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The Fifth Annual

Emmaus Conference
History and Prospects of Lutheran Free Conferences

February 9- lo, zolz

Parkland Lutheran Church and School



free conference" model of the Bethan Reformation Lectures held THE October in Mankato, MN. Be gun 2008 the conference is Intended CONFERENCE share information on a selected topic gf interest to confessional Lutheranism in a setting outside the realm Each presenter, each reactor and of church fellowship. each commenting from the floor is to be viewed individual as representing only the person himself. The conference is not to be

is an annual lecture series based "

viewed as having any official status of formal doctrinal discussionsbetween church bodies. It is the sincere desire of the Qrganizing members of the board of The Emmaus Conference that someday this conference may contribute in at least a small salutary way to the establishment of such official free conferences among confessional Lutheran church bodies in America.
The Emmaus Conference Guidelines As this is being called a Lutheran free conference, each of the speakers and reactors will be chosen from among those pastors, and teachers who subscribe unconditionally professors to the Lutheran Confessions because (quia) they are in agreement with the Holy Scriptures. This will allow a discussion - not of whether or not the Bible IS Gods Word, but - of the various doctrines taught BY God s Word as expressed in the Confessions. There will therefore be a common foundation for the presentations and reactions which will make the ensuing discussion fruitful and truly a righteous endeavor. Therefore the promotion of false
ideas and practices by the presenters

doctrine and non- Christian

will not be allowed.

The purpose of this conference is not to air or resolve all the differences that exist between individuals and synods - we will leave the intent to God and His desires. Rather it is for an open discussion based upon the Holy Word of God as it has been confessed by the historic Lutheran Church to seek agreement where it may currently be found to the end that we will seek unity under the Holy Spirit in the bond of peace (Ephesians 4,3).

The Emmaus Conference Fbl\ 9- lg, 1012




The Reverend Presidm;

Matthew C. Harrison The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod

The Reverend President

John Moldstadjr Evangelical Lutheran Synod The Reverend President Mark Schroeder Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod

lecture oHost Lunch ,.Lccturcz

Reaction . Break Reaction z Discussion Social Hou r



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