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Ethical Leader Profile

In business, leadership is all about results. At Kennametal, we have always been committed to operating our business with the utmost integrity and the highest ethical standards. We treat each other, our customers, suppliers and others with honesty and fairness in all of our dealings. As a global competitor with a presence in over 60 countries across the globe, we operate in a very diverse work environment. Our diversity is what makes us strong, but at the same time can present challenging situations. Different cultures mean different solutions. The challenge is arriving at solutions that fit the local culture, but also fit within the Code of Ethics. The Code of Ethics is the unifying standard that guides our processes as well as acts as a key performance indicator critical to our ongoing success.

The Kennametal Ethical Leader Profile builds upon the Leader Profile by identifying the following pyramid of behaviors that demonstrate Ethical Leadership at Kennametal.

Weighs the consequences and risks associated with indifference towards integrity Considers the impact of decisions and actions on a company-wide basis, and not just on him or herself Looks beyond the obvious and appreciates the issues at the center of the problem


Ethical Action

At Kennametal, successful Ethical Leaders demonstrate:

An Ethical Leader demonstrates ethical action by: Focusing on whats really important Proactively seeking assistance in resolving ethical dilemmas and does not act alone Reaching across the organization to develop a network of support Responding quickly to ethical issues, using speed as an advantage


Ethical Awareness


Ethical Leadership

The Kennametal Leader Profile defines attributes, skills and behaviors that are necessary to lead our performance-based culture. It is a benchmark used for identifying, developing, and placing leaders.

An Ethical Leader evaluates situations that present themselves and knows when to ask: Will taking the action violate any laws or company policies? Will it negatively impact others unfairly? Will others feel they are owed something in return? Could it appear improper?


Ethical Reasoning

An Ethical Leader displays a well-rounded global perspective and: Demonstrates common sense Thinks broadly and conceptually

An Ethical Leader: Is courageous; makes difficult decisions fairly and with compassion; takes on unpopular or unpleasant issues in order to do what is right Is visible, well respected, and trusted throughout the organization Makes an impact and is someone whose opinion and guidance is routinely sought by others Exemplifies the concept of Do What You Say You Will Do Articulates and communicates Integrity as a Kennametal Business Value and inspires others to act accordingly