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Spiritual Home Of your True Existence Beyond Beliefs What does it mean to awaken, spiritually?

Is it an actuality or a mental hoax in which the illusions of this life continues? What exactly does it mean to awaken to life? To awaken to spiritual life is your primary concern if you are truly intelligent. Through spirituality, there is eternal rest beyond this mortal life. To enter the divine is to come upon your true being. Not through any kind of meditation of this world. Not yoga meditation or transcendental. Man fabricated all of them. All forms of meditation are formulations of the mind. That which is put together by the mind cannot free you of your mental imprisonment. Is this why you have not spiritually awakened? To come to the realization of truth, you must understand yourself, completely. Have no resistance of what you are in actuality. Then, if you are open and empty within, that which is beyond this life may awaken within you. This awakening is beyond the mind, as thought can never comprehend it all. The discovery of yourself does not depend on Jesus Christ, Buddha or Muhammad. In this spiritual realization, you see everything for yourself. There is no one for you to follow. It is the purity of seeing yourself in reality. The enlightenment that burns within you is a living fire of intelligence. This awakening is pure silence beyond words. To understand yourself is to be opened to the living silence that transcends the mind. You may call it spiritual meditation, which is without effort. The real meditation is truly sacred and not mind-made. You cannot practice, learn, or create this meditation. It is not a thing of the mind. Spiritual meditation points you to what you are in truth. Then you realize that this spiritual life is without measure. It transcends this existence of time-space and causation. It is spiritual bliss beyond sex, sensation, and physical pleasure. It is up to you to realize that the truth of what you are cannot be found in any religion, philosophy, or yoga practice. In fact, standing on your head will not awaken you. So, you must look within yourself and not in any of the world religions. Not one religion can awaken you to the truth of eternal life. Therefore, it does not matter if you are Christian, Buddhist, or Muslim. Christianity, Islam or the latest New Age movement cannot awaken you. This is your own spiritual quest that is inside of you. Within the core of your being. No religion and no Messiah can save you. Salvation lies within your own hands. Your own responsibility. This fact, takes away all authority from everyone who proclaim otherwise.

Therefore, to change the world begins in you. Not the politicians with their corrupt politics. Not the priests or preachers, with their flowery sermons that only entertain you. Truth comes when you transform your outlook on life. In this world, without clarity, you are psychologically blind, lost, and perturbed. And, within this life, as long as you are spiritually blind, you have no wisdom. Spiritual wisdom is beyond the knowledge of this world. The realization of this truth is beyond the universe, which is grounded in love and intelligence. In this pure spiritual silence, there is the true meaning of religiosity. You are completely free and whole. It is holiness devoid of any beliefs, dogmas, or convictions. It is the art of living holistically. There is nothing that can touch being in the spirituality of truth and the religion of reality. Not even death. This is the most extraordinary way of living, effortlessly. Without effort, spiritual insights come when the ego-self is not consciously present. That which comes enters your very being when you die of having the mind as the center of your existence. It is to live completely vulnerable without the slightest hint of fear within. To go into this spiritual realm is to realize it has no depth. It is endless love and unfathomable beauty. It is the awakening of this spiritual journey that comes when the mind as knowledge is perfectly still and completely quiet. When you go beyond meditation, you discover the oneness of all life. The division of mind and spirituality has no meaning as you are whole and not divided from anything in life. To function like this cannot be described. All descriptions of this glory fall short of the pure wonder of it all. To spiritually awaken and live in the true meaning of your existence is to love and live in eternal bliss. So, it is up to you to realize all this. Would you really be interested in awakening to your spiritual home within this life?