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2 7t h A N N U A L

S U M M E R 2 0 0 5

Postharvest Technology Short Course

In cooperation with UC Davis Extension

A short course designed to showcase principles and technological procedures for handling fresh horticultural crops

partnering with United Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Association AND International Fresh-cut Produce Association

J U N E 20- JULY 1, 2 0 0 5

Postharvest Technology Short Course

Housing and meals

Week 1: LecturesUC Davis Campus

Fee and enrollment deadlines

For the two-week course (June 20-July 1), the fee is $1,200 and includes lectures, instructional materials, some meals and field trip transportation. Enroll in section number 051OTH800 by June 1, 2005, unless the course fills prior to this date. Early enrollment is encouraged. For the one-week lecture-only course (June 20-24), the fee is $800 and includes lectures, instructional materials and one dinner. Enroll in section number 051OTH801 by June 1, 2005, unless the course fills prior to this date. Early enrollment is encouraged. If your plans change: Refunds, less a $100 processing fee, will be granted if requested at least two weeks prior to the course. At that time, you can also discuss transferring your enrollment to another program or sending a substitute. UC Davis Extension reserves the right to discontinue, postpone or combine classes, and to change instructors. Every effort will be made to notify enrollees of any changes or cancellations.

his special two-week course provides intensive study of current technological procedures used for handling fruits, nuts, vegetables and ornamentals in California. It is designed for research and extension workers, quality control personnel and other professionals interested in current advances in postharvest technology of horticultural crops. The lecture and field trip section is limited to 55 participants, and the lecture-only section is limited to 25 participants. Enrollment will be handled on a first-come, firstenrolled basis.

The first week (five days) of the course is spent on intensive lectures and discussions at the University of California, Davis, followed by a second week (five days) field trip to selected packinghouses, cooling and storage facilities, produce distribution centers, modified atmosphere facilities for transit and storage, and transportation terminals in California.

James Adaskaveg, Department of Plant Pathology, UC Riverside (pathology) Mary Lu Arpaia, Department of Botany and Plant Science, UC Riverside (fruits) Diane Beckles, Department of Plant Sciences, UC Davis (biotechnology) Marita Cantwell, Department of Plant Sciences, UC Davis (vegetables) Roberta Cook, Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, UC Davis (marketing) Carlos H. Crisosto, Department of Plant Sciences, UC Davis (fruits) James Gorny, International Fresh-cut Produce Association, Davis, California (fresh-cut) Linda Harris, Department of Food Science and Technology, UC Davis (food safety) Kentaro Inoue, Department of Plant Sciences, UC Davis (biotechnology) Adel A. Kader, Department of Plant Sciences, UC Davis (fruits) John Labavitch, Department of Plant Sciences, UC Davis (physiology) Elizabeth J. Mitcham, Department of Plant Sciences, UC Davis (fruits) Jeff Mitchell, Department of Plant Sciences, UC Davis (vegetables) Michael Reid, Department of Plant Sciences, UC Davis (ornamentals) Trevor Suslow, Department of Plant Sciences, UC Davis (vegetables, food safety) James F. Thompson, Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering, UC Davis (cooling, storage)

Participants are responsible for their own housing (reservations and payment) during the first week of the course. Starting Sunday, June 19, 2005, campus housing is available in dormitories. The lodging options are June 19-25 (6 nights) for $479 or June 19-27 (8 nights) for $639, and includes three meals, single occupancy room and a shared bathroom. Space is guaranteed to be available only until June 6, 2005, or on a space-available basis. The city of Davis has a fine selection of hotels and motels as well. Upon enrollment, you will be sent additional program information, a reservation form for the dormitories and a motel listing. If you require this information prior to enrolling, please call (530) 757-8899. Since this will be a particularly busy summer in Davis, we encourage you to reserve your accommodations as early as possible.
Week 2: Field Trips


an overview of postharvest biology of horticultural crops harvesting systems, maturity and maturity indices, quality and safety factors preparation for market, packinghouse facilities and equipment, packaging, containers, unitization, cull utilization cooling prior to shipment: methods, evaluation of efficiency storage: methods, facilities, equipment, management of environmental conditions including controlled atmospheres ethylene: treatments, exclusion and removal transport: systems, loading patterns, environmental control, use of modified atmospheres sanitation and other procedures related to decay and insect control standardization and inspection, quality evaluation and control energy use in postharvest technology procedures harvesting and postharvest handling systems for various commodity groups marketing fresh produce: socioeconomic and environmental considerations

Airport Information
The closet airport to Davis is Sacramento International. San Francisco and Oakland also have airports. The field trip ends in Oakland, so if you are enrolled in the twoweek course you will have the opportunity to be dropped off at Oakland International or San Francisco International Airport. Those who choose to fly in and out of Sacramento International Airport will be returned to Davis at the end of the field trip.

Participants need to submit payment for the field trip lodging (June 27-30) along with the enrollment fee in order to be enrolled in the course. Hotel payment is nonrefundable after May 27, 2005. Please indicate your accommodation preference on the enrollment form. NOTE: Your room preference must be the same for all four nights. June 27: June 28: June 29: June 30: Visalia Visalia Salinas San Francisco

FOR MORE INFORMATION Any questions about reservations, housing or other travel arrangements should be directed to Sharon Munowitch at (530) 757-8899, fax (530) 757-8634. Further information about course content is available from Dr. Michael Reid (530) 754-6751, or Dr. Marita Cantwell (530) 752-7305,

Field trip itinerary

Monday Davis - Sacramento - Merced Visalia Tuesday Bakersfield - Delano - Visalia Wednesday Visalia - Parlier - Salinas Thursday Salinas - Watsonville - San Francisco Friday San Francisco - Oakland - Davis

Not printed at state expense. UC Davis Extension is a self-supporting, nonprofit organization supported by course fees, grants and contracts. Tax deductibility of education expenses Expenses of educationincluding registration fees, travel, meals and lodgingmay be deductible if they maintain or improve professional skills or meet the express requirement of an individuals employer. The University of California does not discriminate in any of its policies, procedures or practices. The university is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer.