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Your reasons for wishing to continue your education at Queens University of Charlotte. Any recognitions you have received, personal affiliations, and achievements. Activities and organizations in which you have participated. Other aspects of your life (hobbies, talents, or experiences).

Responses should be at least 1000 characters (approximately 3-4 paragraphs). Please pay due attention to punctuation and grammar.

During my service of nine years in the U.S. Navy as a submarine sailor, it became clear that I wanted to further my education. In between duty stations, I started taking a few courses and discovered a spark from within that I didn t know existed. While I was growing up, education was never a priority for my family. My father passed when I was only 12 years old. Moving from address to address and staying just above financial devastation took up the majority of my high years. I needed to work and assist in anyway possible. So when I got the chance, I used the military as a springboard out of that life. In the military, I learned many new things. I was aware of the educational opportunities, but I was not mature enough to recognize the value of getting an education. Now 40 years old, I can now see a glimmer of hope as the light at the end of the tunnel starts to shine. I have been able to accomplish my associate s degree, and I am now continuing to work towards the fulfillment of a bachelor s degree in Organizational Communication. Since receiving a medical discharge from the Navy and being limited in employment opportunities, I have worked in the real estate industry and have created some success. Demonstrating leadership and commitment to community, I have received the Rising Star Award, been named REALTOR of the YEAR, been chosen for the NC REALTOR Association Leadership program, and currently teach continuing education and national designation classes across the county. I have also participated and held several leadership positions in Rotary, Habitat for Humanity and Civil Air Patrol. While I have been able to make great strides since high school, there is still something missing from my life! That something is the completion of a bachelor s degree. I am the only one in my family to ever attend college and will be the first complete a bachelor s degree. While I did not have good educational role models, my father never completed elementary school and my mother dropped out of high school, I desire to finish this degree so I can be a good role model for my 3 daughters, age 7 and 4 year twins. Queens University has an outstanding academic reputation, offering a nationally accredited education that has placed them among the top in the county. With a 12:1 student/faculty ration Queens University allows for the intimate learning environment that I desire and need. Following in the Presbyterian roots, it has maintained beliefs and values by upholding the motto Not to be served, but to serve , which follows the same axiom that I have used in my life for years as a Servant Leader .