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Purple Asia - Advanced Brief 1. Client & contact information: 1b.

Who is the Project Manager for this project? (the Project Manager is the individual who will oversee the day to day activities of the project, liaise with Purple Asias team and report back to the Project Sponsor) Please provide their full name, job title, department and contact details - preferably direct line, cellphone, email and Skype: 1c. Who is in the Project Team for this project? Please provide their full name, job title, department and contact details - preferably direct line, cellphone, email and Skype, Please explain the role of each person in the project team: 2. Project title: What is the name by which this project will be known within your organisation? Are there any other references, job numbers or codes associated with this job? 3. Brief prepared by: 4. Business Issue Why are we undertaking this activity? What is the business benefit which will be derived from its successful completion? (Hints: the activity may be designed to build brand awareness, to drive sales through a promotion, to launch a new product or service, to encourage brand loyalty etc). Please try to set clear business objectives and provide a clear definition of success in the context of this project. 5. Content and Resources What will be provided to Purple Asia in order for us to carry out this work? - Is a full set of Brand Guidelines available? - Who will provide the content? (words, pictures, graphic elements, logos, etc.) If content is supplied by the client, at what point during the project will the full content be available to us? - Will third party suppliers (photographers, copy writers, illustrators, researchers etc.) be required for this project? Will they be sourced and contracted by the client or by Purple Asia? 6. Brand

What is the verbal sales argument for this product or service? 7. Scope of Work and Budget: What is the precise scope for the project? What are the full details and final deliverables? (as far as you know now) - For printed materials, what is the size, shape and scope of the final product? How many pages? Any extra fold-outs, embellishments etc? Do you have a plan for paper type? Do you need us to supply samples? What is the budget for this project? What is the timeline for this project? Are there any critical dates which cannot be missed if the project is to be a success? Any other details for the creative or project management teams? Please include any corporate policies we should be aware of, any other contacts who should be in the loop, any information in fact which could be of help to us in delivering a fantastic final product to you.