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Important Abbreviation and Acronyms of 2011 Year Abbreviations APECF EGoM NEERI SRS CRIDA COSC FSSAI NHEC

NICRA DMICDC LPDs MSME NHEC NHMEA NTC OTR BEA EFTA GHI HLEG HNI IFPRI NIN WFP APEC DCI IIE IRCON NALCO NDMA NIC SAFTA December, 2011 MBE UNC BRGF UPDS CDS NSG NCHER Member of the Order of the British Empire United Nagar Council Backward Region Grant Fund United Peoples Democratic Solidarity Credit Default Swaps National Security Guards National council for higher education and research Full Form Asia Pacific Exchange and Cooperation Foundation Empowered Group of Ministers National Environment Engineering Research Institute Sample Registration System Central Research Institute for Dry Land Agriculture Chiefs of Staff Committee Food Safety and Standards Authority of India National Health Entitlement Card National Initiative on Climate Resilient Agriculture Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor Development Corporation Landing Platform Docks Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises National Health Entitlement Card National Health and Medical Facalities Accreditation Authority National Transitional Council Operational Turn Around Broadcast Editors Association European Free Trade Association Global Hunger Index High Level Expert Group High Networth Individual International Food Polict Research Institute National Institute of Nutrition World Food Programme Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Directorate of Criminal Investigation International Institute of Education Indian Railways Construction Company National Aluminium Company National Disaster Management Authority National Innovation Council South Asian Free Trade Agreement


Initial Public Offerings Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority Hindustan Unilever Limited Indian Naval Ship National Buildings Construction Corporation Eminet Persons Group Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement Terrain Contour Matching Micro and Small Enterprises Consolidated Accounts Statement Foreign Institutional Investors Government Securities Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority International Union of Pure and Applied Physics

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A.V.E.S. : Acute Viral Encephalitic Syndrome. B.C.T.T. : Bank Cash Transaction Tex. B.C.S.B.I.: Banking Codes and Standard Board Of India. C.I.C : Central Information Commission. C.S.T.O : Collective Security Treaty Organisation. CNLU : Chanakya National Law University . D.I.I : Domestic Institutional Investor DTH : Direct To Home E.C.G.C : Export Credit Guarantee Corporation. F.D.I : Foreign Direct Investment. F.I.I : Foreign Institutional Investor. GUAM : Georgia, Ukraine, Azebaijan and Moldova. GAGAN : GPS Aided Geo-Augmented Navigation. I.M.O. : Instant Money Order. IBSA : India, Brazil, South Africa M.R.O : Mars Recconnaissance Orbiter. N.A.D.T : National Authority On Drugs and Therapeutics. N.C.C.E : National Council for Clinnical Establishments. N.E.I.A : National Export Insurance Account. N.M.D.P : National Maritime Development Programme. N.R.E.G.A : National Rural Employment Guarantee Act. N.J.C : National Judicial Council. O.C.I : Overseas Citizen of India. PURA : Providing Urban Amenities in Rural Areas. P.H.F.I. : Public Health Foundation of India. R.L.D.A : Railway Land Development Authority.

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SCRAMJET: Supersonic Combustion Ramjet. SIM : Subscriber Identification Module. I.T.G.I : IFFCO Tokio General Insurance. IITF : India International Trade Fair. IAEA : International Atomic Energy Agency H.P.A.I : Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza. N.C.H : National Consumer Influenze. S.P.A : Seven Party Alliance. VAT : Value Added Tex. QIB : Qualified Institutional Buyer. QIP : Qualified Institutional Placement. RTA : Railway Territorial Army. RTC : Round Table Conference. RTG : Radio-isotope Thermo-electric Generator. SWIFT : Society for World-wide International Financial Transactions. SWOT : Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats. SYL : Sutlej- Yamuna Link (Canal). YWCA : Young Womens Christian Association. ZSI : Zoological Survey of India. ZUPO : Zimbabwe United Peoples Organisation. ESOP : Employee Stock Option PRP : Performance Related Payment ICA : Irrigated Crop Area FEMA : Foreign Exchange Management Act RFID : Radio Frequency Identification PERDA : Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority RED : Result Framework Document TERM : Telecom Enforcement, Resource and Monitoring OGL : Open General Licence IMB : International Maritime Bureau