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Name _________________________ Date ______________ Third Grade Spelling List 22nd Week Sounds of wu , wa ,oo Suffixes- added

at the end of a word.

Spelling Strategies
Say a word correctly. Think about what the word looks. Look for small words in spelling words. Dont leave out or mispronounce sounds. Write the sounds in the correct order. Think about how the spelling pattern looks. Write it, look at it, and decide if it looks correct. Spin-pin, in Cupcake- cup, cake

Choose 4 activities and complete by Friday: Circle Add pts. 1. Words Within Words see if you can identify smaller words in your spelling words. E.g. justice has the word ice in it. 25 2. Consonant Circle, Circle all of the consonants in your words 25 3. Design a code and write any 10 words in the code. Ask a friend to 'crack the code'. 25 4. Dictate the sentences to prepare for Fridays test 25 5. Dictionary use a dictionary to answer the following questions for 25 Ten Words. How many different meanings does your word have? Look up the words and write meanings for each word. Dictation Sentences What part of speech is your word? 1. Farmer Brown takes care Name the guide words and page numbers of her large horse every 6. Draw a picture and hide the words in the picture 25 morning. 7. Flash Cards Make cards for each word and use them for studying. 25 2. 2. Arent you going 8. Mini Comic Book. Illustrate & write 10 spelling words 25 to read the warning 9. Practice-Test Take a practice test with a family member or friend. 25 on the chart? 3. 3. My partner had a 10. Rhyming Word Choose 10 words. Find a rhyming word for each word. hard trip to the E. G. cries tries, fries, pies 25 North Country. 11. Scramble the first 15 spelling words. Ask a friend to unscramble suffix the words. 25 prefix 12 Syllables Divide all words into syllables. 25 passage 13. Vowel Circle write each word & circle the vowels (a, e, i, o, u). 25 explain 14. Writing Use as many of the spelling words, and other word forms statement as you write a story. Proofread your spelling. 25 main 15. Writing Trace the words in cursive ( 25 mostly 16. Word Sort Arrange your words into word families or patterns. 25 according 17. Word Search Mix up words on the page and add letters to fill up WOW the squares. Exchange word searches and circle the words listed Elizabeth and circle the words that are listed. 25 Peratrovich 18. Write or Type (using home row) each word ten times. 25 19. WOW word of the week activity. 25 20. My Creative Work-Out (Description). ________________ 25 Username: sharonleaskbrooks A = 100-90 Password: 3rd_grade B = 89-80 DO Over =Below 70 points C = 79-70 My points for this week _______

-less, ful arent partner hard chart farm start large more before horse north morning care stare warning

Pretest: Monday in class, students rewrite each missed spelling word and bring home the quiz with a spelling contract. Remember to practice your Missing words. Ask a friend or relative to read you work to make sure that all words are correct and sentences make sense. Each spelling word must be underlined each time it appears.