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How to Boot a PC with Win CE 6.

Build a Windows 98 Boot Disk 1. Go to and download the Win98 Image File. It is under "Non-Windows Based Image Files W/ImageApp". Not sure why it says "Non-Windows". 2. The file is downloaded to your hard drive. Unzip it. 3. Put a CD in your burner. I used Sonic to burn the CD.I did NOT drag any of the files to be burned, but clicked the Make Bootable button, which prompted me for an .img file. Go to the directory where the was unzipped and select the .img file. 4. Burn the CD. Boot the CE PC 1. Put the CD in your PC that you want to become a CE PC. 2. Power on. 3. A DOS directory should be shown. - Note, the Dell Optiplex was funny. It did not boot to the CD originally. I had to have the CD tray open when powered off. Then quickly push back in the CD tray [with CD] as soon as power was applied. Install from a new/old disk 1. Install the disk. Generally, it will be the Master of the Primary IDE. The BIOS should figure out what it is. 2. Boot the PC to the Win98 CD. 3. At the DOS prompt, type fdisk and enter. 4. Create a Primary DOS Partition. 5. Exit fdisk and reboot the system when fdisk is complete. 6. Let it boot back to the Win98 CDROM. 7. At the DOS prompt, type format c: /s. 8. It will say WARNING, ALL DATA WILL BE LOST! Proceed with Format (Y/N)? Double check your configuration before pressing y. 9. It should show Formatting nnnn M, where nnnn is the number of MB of the disk. 10. Wait for the format to complete, enter a volume name, such as CEPC. 11. Copy the file himem.sys from the CD to C:\. 12. Copy other handy tools to C:\ a. b. c. Fdisk.exe d. Xcopy.exe To install onto portable media (Compact Flash, Flash Drives) 1. Disconnect IDE, and Power connections to Hard Disk. 2. Follow instructions for installing DOS to hard disk. 3. Removable media should now be ready as bootable DOS media.

Create bootable disk for CEPC on x86 architecture 1. Insert DOS media into development computer.

2. From the WINCE600 folder on the C: drive. 3. Navigate to C:\WINCE600\PLATFORM\CEPC\SRC\BOOTLOADER\DOS\BOOTDISK 4. Copy all files to DOS media a. DISKIMAGE folder b. autoexec.bat c. config.sys d. eboot.bin e. loadcepc.exe f. sboot.bin g. vesatest.exe 5. Navigate to: C:\WINCE600\OSDesigns\*Project*\*Project*\RelDir\CEPC_x86_(Debug or Release) 6. Copy NK.bin file to the DOS media. The NK.bin file is the image file for Windows CE 6 project, which can be used to load WinCE onto a x86 computer. 7. Insert DOS media with CEPC files into the CEPC, and boot. 8. Once booted a Microsoft Windows 98 Startup Menu should appear. a. If a jump to memory address screen comes up: i.Reboot Computer ii.Select Option 7: Clean Boot iii.Enter command: loadcepc /v /l:800x600x32 nk.bin 1. The /l switch sets a defined resolution for the computer boot WINCE at, which should resolve the jump to memory error. iv.Computer will load WinCE