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Azure Knowledge Corporation

Corporate Overview
Azure Knowledge Corporation is a respected and trusted provider of Research Services, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Services, Customer Interaction Services and IT solutions to Fortune 500 companies and large global enterprises since 2001. With more than 3500 employees across its delivery centers and offices in India, China and USA, Azure serves clients in more than 15 international languages covering 75 countries. Azure caters to its clients across a number of verticals. These include IT, Telecom, Energy & Utilities, Healthcare, Automotive and Transportation, BFSI and Consumer goods. Azure is an ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified company.

Key Highlights:

Among the largest outsourcing providers in western India and China. Serving global clients since 2001. 7 delivery centers and offices across India, China and USA. 3500 employees working 24x7x365. Outsourcing service provider across 75 countries in 15 international languages. ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Certified ISO 27001: BS 7799 Information Security certified Strong IT capabilities resulting in automation and efficiency improvements on processes outsourced

Energy and Utilities Case Studies

Energy and Utilities are industry segments that are extremely important for a countrys development as they constitute the infrastructure in a given country. The Energy and Utilities sector as one has become more competitive than ever in the past few years. The expectation of consumers continues to rise and it is extremely important for major players to monitor and control churn. Despite industry being monopolized by government/public institutions, the need to understand and address consumers requirements has increased. Environmental concerns have pushed organizations and consumers to consider alternate/green/clean energy more seriously. Consequently there is an increase in research conducted within this sector. The extensive experience at Azure in conducting both B2B and B2C research projects in the Energy and Utilities industry sector has enabled us to develop significant domain expertise. Highlights of our experience and the explicit Azure Advantage include the following:

Conducting projects with respondents ranging from household users to authoritative policy makers. Azure Advantage : Target Respondents Global reach with local knowledge is an internal mantra with projects already conducted successfully across several continents. Azure Advantage : Global Geographies Azure conducts more than 10,000 surveys every year in this sector. As a result, we have developed a dedicated team of domain experts in Energy and Utilities; Azure Advantage : Domain Expertise Online, face to face, telephone, in-depth interviews, and focus group discussions combined in a single project or disparately; Azure Advantage : Multiple Methodologies

Some of the studies that we have successful executed are mentioned on the following pages.

Study 1 Major Energy Users

Client A leading UK based consulting firm Business Objective

To measure customer satisfaction of B2B gas buyers of power and gas in Great Britain.

Project specifications 500 telephone interviews across Great Britain Restricted to England, Scotland, and Wales Target owners / decision-makers at companies spending more than 50,000 on gas or electricity Semi-structured interview with a mix of close and open ended questions


Completed with accuracy, within timeline, and within budget Successfully captured revenue categories as well as verbatim responses to open ends This viable and valid set of data presented insights that were well received by the end client in their decision making process.

Study 2 Ecosystem survey

Client One of the fastest growing global research firms. Business Objective To understand and measure business leaders perception on climate change and sustainability. Project specifications

UK and Ireland Companies with revenue more than GBP 500 million Respondents: CXOs with opinion on Clean tech, renewable, green energies and technologies 180 interviews across all industries

Result Azure client was able to measure and understand business leaders opinion on climate change and sustainability. Skillful interviewers at Azure were able to engage business leaders in intensive discussion yielding valuable data for the client.

Study 3 Renewal of Energy

Client A UK based consulting firm which publishes authoritative reports on Energy and Utility sector. Business Objective

To understand UK domestic consumers view and behavior regarding their energy supply for eg, their switching behaviour, fuel price perception and overall customer satisfaction.

Project specifications

5,000 telephone surveys across UK Respondents: Head of household / decision maker for energy consumption and bill payment Project was implemented as a monthly tracker


All waves in the tracker were conducted within timelines and budget Client was extremely impressed with Azures productivity and lives reporting of progress and data; which enabled them to present additional value in their industry reports.