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S. No. Recommendation Comments of Council and Action Taken by AICRP Agreed. ICAR institutes are also taking initiatives to develop such linkages with academic institutions.







Research and education are synergistic. All such Institutes may collaborate with some local University or educational institute to participate in education and research. As an example to this point, CFTRI is now offering MSc and PhD degrees to the students in collaboration with Mysore University. In this way they produce excellent research work as well as best trained manpower for the food industry. QRT would like to recommend this model for the ICAR institutions. SAUs have teaching as the main mandate. As long as research staff of the PHT remains attached with the teaching, he is involved in getting students for research. The research of the project is carried out with the help of these students and scholars. This will lead to timely completion of the project and will add to the quality of research as the researcher has to qualify for a degree at the end of the project The PHT Centre may conduct the research on contract by hiring research scholars / postgraduates for limited period. This may require higher allocation of funds under recurring head of the centre. The responsibility of completion of the project should remain with the concerned research staff till its adoption by the end users and commercialization. In some centres originally started in the fifth plan, the Research Engineer is junior to the other staff. To resolve this, we propose that the responsibility of the Centre should lie with the senior most research staff in the project. IIT, Kharagpur has a strong program of teaching and research, and the PHT Centre was established since inception of the AICRP on PHT. At present all the research staff have now been absorbed in the main stream of the Institute. Research projects of the PHT centre may be done as time bound student/scholar project or through contract research for which man power is abundantly available in the Institute. The senior-most staff of the erstwhile PHT project should have the responsibility of running the ICAR project. This policy may as well apply to the running of the project at the AMU, if necessary, although AMU is a new centre and still has lesser constraints except for filling up of posts in the project.

Agreed. Centres have taken note of the suggestion. Centres with academic facility are already following subject to approval of the project in CCM. Not agreed at present since a uniform view for all AICRPs would be needed.

Not agreed. Unlike academic department, this is a professional team constituted to deliver a problem based output. Agreed. The possibility of a different model is under active consideration with provision of contractual scientific staff.

Agreed. Provision of Contractual scientific human resource for complementing the inhouse human resource is being tried.









ICAR may change the funding pattern to provide Agreed. more grant under recurring contingency. Recurring contingency has been enhanced as per actual need and provided during the XI Plan period. The AICRP on PHT is presently running at 33 Agreed. centres in 14 agro-climatic zones across the country. Out of which 3 centres working on meat processing 2 Appropriate strengthening on fish processing and 2 on milk and milk product has already been done and processing. It is proposed to have few more new four new centres have been centers for animal origin foods and their products. approved during 11th Plan including one on fish and one on meat. Monitoring the progress and coordination of all these Agreed. centres becomes difficult. Further, large number of vacant positions in the Coordinating Cell makes this EFC propasal for 3 task more difficult. Assistant Coordinators For effective monitoring and control of R&D it is (Food grains, Horticultural suggested that at least 8 assistant coordinators at crops and Livestock the level of research engineer should be deployed produce) was not accepted. under the PC in the areas of (1) Food grains (2) An alternative mechanism of Horticultural produce (3) Cash crops (4) Jaggery and Sectoral PIs from amongst Khandsari (5) Livestock products and (6) Milk and the Research Engineers of milk products. the cooperating centres has been implemented. A good project selection and formulation is half the Agreed. work done. Therefore it is suggested that an effective protocol for research project selection may be The process of project designed and implemented as soon as possible. selection and formulation has been made further purposive and focused during XI Plan. Applied market driven projects should get preference Agreed. over investigative research projects. Need-based projects are being identified with the help of Sectoral PIs and approved in CCM in XI Plan. Traditional Indian foods are becoming popular in the Agreed. whole world. Technologies for small / medium / large scale entrepreneurs / farmers should be developed. Suggestion has been noted Even if MNCs take up the technologies, it will still and is being complied. benefit the farmers. The performance of each ongoing research projects Agreed. should be reviewed through quarterly progress reports submitted by the centres. The Suggestion has been noted comments/remarks on the projects by the and is being complied. coordinating cell be discussed in the Annual Workshop. A research project may be allowed to continue for a Agreed. maximum period of 3 years. The non-performing projects should then be discontinued. Suggestion has been noted and is being complied.










There should be provision to reward good scientists Agreed. for quality research in time. Suggestion has been noted for compliance. Scientists should be encouraged to patent the Agreed. innovative technologies/ machines/ software/hardware etc. through ICAR. Separate This is being encouraged. budget for patenting fee etc. maybe provided by the About 8 patent applications ICAR. have been filed during XI Plan by the AICRP on PHT centres The scientists may be encouraged to publish the Agreed. research findings in good refereed national and international journals and adequate appreciation be Scientists are advised and given to the scientist. encouraged to publish articles in reputed journals. The benefit of APCs should be given to the farmers Agreed. and SHGs rather than keeping them with the universities / ICAR Institutes. The efforts have been intensified to establish APCs for farmers and SHG. More than 40 APCs have been established during 2005-20011. Almost all centres have tested prototypes of other Agreed. centres under feasibility studies and adaptive trials. (i) The original inventors should be acknowledged. Suggestion has been noted (ii) Sole purpose should be to popularize the and is being complied. technologies in the respective regions. Most of the technology should be transferred to the Agreed. actual users/industry after it is tested by a team consisting of 3 research engineers. Technologies are tested by the RE and and engineer(s) at the developing centre and subsequently by Research Engineers of other centres for feasibility prior to adoption. An industrial park on successful post harvest Not agreed due to space technologies be developed / created at CIPHET, constraint at CIPHET. Ludhiana However, the PHTs work may be considered to be exhibited in print and electronic forms. Effort should be made to fill all sanctioned posts in Agreed. the projects. However, if some posts cannot be filled, the Centre may be allowed to complete the projects Action is being taken as per within time through contract research. existing rules. The centres should submit their list of equipment and Agreed. other non-recurring expenses along with the project proposals. This may be reviewed by the referees This is being followed. The along with the project proposal. The budget may be NRC list and budget was finalized by the Coordinator based on the comments formulated in consultation of the referees and the position of the fund utilization with RE/PI of centres at the

of the previous years.





beginning of the XI Plan. Within the Plan, in many cases the approved NRC has also been revised for those centres expressing its need with justification. The rating given to different centres be Agreed. communicated to the centres and appropriate action be taken for the non-performing individual centres. The ratings given by QRT have been communicated to the respective centres, for information and with the advice to further improve their performance, and demonstrate the same during the XI Plan period. Additional financial support and manpower may be Agreed. provided to the Centres under best performing category. Enhanced budget and financial support is being provided to performing centres. Below Average Centres may be warned by the ICAR Agreed. that if their performance remains below average for two consecutive plan periods, they will be closed by It has been communicated the ICAR. to competent authority and the RE/PI of the centre to demonstrate improvements during XI plan itself. The Centre at CAZRI Jodhpur may be closed. Agreed in principle. It is effected for complete closure by the end of 11th plan. The same has been communicated to competent authority of the centre.