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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION LASTOPROOF - HS is a granule surfaced roofing sheet composed of a formulated elastomeric blend of SBS and asphalt compounded with a special fire retardant additive. This blend is applied onto a woven composite fiberglass and polyester reinforcement mat for increased tensile strength. LASTOPROOF - HS has a film underside, for heat welding application, and a granulated top for service as a field cap membrane sheet. This product can be adhered to a variety of properly prepared, clean, dry and primed (where required) substrates using heat weld application methods. RECOMMENDED USES LASTOPROOF - HS can be used as a weather resistant top ply in multiple ply configuration or as a finish cap sheet for base flashing construction. ADVANTAGES & BENEFITS Exceeds ASTM D 6162, Type III, Grade G requirements Weather resistant for long-term protection Contains no asbestos Meets requirements of Factory Mutual Research Corporation Standard 4470 Classified by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. as to an external fire exposure (Pending)

SURFACE PREPARATION The roof surface must be free of dust, dirt or moisture before applying LASTOPROOF - HS Light priming with asphalt primer may be required if any surface weathering has occurred on the previously installed sheets. ROLL DIMENSIONS AND PACKAGING Approximate Nominal Thickness Approximately Roll Coverage Side Lap End Lap Roll Length Roll Width Approximate Roll Weight Rolls per Pallet APPLICATION DETAILS ARS-LASTOPROOF - HS shall be applied free of buckles, wrinkles or voids. Sheet shall be applied over and parallel to the underlying roofing and lapped so that the flow of water is over or parallel to, but never against, the laps. ARS-LASTOPROOF - HS shall be lapped with 3 side laps and 6 end laps. End laps shall be staggered a minimum of 3. Install at hot asphalts EVT. Asphalt temperature should not exceed 475F (246C) at point of application. A maximum mop lead of 5 is recommended. Lightly broom plies from unmopped side to ensure complete adhesion. Tie-in previous days work with a 24 lap. Stagger ends 3 feet minimum. When end laps are in line, cover with a full width of ARS-LASTOPROOF HS. Avoid walking on plies until adhesive has cooled. Install flashings as specified. Embed loose granules into overrun of molten asphalt or adhesive to improve appearance if desired. 140 mils (3.5 mm) 97.5 ft2 (9.1 m2) 3 (76 mm) 6 (152 mm) 33 (10 m) 39 (1 m) 110 lbs. (50 kg) 25


While typically run perpendicular to the slope (parallel to ridge) when installed in hot asphalt, it is recommended that when cold applied adhesive is used, the membrane always be run parallel to the slope (strapping method). On inclines exceeding 1 per foot (regardless of adhesive type), the membrane should be installed running parallel to the direction of the roof slope (strapping method) and insulation stops and backnailing are required. If a black surfacing is specified, backnailing is required on slopes in excess of 12 in 12. Type IV asphalt is recommended for all black mineral surfaced membrane applications or any hot application with a slope of 1 in 12 or more. Flashing: When installed as the surface ply of base flashing, use hot asphalt or asphalt mastic as an adhesive. PHYSICAL PROPERTIES Physical Property per ASTM D 6162, Type III, Grade G Tensile Max Load at 0 + 3.6F lbf/in Elongation at 0 + 3.6F % Tensile Max Load at 73.4 + 3.6F lbf/in Elongation at 73.4 + 3.6F % Tear Strength at 73.4 + 3.6F lbf Low Temperature Flex F max Dimensional Stability % max Compound Stability Temp F Granule Embedment g/max

Md 400 5 300 19 390 -13 <0.5 250 <2.0

XD 450 6 274 17 390 -13 <0.5 250 <2.0

Minimum values before and after heat conditioning. STORAGE LIFE One (1) year from date of shipment when stored in a cool, dry place, preferably indoors. PRECAUTIONS Requires dry storage. All labels and label tapes must be completely removed prior to installation of product. Avoid walking or point loading over the newly installed roofing membrane or during application. Cut into 16 sections maximum and allow to relax before placing into adhesive. Do not reroll. PENDING APPROVALS

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