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Hamilton/Jefferson Commercials

Background: He was born in 1755 in the British West Indies. His dad abandoned his family when he was 10 and his mom died when he was 3. People were so proud of him they sent him to Kings College. George Washington asked him to be an aide in the Revolutionary War. He earned his degree in law and was elected to represent New York. He then became a cabinet member as the Treasurer and left six years later. He died in 1804 in a duel with Aaron Burr. View of Human Nature: He thought negatively on humankind. He thought they were all ignorant, selfish, and untrustworthy. He thought everyones actions were all self-interest. He didnt think they thought of other people, but selfishly. He wanted a small group to be in charge of people. Government: He wanted a powerful central government in a small group that knew what they were doing. He thought if states had power that they were going to begin thinking about self-interest. Also it gave too much power to states and not enough to central government. Economy: He wanted a few to run the government instead of the states to run. He wanted the government to be wealthy. He also wanted a national bank for everyone to get loans from. Other: He was a strong supporter to a strong federal government. The powered should only be put in a few mens hands. He feared that the states would have too much power. He wanted loose construction also. Summary: Hamilton lived the rags to riches life. He started out poor and abandoned and when he grew up he became wealthy and

Background: He was born in 1743 in Virginia. When his father died in 1957 he inherited a lot of property. He became Secretary of State. Then he became Vice President of John Adams. He then became President after John Adams. Before he had become Secretary of State he was a US Minister to France. In 1769 he became the Virginia State Second Legilature.

View of Human Nature: He was a strong believer of common man. He thought people with the right amount of information could make smart decisions. Also with the power of just a few it would be dangerous. They would do stuff in their own benefit. Government: He believed that people could govern themselves. He thought that the power in states hands was better than having the power in the hands of just a few. Also he thought it shouldnt have the power in one central government. Economy: He felt that common man should have the center of power. He thought that people would become prosperous for themselves. He didnt want a national safe. Other: He wanted a strict government and the federal government to have limited power. He was a Republican party leader. He wanted the states to have power and not a small group to have power. Summary: Jefferson grew up being rich but he wanted the states to have power. Ironically he grew up rich but he wanted

free. He wanted the government to be wealthy too with businesses and factories. He wanted a small group to lead the country instead of the states to run.

the common man to be the central government.