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Marketing Plan Project

Computer Business Consulting Leiza L Martin GM 522 Marketing Keller Graduate School of Management Prof. Ken Ninomiya October 17, 2010

Marketing plan 1

Marketing Plan Executive Summary

Services Description, Situation Analysis Computer Business Consulting is a new company in formation that will provide a complete service the consultancy in computer information system and projects managements. The company functions will be services tutoring, training and documentation of systems and/or processes design, installation and maintenance of e-commerce functions for small business market. Computer Business Consulting also intends to evaluate the accomplishment of each customer and follow up to make changes to improve the effectiveness of the each management. This marketing plan will be the key to the development of Computer Business Consulting. The objectives of the company are to assist small business to understand better their software application. Other objective is to train the user employees in personalized form in the computer function and users software application. Assist the small business in the management of projects in order to improve its profits and reduces its cost. Computer Business Consulting marketing plan will focus on smaller businesses that have limited resources to expend. With lower price Computer Business Consulting will be responsible for training costumer personnel in the use of the different administrative packages like Microsoft Offices, Window, and Internet. The personal will receive the training in job place so they do not have to go to the school after work. These characteristic will be making a difference with other consultancy companies or professional schools. S.W.O.T. Analysis

Marketing plan 2

The SWOT analysis will help Computer Business Consulting to know which are their strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats. Strengths: y y Expertise staff. Personalized methods of training in computer application.

Weakness: y y New company with not entrepreneurial experience. Low investment capital to make a roper marketing and business support.

Opportunities: y y Unsatisfied necessity in small businesses for the use of computer application. Government Stimulus to increase small business.

Threats: y Future and potential competition from consultant computer companies already established. y Recessionary economy.

Computer Business Consulting will provide at its customer with training packages in software application such as Microsoft Offices, installation and maintenance of e-commerce functions for small business market, database application development, security and data information, and disaster recovery. Computer Business Consulting will make individual costumer packages with modicum price to be established in different steps in previous agreement with the customer. According exist a great number of consulting companies, however, new entry opportunities are open to new companies because the range of specialties is great.

Marketing plan 3

Computer consulting is an extensive area that covers the internet, software and hardware. Also, different researches showed that the competitors do not show great concern for the entry of other related companies of consultancy. It is up to the company to use a logical marketing approach to find a successful way in computer consulting area. Target Market Computer Business Consulting will offer training and support in consulting services for small businesses and home users. Computer Business Consulting will be focuses its target market two groups. The followed table and its pie chart show the market segmentation for number of employee on business based on US Census Data of 2006:
All industries employment size of firm Small Medium Bigger 0 to 4 5 to 9 10 to 19 20 to 99 (0 to 99) 100 to 499 500 or more Firms: 2004 3,580 2005 3,678 2006 3,670 Establishments: 2004 3,586 2005 3,684 2006 3,677 Employment: 2004 5,845 2005 5,937 2006 5,960 Annual payroll (bil. dol.): 2004 206 2005 220 2006 230 1,043 1,050 1,061 1,056 1,063 1,073 6,853 6,898 6,974 196 206 214 633 630 647 667 662 679 8,500 8,454 8,676 258 269 282 526 521 536 693 679 698 20,643 20,444 21,077 670 700 742 5,782 5,879 5,914 6,002 6,088 6,127 41,841 41,733 42,687 1,330 1,395 1,468 87 87 91 330 332 346 16,758 16,911 17,537 588 617 661 17 17 18 1,056 1,079 1,129 56,477 57,672 59,693 2,337 2,470 2,664

Total 5,886 5,984 6,022 7,388 7,500 7,601 115,075 116,317 119,917 4,254 4,483 4,792

Marketing plan 4

This table and pie chart show that the size of the different business existent in the Florida State. Analyzing this data, home offices business has the bigger area, followed by Small

Marketing plan 5

Business. The size of the business is defined below by the amount of employee that the organization have: Home offices Business is defined as a small business that a group individuals working from their house. Small Businesses are companies that have between 1 and 99 employees under its organization. Medium Businesses are companies that between 100 and 499 employees Large businesses are companies that have 500 or more employees.

Computer Business Consulting proposes two segment markets to begin the company: 1. Small business that has only one or two computers and that has littler knowledge of computer. 2. Small business that need training its employees in computer application. Computer Business Consulting believes in the concept of the concentration in small target to earn client confidence and fidelity and once it is established begin to expand in the other market areas. The major market trends faced by the organization are the rapid development of the technology. This trend gives the customer an uneasy sensation, so the customer will ask for the upgrade at the lower cost conceivable. Other trend is the cost of the internet, and the use of the computer by their employee for personal matters. The use of the computer for business is increasing by day. That is one reason of why Computer Business Consulting can enter in consulting market. In every moment there are more and more companies that use computer applications to improve and control its business. Competitors and Substitutes

Marketing plan 6

According with the web site Celinea Business Pages (Celinea web site), there are at least 142 companies under the category of Business Computer Consulting here in Miami, Florida. Computer Business Consulting selects these two companies as their main competitors. 1. Name: Computer Based Associates, Incorporated. Web: Street: 5068 NW 74th Ave. Postal address: Miami, FL. Phone: (305) 228-6163. Categories: Business Computer Consulting. Strengths: They are focus Windows net- work service, Mac OS X service, and Data Recovery service departments in Mac OS X Server, Max OS X, and other Apple technologies. Weakness: The focus in Mac OS X and Apple technologies are mainly used by personal interest and/or business related to the games or art. This technology is not common between small businesses. 2. Name: Aberdeen Systems LLC. Street: 11762 N Kendall Dr, #138. Postal address: 33125 Miami, FL. Phone: (305) 596-6881. Categories: Business Computer Consulting. Web: Strengths: they can provide customers with an adequate hardware, software for the development of the user solution.

Marketing plan 7

Weakness: It is more expensive. These are some other consulting organizations in Celinea Business Pages web site that can represent a competition to Computer Business Consulting: 3. Name: 4it Incorporated. City: Miami, FL. 4it Incorporated is located in these categories: Computer Business Solutions, Computer Communications, Business Computer Consulting, Telecommunications, Disaster Planning & Recovery, Software, Business Computer Maintenance, Communications & Networking, Computer Consulting, and Business Computer Equipment. 4. Name: A Class Computer Consulting. City: Miami, FL. A Class Computer Consulting is located in these categories: Computer Consulting, Computer Training, Computer Software, Computer Stores, and Computer Repair. 5. Name: A+ PC TECH. City: Miami, FL. A+ PC TECH is located in these categories: Computer Consulting, Computer Business Solutions, Business Computers Support, Internet Consulting, and Computer Repair. 6. Name: Academy. City: Miami, FL. Academy is located in these categories: Employment Training, Computer Consulting, Computer Training, and Technical Schools. 7. Name: Accelerated Business Solutions. City: Miami, FL.

Marketing plan 8

Accelerated Business Solutions is located in these categories: Computer Consulting, Communications & Networking, Office Machinery, Copy & Fax Machines, and Computer Communications In the consulting area there is not direct threat between consulting companies because there are a wide varieties of specialties that do not interfere each other. Most of the companies provide services of sales, installation and maintain of hardware, software and network. Our advantage is the economic price and personalized consultancy that the company can bring to the customers. Other advantage is that small and home offices prefer to use of small consulting companies than bigger consultant organization. Pricing Computer Business Consulting is a new company getting into the consulting business. As a new company, the pricing objectives will be to maximize its market share. The company will select going-rate pricing as a method to base its price on competitors prices. To satisfy the personal need or business need, the company will adjust their basic prices to accommodate the different services according with the necessity of the client, as well as understanding the necessity to be profitable and competitive. Before setting the prices the company needs to think wisely about the hourly fees to not set the hourly rate so high that nobody can afford it or very low so that nobody will take the business seriously. From research in consulting business, the result showed that the hourly rate pricing is between $60.00 and $90.00 per hour. For clients that prefer to pay per project pricing, the price will be based on a fixed amount of money for a predetermined period of time. Also, the company can use the retainer basis for customers that prefer to set a monthly fee in agreement with the company to train its personnel per a fixed number of hours every month.

Marketing plan 9

To estimate the cost for example, the company can use cost plus method. Lets assume that the company can work 1,920 potential hours in a year, which represents 40 hour per week per 48 weeks (4 week of vacation). Assuming that 25% of the time is spent in non-billable actions to the customer, this left 1440 billable hours. The estimated cost for gasoline, equipment, internet, insurance, etc. will be $6,000 per year. The company wishes to make $80,000 in its first year before any profit. As a result, the company will need to make $80,000 plus $6,000 of the cost gave a total of $86,000. Dividing $86,000 by 1440 hours is $60.00 per hour. If the company wants 25% of profit, then the total per hour will be $75.00 (0.25*60 = 15 + 60 = 75).

The budget projection of the company in three years will be:

Projection Revenue by Year

2011 Revenue Cogs-40% CGA-10% Mark-20% $ 86,000.00 34,400.00 8,600.00 17,200.00 $ 25,800.00 2012 $ 96,000.00 38,400.00 9,600.00 19,200.00 $ 28,800.00 2013 $ 100,000.00 40,000.00 10,000.00 20,000.00 $ 30,000.00


Marketing plan 10

Channels of Distribution As a service company, the distribution channel used is the direct channel which means that there will not be an intermediary between the company and the costumer. This is an advantage per the consumer because it can get the lower price since there are not intermediaries that can increase the price beyond what they are ready to pay. Amount of the direct marketing the company can use number of different channels such as: y Word of Mouth: this means passing the information from one customer to other or business to business through conversation. This will be one of most important forces in the firm given to the smaller size of it. y Face to face selling: this means to sell the service directly to the costumer.

Marketing plan 11

Interactive marketing: means the use of the internet to interact with the customers and giving them more information about the proposals.

Direct mail: this means sending to the costumers an offer thought letters, flyers, CD, DVD and / or publishing.

Catalog marketing: this means sending to consumers a catalog with the offer of the company.

The company will use at the beginning word of mouth, a web site through the internet, and face to face selling. Once the company attains the first customer and the word spreads to other costumers, the company can begin to incorporate other channels of distribution to get more customers. Promotion Plan Promotion is the communication between the company and its target market. Promotion describes the strategies and tools used by the companies to accomplish the marketing goals. The principal objectives of the promotion plans are the informing, persuading, and reminding the customers about the services that the company offers. There are different methods to attract and keep customer. The company will use the following methods: y Word of Mouth. The company will use this type of promotion. It has three significant characteristics such as credible, personal and timely. The message to transmit will be: Never is late to learn, the computation is the AS of the future, do not waste time and call us to a personalized class y Public Speaking and Conferences.

Marketing plan 12

Making presentations at different business or public acts to promote and recruit new client earning. The speech needs to mention that Computer Business Consulting is a company that offers training the staff of small businesses in the use of the different administrative packages, like Microsoft Offices, Window, and Internet. The personnel will receive the training in the job place, so they do not have to go to the school after work. y Web site Goals: The company can generate information throughout the web publication of possible surveys of interest to potential customers who are part of the target market. The message will say Are you frustrated with the computer? Are you uncomfortable because you do not know computer? Do not waste more time and call us. Computer Business Consulting can help with a lower price and personalized training to learn about computer. y Other Marketing The company can reproduce and distribute the following materials with the company information in brochures, local newsletter, flyers, and / or posters with the company information. The cost of promotion is an estimate that can be regulated and fixed according with its development. The effort of the company is to create the condition to increment the promotion in the measure the company advances. The companys plan in promotion is:

Marketing plan 0

Marketing plan 0

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