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P. O. Box - Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia Mobile: +966 503843761 E-mail: Personal Profile Im Innovation person with exposure of 14 years experience in sales & marketing through FMCG industry. Challenge to meet the personal and company objectives through focusing, planning, executing strategic plans. Im challenging the role to reach the highest performance through the opportunity available. Handling multi-millions of dollars through the sectors I had managed in the companies worked for. Professional Experience P&G (Gillette) Current) Key Account Manager (KSA Al Khobar) (Jan 09

Job Description: Managing the sales and key account budget in terms of planning promotional activities and obtaining approvals for sales spends and promotions. Create shipments and IMS plan to ensure that executions happen.

Develop effective relationship with customer decision makers in order to achieve excellent business results (achieve annual & monthly company targets in terms of sales, coverage, and distribution) (set the monthly targets by channel by area by salesman & customer according to the annual and monthly objectives). Understand and improve customer work processes to deliver sales fundamentals (coverage, distributioon, presence & volume) Evaluate, monitor & improve in-store visibility and market availability. Meet brand, category range objectives, create a positive consumer value impression for all brands through using the potentials POSM and the needed tools. Develop and implement efficiency coverage plan for section managers & merchandiser to meet the plans objectives. Manage day to day business (volume, forecasting, deductions, prices changes & administration issues) (insure the commitment of the sales force to deliver their objectives). Develop personal capability and coaching others in the field to drive the business results and build organization objectives. Develop joint business plan and create strong relationships with the customers. Sell new items initiatives to meet and exceed company objectives (Displays, features, promotions & price objectives). Ongoing follow up to ensure receivables, aging & days credit per customer. Implement the monthly trade offers based on market demands.

Achievements: Ps: Achievements on the meeting one to one. Al Wefag Job Description: Regional Sales Manager (KSA- Jeddah) (Jan 08 Dec 08)

Sales , looking for achieving the TGT of the year through the breakdown of the target by the category , items ,area and salesman according to the agenda of the promotions ,activities listing of the new products and the new head count. [Type text]

Visibility, working so hard for implementing the annual contract on the primary placement and regular shelf according to the market share of the products and to exceed that. Implement monthly activities and the promotions on the secondary placement in the stores. Insure that the products in the correct place in the correct category with the correct price (4 Ps). Listing, insure that new items be available in the stores as fast as possible to not lose sales and to activate them in all market for every month. Payment, insure that the credit due days in the market is according to the company policy.

Developing, area, customers & stuff through monitoring the performance of each to reach the points of development. Planning split the annual TGT through the months, customer and salesmen. Negotiation, confining the customers through win - win situation. Achievements: Leading team of I unite manager, 2 sales supervisors, 8 credits, 8 vans, 19 merchandisers and 2 administrator.

Sales, achieving TGT of 60 mill / Riyal with growth of 28% vs. last year. Achieving, TGT of the categories according to the contract. Distribution, insure that the max of the skus is active through each month in all outlets. Director of Sales (Jan 07 Jan 08)

DAMAC Properties Job Description:

Managing a sales force consists of 12 Sales Person, 2 Business Development Manager, and 2 Sales Admin. Ensure that everyone will meet the company objectives through achieving TGT of the month. Looking to present and prepare for the sales tools. Follow up with the head office in Dubai for the new projects. Responsible for the contract of unites. Follow up with the clients for after sales requires. Recruit sales stuff which is eligible for the post and to present the company. Following with the agents for advertise media and for the campaigns in the area and outside the area. Search for the plots which are helping the company to increase the sales and to raise the company profile.

RECKITT BENCKISER Area Sales Manager, Unit Manager (KSA Eastern) (Jan 02 Jan 07) Job Description:

Leading, 2 sales super visor, 4 credit salesmen, 4 van salesmen & 4 merchandisers. Managing, through the proper ways, increases the efficiency through (coverage, productivity & distribution &..) Planning, break down for targets according to the growth required by area, channel, customer and salesman. Negotiate, annual contract with the key customer for the area to get the win win situation. [Type text]

Coverage, insure that everyone of the team stuck with his plan (routes) to insure that the call gave us the required impact.

4Ps, insure that execution of those is implemented in the market according to the company policy (products, presence, price, Plano gram, promotions & people). Development, insure that development plan for the areas and customers are implemented according to the plan. Achievements Achieving, reaching the max performance in the team through using the tools available. Growth, 35% as growth index VS. Last year.

Productivity, increase it with 25% vs. the previous year (regular & promotion order). Expanding, sales force, route plans & new products. Listing, increase the speed of the listing in the market with 25%. Performance, through the tracker (KPIS), was raising the spirit of the team work. (April 1995 Dec

HENKEL 2002)

Sales Supervisor, Section Manager Egypt Cairo

Job description Supervisor for distributor (van) team, 6 vans and 2 key vans through the proper ways and on daily basis. Route plan, insure that the team working according to the plan and stick for it. Insure that everyone of the team is working according to steps of the call. Productivity, distribution & visibility are the daily working to insure that there is progress happen for the area. Collection, minimizing the credit limit in the market. Achievements Education:

Achieving the sales target with growth of 25% vs. the previous year. Expanding the sales force with 10% which allocated in the area with new routes. Execution, speed to the market as much as possible (within the first week).

1990- 1994 Bachelor Degree in commerce from AIN SHAMS University Cairo, Egypt. SALES & MARKETING MBA (on process). Languages: Arabic: good read, spoken, written English: good read, spoken, written Training programs Selling steps (call steps) HENKEL Negotiations skills HENKEL Meeting skills HENKEL Train the Trainers RECKITT BENKISER Time Management Mars Academy Coaching P&G Motivation P&G Situational Leader Ship P&G Financial Statements P&G Computer Skills: Familiar with Microsoft Office applications (MS-Excel, MS-Word, MS-Power Point) Personal Details [Type text]

Date of Birth Nationality

: 26 July 1972 : Egyptian

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