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Wilder Days is an annual AUTUMN

Celebration at Mansfield, Missouri, Calling all Vendors

USA. On the Second Weekend in
September, the Community com-
Other activities to enjoy
memorates a famous and valued Vendors are invited to contact
children's author, LAURA INGALLS
WILDER. The renowned Little House the Wilder Days Committee Friday Nite:
Books, cherished by children around about reserving a space for School Children performance. Entertain-
the world were penned in this white Quilt Show at Mansfield
Community Center ment to be announced
farmhouse on Rocky Ridge Farm. • Friday
• Saturday Laura Ingalls Wilder Homes Saturday:
Laura wrote on school tablets,
using her pen and pencil, recalling • Sunday and Museum — Tours and Quilt Show
the days of her childhood and pio- special events during the Wilder Little Laura Look-a-like Contest
neer life in America. As a child, Laura Days Festival Little Farmer Boy Look-a-like Contest
may have worn a dress and pinafore We welcome craft vendors, food 19th Century children’s games including
similar to the one worn by the child vendors and demonstrations of tortoise races,
in the pictures. Perhaps as she
sack races ,
wrote, the children of her memory vintage tasks such as blacksmith-
strolled across the meadows and Ozark Mountain Players jump rope contests,
ing, weaving, soap making and and more
stopped on the steps. Pageant—Performances on
others. Friday night, Saturday afternoon
Laura Ingalls Wilder and her family and Saturday night
were attracted to the culture and Huge Parade with prizes for floats
climate of the Ozarks in 1895. Wilder Contact us early to reserve a
Kickin Up Grass
Days celebrates that culture today in space with electricity.
the hospitality of a small community,
the vitality of Ozarks style music, and Bakersville — Baker Creek
a safe, family atmosphere. There is a Early Worship Service
Phone: 417-924-3235 Seeds Car Show
stable foundation in the vision of the
Ozarks perpetuated by the support Email:
and sponsorship of business interests
which want to sustain and maintain
the families of the Ozarks through Mail: Wilder Days Committee
employment and opportunity. These c/o Mansfield Area Chamber of
businesses and individuals have
generously sponsored programs Commerce
featuring the Ozarks Culture and P.O. 322
Mansfield for visitors from all over the
world. 2008 marks the beginning of Mansfield, MO 65704
an intended annual competition for
Bluegrass/Mountain/Country music,
Kickin Up Grass with prizes and
recognition for the winners.