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Sean Gray

Professional Statement

As I have learned in my short period of studying adolescence education, it is not only important, but necessary for everyone to have a narrative in which they believe in. As an American citizen and future teacher, I believe heavily in the American Creed that includes the story of our founding along with our various patriotic symbols and our basic rights as stated by the Unites States Constitution. The idea of a liberal democracy in which there is equal opportunity for all is what unites us all as Americans. This narrative provides a picture of our American culture and history. This narrative is particularly special for the fact that the inclusion of multiple narratives of different cultures is not seen as a challenge to our American Creed, but rather a necessary aspect. This cultural pluralism is something I believe in strongly, for it does not exclude anyone, regardless of race, class, or gender. Even though in this capitalist society in which we live, the system has proven to benefit those of the upper class, and hurt those of the lower and working class, I believe the ideals imbedded by our founding fathers can lead us into a future of more equal opportunity. Another narrative I rely heavily on, being a future Mathematics teacher, is the narrative of Inductive Science. This narrative has come to be generally accepted, and has shaped the technological world in which we are immersed. The negative aspects of this narrative as stated in The Necessity of Gods article are the lack of moral teachings, and the idea that our life on this planet is a mere accident. I believe these two negative aspects can be counteracted through the development of a sense of community in students. If people care for the people around them, they will feel a moral

obligation towards them. Also, this sense of community would add purpose to peoples lives, and life would not seem so meaningless, as science might conclude it to be. Of course as a future math teacher, my main purpose is one in which I pass on critical thinking and problem solving skills. These skills play a role in the narrative of Inductive Science very heavily. All of our technology is based around the complex mathematics we have been building throughout our human history. The world we are immersed in becomes more mathematical each day, and for that reason, I am obliged to pass on the knowledge that it takes for one to find some understanding in this advanced society we have come into. Being able to apply logic and critical thinking are crucial components in this sense. Public schools should create a public of competent and caring citizens. The public schools obligation is too teach students the ways in which our society and our world as a whole works, and therefore prepare them to enter it. This sense of obligation to prepare students for our ever-changing world is shown in the various mission statements that public schools display. My purposes are public in that I believe strongly in the importance of a sense of community. I intend to instill ideals of honesty, discipline, and care for others as well as for ones self. This I will do mostly in the way of leading by example. Being a public school teacher makes me a public figure for the entire community. In this sense I intend to be a respectful honest and hard worker. I look forward to being able to be a role model for students as well as a friend, while still being able to maintain a professional relationship with them as well as the rest of the community. If I succeed in instilling a sense of the importance of a community in my

students, then they will be prepared to enter a community as a moral hard working citizen one day. I do not think I have the right to teach values and perspectives that contradict those of a family or the community. I believe that my teaching should be completely non-bias, or as non-bias as possible. I think that it is important for children to come into their own values and beliefs, as they are in a time period of their life where that is exactly what they are trying to do. Adolescents are in search of their identity, and I believe it is important that I do not push anyone towards one way or another, but rather present the information that is out there and allow them to interpret it as they see it. I do not think that people are inherently evil, thus I think that presented with non-bias objective information, the proper answers will be presented to themselves by themselves. If I am impartial with my teaching, and simply state the truth, while modeling preferred behavior, I think I can avoid passing along contradicting views to my students, and thus avoid any tension with the community, while still allowing students to come into their own identity by their own means.