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YOU PICKED ME Words and Music by ALISON SUDOL, LUKAS BURTON Moderately slow ¢. = 80 and HAL CRAGIN Dm Dm Dim) Verse F F6 F Dm ay - ‘out the signs we see. The ‘against the win-dows and the Poe eee = fall build - ings fad = ing inthe dis = tance,on = strong cof - fee warm ing up my fin - gers. in rt, et ee Four, five, six, the two of us a per fect fit, You're got me, searched the sand and climbed the tee and 2 Ete ator ‘© oT VRMUBCCORP.ANPSTARMUSIC SONGS OF UNVERSAL NC, REVERS AVERCA USI NC and CATVALLEYONOSAanrby BUC) stent tnf ws sSTARNLSIG rs aeetoy BML CORP F BWe q~ < all mine, all mine. Drought me back down. BavFt Like an ap ple on the tree, hid ingout be-hind the leaves, [was dif fiscult to but you Like a shell up-on @ beach, just_amoth = er pret = ty fi To Coda YS sme, yeah, you picked me. —_ F BUFO OF Dm) F BWP mr oe ae oe