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Aliens don't need spaceships, spaceports, or telephones In case you don't know, Rael is trying to build a spaceport for

his 'alien friends', Riley is waiting for the mother-of-all motherships supposedly floating around Saturn, and the Allen array is listening for ET but.. ET don't need a phone to phone home. In a real sense, ET is already here: it's us. Earth is a focal point for many spirits in our universe; they don't need a ship to get here. I should say: we don't need a ship to get here.. Forgive the unintended (sounding) condescention: Earth is a place for immature spirits and there's a lot in the cosmos. So unfortunately, the Allen array is a waste of money, faith in Riley or Rael is a waste of your spirit, and any kind of expectation that aliens will zhoom out of the sky in a fleet of ships is simply bad science fiction. They don't need ships. They don't need ships. Our bodies are the vessels spirits take on this journey on this particular planet. There's no reason to expect or hope for any alien visitation in primitive spacecraft. Spirit flight is the only way to go .. Colored lights in the sky? I don't have to tell you how powerful minds are.. If a group of minds can create an appearance of the 'virgin Mary' through faith, the real question becomes: what can't we do? Well, I suppose we can't collectively push up a failing spaceship with telekinesis: that's been attempted.. Tho of course, there could have been some group of entities/devices blocking us on the spirit-plane making us think we don't have that power.. That's always a possibility.. The human being may have enormous psychic potential but there may be barriers in place to limit us: much like a speedgovernor on a school bus.. (See the old TV series Tomorrow People if you're curious about this concept.) The more time I spend on the spirit-plane, the more I realize what we call 'mumbo jumbo' / fantasy / or science fiction is actually reality. My proof? I don't have any substantial evidence.. But if you read my article on the war for meaning, our indigo brothers, and more, you will glimpse my 'anecdotal evidence'. Of course, a few of my best friends and family think I'm absolutely bonkers. Only future history will say for sure.. I predict this year will be a turning point for human civilization on Earth. What will happen to stimulate this? 'Aliens' will contact humanity through one or more attuned individuals publicly on international media. The message? We're not alone. In fact, you could take this article as a precursor or preannouncement of 'their' intentions. You will soon receive a call 'from outer space'; the call concerns all human beings on Earth; please wait a moment. The person/people who are the 'receivers' of this message will feel as if they're possessed (in a good way), likely they will feel an overpowering buzzing sensation in their chest, this will be a signal to them something extraordinary is happening,.. They will likely make a youtube video if they have access to the equipment. Or, if they have a contact in the media, they will pursue that and we will see it on international news. Believe me, this will happen this year. In a sense, I'm like John the Baptist announcing the coming of Christ.. But the analogy falters on several counts.. The speakers will likely not be Christians.. They will come from all walks of life.. The choices will appear random but likely be purposeful based on the level of their spirituality. This is probably the most important article I've ever written or will ever write again.. If you question why I've been chosen, read the content linked above with an open heart and look Within.. Love, sam