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Recognizing Rhetorical Devices Supply the correct term from the box below in the blank next to its

example or definition.

anecdote / assonance / anaphora / antithesis / apostrophe / climax / exemplum / hyperb xymoron / parable / paradox / personification / rhetorical question / simile / thesis

_____________________1. Let me give you an example. In the early 1920's in Germany, the government let the printing presses turn out endless quantities of paper money, and soon, instead of 50-pfennige postage stamps, they issued denominations up to 50 billion marks. _____________________2. Jumbo shrimp, military intelligence, deafening silence _____________________3. . . . For if we lose the ability to perceive our faults, what is the good of living on? Marcus Aurelius _____________________4. Rain on your wedding day, a traffic jam when youre already late _____________________5. As slick as a wet Slip-n-Slide on a hot summer day _____________________6. To think on death it is a misery,/ To think on life it is a vanity;/ To think on the world verily it is,/ To think that here man hath no perfect bliss. Peacham _____________________7. This coffees strong enough to get up and walk away. _____________________8. What a definitely delightful day! _____________________9. Thats her millionth question today, Susie hissed under her breath.

____________________10. At 6:40 a.m., the ground began to heave. Windows rattled; then broke. Objects started falling from shelves. Water heaters fell, tearing out plumbing. Outside, the road began to break up. Water mains and gas lines wrenched apart, causing flooding and the danger of explosion. Office buildings began cracking. Soon twenty, thirty, forty stories of concrete dove at the helpless pedestrians panicking below.

Can You Find the Hidden Literary Devices? To help you out, they are all italicized. "The Case of the Missing Literary Devices: A Picture Book Detective Hunt and Creative Craft Creation"

Learning grammar, and other literary devices, may not be the highlight of your school experience so far. If your teachers weren't into it, the middle aged librarian at your school, with the bun in her hair , sure was! I bet you don't often think of literary devices as leading into a craft, but it can. The creative energies of Leonardo Da Vinci , and the sharp smell of markers squeaking, "Skritch, Skritch" across crisp, clean sheets of

paper is not the first tool for learning literary devices that

you think of. However, I know that each of you reading this do not need carefully crafted teaching devices to learn about literary devices: you all are certainly on the edge of your seats waiting in anticipation started! You are like sponges ready to soak up all knowledge. Your minds are empty computer hard drives eagerly waiting are all black holes matter's gravitation pull. Asleep or awake way to stop weighing devices, to see if they match the definitions given you. Like Military Intelligence , your spy satellite brains magnify the smallest details of grammar to crisp and larger-than-life detail. You will be mad as a wet , your nose knows no literary , for input. You , your minds for us to get

sucking all knowledge that comes near your grey


if we don't move on with

the much anticipated, amazing, and absolutely astounding literary devices activities soon, so let us do that!


1. "The sun was like a large ball of butter" is an example of

what literary technique? Paradox Personification Simile Oxymoron

2. "The wall stared at me silently" is an example of what type

of literary tool? Simile Metonymy Inference Personification

3. "If I do not eat my daily papaya, I will surely die" is an

example of what type of literary device? Personification

Paradox Metaphor Hyperbole

4. "The road was a ribbon of moonlight," is an example of

which of these literary techniques? Oxymoron Personification Inference Metaphor

5. "The wise fool is burning my taco" employs what kind of

literary device? Personification Irony Metaphor Oxymoron

6. Picture this literary scene: the main character hears a

scream, and then sees a man running out of the room with a bloody knife. You can often come to the conclusion (most of the time) that he killed whoever just screamed, although it never says outright that "the guy with the knife butchered the screamer." This type of intelligent conclusion drawn by the reader based on clues and observations is called a(n) __________? Inference Estimate Guess and Check Literary Guess

7. This question will use an example from Shakespeare's

Verbal Irony Dramatic Irony Irony of the Situation Ironic Twist

8. If you were bullied by another kid on the playground, and

afterwards your friend came over and said "I'll bet you loved that" and you said "Of course", what type of irony were you employing? Verbal Irony Irony of the Situation Dramatic Irony Philosophical Irony

9. "Flaming ice" is an example of what literary technique?

Oxymoron Synecdoche Simile Metonymy

10. "I simultaneously composed and destroyed the opera

while writing it" is an example of what kind of literary device? Paradox Metaphor Metonymy Personification

11. "Bob is as brave as a lion" is an example of what literary

device in action? Personification Simile Oxymoron Metonymy

12. "My mother always told me never to get close to any

danger, as that would be dancing with the devil. Little did I know that in my professional ballroom dancing career, that is exactly what I would do." What literary device is used here through the whole example? Answer: hints about future events) (One Word-used to give

13. In the movie "Casablanca" you expect the loving couple

to stay together, but then the girl hops off on a plane! Hey, that's not what I expected! What type of irony is employed in this instance? Irony of the Situation Verbal Irony Dramatic Irony Ironic Chronicling

14. "Up went the bacon strips" is an example of what literary

technique? (This technique is used more often in poetry.) Simile Inversion Metaphor Paradox

15. "A dozen tight fists pounded the criminal's clavicle"

uses a unique type of metaphor. Which of these types of metaphor is said type? Simile Hyperbole Personification None of these