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Ron Baker economist, best-selling author, inspiring speaker, pricing expert, knowledge worker advocate and one of the

e world's foremost thought leaders for professional rms will be in Australia in March, presenting in Hobart, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney.
Todays professional rms are challenged by a variety of factors: uncertain economic times, new technologies, intensied competition, consolidations, disruptors in the marketplace, difculties in securing and retaining our best people, and an inability to incorporate new services into a coherent business strategy. There are answers to many of these challenges but those answers require a mind-set and business model change. This forum confronts the conventional wisdom embodied in the traditional professional rm business model, which states the way to success is by leveraging people and hours.This old model is being replaced by a better business model, which offers bold, proven strategies for restoring vitality and dynamism to professional rms everywhere. These forums are primarily based on Ron Bakers best-selling books, The Firm of the Future: A Guide for Accountants, Lawyers, and Other Professional Services and Implementing Value Pricing: A Radical Business Model for Professional Firms. These forums are dedicated to the reality that a practice can be run more effectively when it becomes a knowledge rm rather than merely a product or service rm.


Understand the traditional business model and why it prevents rms from achieving excellence and a better quality of life Learn a different business model and why it is a superior paradigm for the professions Move from a focus on revenue to a focus on client life-time prot Move from a focus on capacity to a focus on intellectual capital management Move from a focus on efciency to a focus on effectiveness Move from a focus on cost-plus pricing to a focus on Pricing on Purpose Restore the dignity, pride and passion in your rm-and our professions

Creating such a rm is hard work and not for everyone as it requires leaders to think differently than they have in the past about why, how, and what they do.

Day 1: Firm of the Future Forums
Forums will introduce the concepts of value based pricing and pricing theory generally as well as other essential tools for rms that in the future want to better align themselves to what their people and their clients really value. Early Bird: $700 + GST (if register by 24th February) Full Price: $850 + GST Same Firm offer: Bring along at least one colleague from your rm & receive the same rm discount price for your groups forum tickets.

Day 2: Firm of the Future Masterclass

Masterclasses will be strictly limited in numbers and will focus on the implementation of rm of the future concepts. Early Bird: $700 + GST (if registered by 24th February) Full Price: $850 + GST

Package (includes tickets to both days):

Early Bird: $1280 + GST (if registered by the 24th February) Standard: $1480 + GST
For further details and ticket purchases see the Firm of the Future website:

Forum Dates
Hobart 2nd March Firm of the Future half day Forum Melbourne 5th & 6th March Forum & Masterclass Brisbane 12th &13 March Forum & Masterclass Sydney 15 &16 March Forum & Masterclass Portside Center, Level 5, 207 Kent Street, Sydney. Bayview Room Grand Chancellor Hotel, 1 Davey St, Hobart.

Melbourne Cricket Ground - Brunton Avenue, Richmond, Melbourne. Level 2,Queensland Law Society House, 179 Ann Street, Brisbane