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] A N I ADMITERE PROBA DE LIMB STRIN LIMBA ENGLEZ Choose the best answer: 1 What's the matter? Why .....

.. at me like that? a) do you look b) have you looked c) are you looking d) did you looked 2 A survey indicates that British people .. more and more beer, apparently. a) has been drinking b) are going to drink c) drink d) are drinking 3 I it . on how much it costs, not on how much work it . a) think, depends, involves b) thinking, depends, involves c) think, depending, involves d) think, depends, is involving 4 Of course, the child . more attention, but I .. at the moment. a) is deserving, work b) deserves, am working c) is deserving, am working d) deserves, work 5 Sheila's flight is bound to be late although .. at six. a) it's due b) it arrives c) it's arriving

d) will arrive 6 By June 2009, he . for the firm for twenty years. a) will be working b) has been working c) will have been working d) will be being working 7 Don't worry. I .. there; I . for you outside. a) will be, am waiting 1 / 13 b) 'll be, 'll be waiting c) won't be, wait d) am, am going to wait 8 I know what they . you: nobody listen to you, anyway. a) will tell, are going to b) are going to tell, will c) are to tell, are going d) will be telling, won't 9 Nobody told the girl that the school ... to have a special holiday that Friday. a) decided b) should have decided c) has decided d) had decided 10 When Sue got to the cinema, Jack .. for her. a) was waiting b) had been waiting c) waited d) used to wait 11 Dylan offered me another drink but I decided I ... enough. a) have b) was having c) had had d) would have

12 The housekeeper ... the dog ... its mistress more than once. a) said, attacked b) said, had attacked c) has said, attacked d) was saying, attacked 13 I wonder if Diana ... home yet? She left too late to catch the bus. a) hasn't reached b) didn't reach c) reached d) has reached 14 Harry got that new job, but he ... about it ever since. a) has complained b) has been complaining c) would complain d) is complaining 15 Lately there no improvement in their living conditions. a) is 2 / 13 b) was c) has been d) can be 16 This will be the first time the team in the Premier League. a) are playing b) has played c) played d) is playing 17 All main courses ... with vegetables or salad. That's what is written on the menu. a) are being served b) are to be served c) are going to be served d) are served

18 It has been agreed that no smoking should be allowed. a) 0 b) by everyone c) by someone d) by each one 19 It how the plane caught fire, but passengers say smoke came from an engine. a) is not believed b) is not thought c) is not known d) hadn't been known 20 We decided to have the car serviced the next day. a) It has been decided to have the car serviced the next day. b) The car was decided to be serviced the next day. c) It was decided we would service the car the next day. d) It was decided to have the car serviced the next day. 21 Don't be afraid! If you touch the dog, it . a) wouldn't bite b) won't bite c) shouldn't bite d) doesn't bite 22 If I ... you to marry me, what would you say? a) were to ask b) had asked c) should have asked d) would ask 23 If you more serious about your work, you earn more money. a) were, could 3 / 13 b) are, did c) would be, would d) had been, may 24 She ... the project on time, if she ... it more carefully. a) might finish, had planned

b) can, was planning c) may have finished, had planned d) might have finished, had planned 25 She told me she feels as if an express train her. a) hitted b) had hit c) would hit d) hits 26 Come what , I'll never leave you. a) come b) should c) may d) comes 27 He ordered that she ... immediately. a) leave b) leaves c) has to leave d) is to leave 28 A prefera s nu se uite la televizor cnd doarme copilul. a) I'd rather he doesn't watch television while the child is asleep. b) I'd rather he wouldn't watch television when the child was sleeping. c) I'd rather he didn't watch television while the child is sleeping. d) Id' rather he shouldn't watch television when the child sleeps. 29 The rule is you leave the room before the end of the test, the teacher said. a) don't have to b) should not c) must not d) might 30 It was foolish of you to swim out there. You ! a) might drown

b) must have drowned c) had to drown d) might have drowned 31 I took a sweater but it wasn't necessary. a) I didn't have to take a sweater. 4 / 13 b) I didn't need to be taking a sweater. c) I mustn't have taken a sweater. d) I needn't have taken a sweater. 32 Nimeni n-ar fi de acord s triasc n asemenea condiii. a) Nobody should agree with living in such conditions. b) Nobody would be agreed to living in such conditions. c) Nobody would agree with living in such conditions. d) Nobody may be agreed on living in such conditions. 33 had we come to office, than the Stock Market crashed. a) Under no circumstances b) Seldom c) Not only d) No sooner 34 Printed notice: "Under no ... is this control panel to be left unattended". a) cause b) condition c) circumstances d) time 35 There were ... tickets left whatsoever so I gave up the idea. a) 0 b) none c) no d) any 36 Hardly the phone started ringing. a) did John arrive than b) had John got home as c) had John entered the room when

d) has John started reading when 37 The government has announced that pensions a) would be raising b) would raise c) would be raised d) will be raised 38 "You monster!" a) she screamed. b) screamed she. c) screamed her. d) screaming. 39 'I get up every morning at seven o'clock,' Jeremy said. a) Jeremy said I get up every morning at seven o'clock. 5 / 13 b) Jeremy said he had got up every morning at seven o'clock. c) Jeremy said he got up every morning at seven o'clock. d) Jeremy said I got up every morning at seven o'clock. 40 They said, 'We've lived here for a long time.' a) They said they have lived here for a long time. b) They said they had lived here for a long time. c) They said they lived there for along time. d) They said they had lived there for a long time. 41 They promised to pay us within six months, they? a) haven't b) don't c) wouldn't d) didn't 42 I'm late, I? a) am not b) aren't c) don't d) am 43 It's hardly rained at all this summer, it? a) haven't

b) hasn't c) has d) isn't 44 She needs to take a vacation, ? a) doesn't she b) needs she not c) needn't she d) isn't it 45 George and I had ...... to meet at 6.00 but he didn't show up. a) appeared b) arranged c) dared d) looked forward 46 You say you have a splitting headache, but have you tried ... a pain killer? a) to take b) taking c) to have taken d) to be taking 47 His son continued until he fell .. a) to cry, sleeping 6 / 13 b) crying, to sleep c) to cry, asleep d) crying, to sleeping 48 Although he was used early, he tended in bed for a couple of minutes. a) to get up, to stay b) to getting up, staying c) to get up, to be staying d) to getting up, to stay 49 The country's economy depends a large extent on the tourist industry. a) on b) at

c) to d) in 50 Have you read the article Time magazine ...Google? a) on, at b) to, on c) in, on d) from, on 51 I stayed ... the Hilton hotel ... my stay in Bucharest. a) in, to b) to, while c) at, while d) at, during 52 She was very disappointed ... her new car. a) over b) for c) of d) with 53 The attack was successfully carried a) out b) up c) away d) at 54 Whenever you come to our city, please drop a) in b) out c) off d) at 55 His false identity papers gave him a) away 7 / 13 b) over c) off d) out 56 A man was there to see our luggage, so there was nothing to worry . a) about, about

b) after, over c) to, about d) to, for 57 Why are you so ... to other people's problems? a) unsensitive b) insensitive c) nonsensitive d) dissensitive 58 Although he hasn't developed ... to deal with the more difficult cases, he seems to have no serious ... in this area so he is likely to win . a) the competition- competition- the competence b) the competence- competitors- the competition c) complexity- competence- competitors d) competing- competitive- the competition 59 Wind ...... are often the ..... factor in the design of large roof structures. a) deffects, driven b) effects, driving c) affects, drive in d) defects, drove in 60 Where authority is unstable, ... crisis is ....... a) an economical, inavoidable b) economical, unavoidable c) economic, unavoidable d) economically, inevitably 61 Although she was dying to open the present, she exercised some a) restraint b) frustration c) control d) authority 62 Sociologists usually study simple societies because the number of is limited. a) varieties

b) variants c) variations d) variables 63 After her husband's death she decided to sell the house, lock, stock and a) key 8 / 13 b) trigger c) cock d) barrel 64 She suffered a significant ... of hearing after the operation. a) lost b) less c) lose d) loss 65 Shush! Don't wake the baby. a) sleepy b) sleeping c) asleep d) asleeping 66 There are ... unemployed than ever before. a) most b) as c) more d) not more 67 I really think he's than stupid. a) more lazy b) lazier c) much lazy d) as lazy 68 companies can afford to purchase equipment. a) Major software European, sophisticated expensive b) European major software, sophisticated expensive, c) Software major European, expensively sophisticated

d) Major European software, expensive sophisticated 69 I agree with what you're saying, but I'm not sure about your second point. a) However b) On the whole, c) Hence d) In the contrary 70 "Did you pay him?" "I forgot, . I'll do it now." a) to make matters worse b) as a result c) having said that d) to be honest 71 Ive been trying to reach you to let you know he was imprisoned a) at home several times- in the Tower in 1689 9 / 13 b) several times at home- in 1689 in the Tower c) at home several times- in 1689 in the Tower d) several times at home- in the Tower in 1689 72 This country has always been a) backward economically b) economy backward c) economically backward d) economically backwards 73 That policeman is a friend a) of mine b) of me c) of my d) to mine 74 He watched each gesture of as if she was a stranger. a) her b) hers c) she d) she's 75 She's lost nearly friend she had.

a) some b) other c) another d) each 76 ..., if I may ask, are you engaged to be married? a) With who b) To whom c) Who to d) Which 77 The powdery dust in a cloud around him. a) raised b) risen c) rose d) rised 78 They eventually the boat because it them too much to maintain. a) reselled, costed b) resold, cost c) resolded, cost d) reseld, costed 79 As soon as the clock two, the ghost silently behind the red curtain. a) stroke, slidded 10 / 13 b) stroke, slid c) strike, slode d) struck, slid 80 They the children and ... them to an unknown location. a) had kidnaped, took b) have kidnapped, taken c) kidnapped, taken d) kidnapped, taking 81 He is married to a singer of you may have heard. a) that b) which

c) who d) whom 82 The hall was crowded we could hardly squeeze in the room. a) too -that b) so - as c) so - that d) so very- so that 83 Jerry i cu mine vom da o petrecere sptmna viitoare nainte s vin soacr-mea acas. a) Jerry and I are throwing a party next week before my mother-in-law returns. b) Jerry and I am throwing a party before my mother-in-law come in next week. c) Me and Jerry are throwing a party next week before my mother-in-law's coming. d) Jerry and me will throw a party before my mother-in-law will come home next week. 84 Nu scoseser o vorb de cnd plecaser de la petrecere. a) They haven't had a word since they left the party. b) They had not spoken a word since leaving the party. c) They didn't spoke a word since they had left the party. d) Since they having left the party, they hadn't spoken a word. 85 The soldiers were gone, and the barracks sad and lonely. a) was b) were c) is d) are 86 She's staying at hotel in small town in Moldavia. a) a, the b) 0, a c) the, a

d) a, a 87 i oprea pe trectori i le spunea c societatea nu se ocup de nevoile btrnilor. a) He stopped the passer-bys and told them society doesn't care about the elder. 11 / 13 b) He stopped the passers-by and told them society didn't cater for the needs of the elderly. c) He stopped the passers telling them the society doesn't take care of the old. d) He stopped the by-passers telling them the society won't care about old people. 88 She bought Ferrari I was telling you about last week. a) a , the b) the, the c) a, 0 d) the, 0 89 Dont touch that wire! It's a) living b) lively c) live d) alive 90 I told you not to write your answers in pencil, John! a) thoroughly b) considerably c) specifically d) respectively 91 Jennifer watched ... He was patting . a) her friend's reaction - the dog's head b) the reaction of her friend - head of the dog c) the reaction of her friend's - dog's head d) friend's reaction - the dog's head 92 Poate c rspunsul profesorului James nu e acceptabil. a) Professor James's answer may be unacceptable.

b) Professor's James answer may be unacceptable. c) The answer of Professors James may be unacceptable. d) The Professor's James' answer may be unacceptable. 93 Jackie is a trainer, coach, director and driver a) one at a time b) one by one c) all in one d) one-way 94 With the end of childhood and the onset of , young people experience profound changes. a) teenager b) youth c) teenage d) adolescence 95 Please accept my apologies for any caused to you by the late delivery of the goods. a) inconvenient 12 / 13 b) inconvenience c) unconviniency d) disconvenience 96 A lot of these chemicals are potentially very ... to the environment. a) harmless b) hurtful c) harmful d) harming 97 They to this suburb in 1993, and they in this house up until now. a) moved, has lived b) have moved, have lived c) moved, have lived d) moved, lived 98 I ... in Italy for 5 years. I work as soon as I arrived. a) have worked, began

b) am working, have begun c) have been working, was begun d) worked, have begun 99 I can't believe that you ... ten cakes already! I this morning! a) ate, only baked them b) have eaten, only have baked them c) have been eating, have baked them only d) have eaten, only baked them 100 How long this car? And any yet? a) did you sell, did you sell b) have you been selling, have you sold c) have you sold, have you sold d) had you sold, did you sell 13 / 13