assign the delivery type to document type. In this case, Delivery type NLCC is a ssigned to Document type NB 9. Go to MM> Purchasing > Purchase Order > Set up STO>Assign document Type, One step Procedure, Under delivery tolerance Assign the document type NB to supplying plant and receiving plant 10. After all settings , Create the STO using T-Code:ME21N and Save. 11. Create Delivery :VL10G Click on the Background Button after selecting line item A message is flashed : See log for information> next Click on Log for delivery c reation Button >click on line item>click on document button to get Delivery docu ment No 12. Picking, PGI:VL02N 13. Billing:VF01 Also check this link. Regards, Rahul.

What is Stock Transfer Order? What are the IMG configurations? How do you create a STO? by: Jupalli Samatha The following steps have to be followed in order to configure stock transport or der between two plants. 1. Create a vendor for the Company code of the receiving plant using account gro up 0007 via T-Code XK01. 2. In the purchasing data view assign the supplying plant and the schema group. 3. Create customer with the sales area of the vendor. 4. The shipping conditions, the delivering plant and the transportation zone det ermine the route in the STO. 5. In the pricing procedure determination relevant to the STO assign document pr icing procedure and customer pricing procedure to get the pricing in the invoice . 6. Maintain condition records for pricing condition. 7. Maintain carrier as a partner in the customer master. 8. In OMGN select the supplying plant and assign the company code and sales area . Similarly select the receiving plant and assign the company code and sales are a (The company code to which the plant is assigned to). 9. Assign the delivery type and checking rule to the document type. 10. And finally, assign the purchasing document type to the supplying plant and the receiving plant. 11. Create the STO using T-Code ME 21N and save. 12. Check for release strategy if any and release using T-Code ME 28. 13. Create delivery in background using VL10G. 14. If delivery is created, it is an indication of correct configuration and mas ter data creation. Stock transfer between two plants in different company codes is known as inter c ompany stock transfer. 1. Material should be maintained in both supplying and receiving plant MM01 2. Stock should maintain only in supplying plant MB1C 3. Create receiving plant as a customer in supplying plants company code and sal es area XD01 4. Assign this customer number in receiving plant details OMGN 5. Assign supplying sales area in supplying plant details OMGN 6. Assign delivery type NB for in combination of supplying/ receiving plants. Create STO ME21N As it is normal there in the item details were should get shipping date i.e. customer number Go for Delivery VL10B Shipping point ***** Select PO go for execute then select the delivery then go for delivery ............create delivery,,,, de livery number generated. Goods Issue VL02 Delivery doc ********** Click on picking enter the picking qty Click on PGI In the mean time check in the PO history you will get the details

Goods receipt MIGO In Stock overview, the stock will be updated....