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Body Language
First impressions happen fast, and often below our radar. It takes only 90 seconds to 4 minutes for someone to decide if he or she is attracted to us or not. And since it happens so fast, you may not have any idea you've ignited lusty feelings in the person silently observing you from across the room. What triggers these quick takes? Research shows that 55 percent of the time we are able to hook someone because of our body language; 38 percent of the time it's the tone, speed and inflection of our voice; and a measly 7 percent of the time it's from what we say. What's this mean? Basically, that someone has decided if they like you or not before you even open your mouth.

2. Scent
We've all heard of pheromones, but chances are you've never consciously gotten a whiff of them. However, the secretions are at work this VERY moment attracting potential mates, or at least a hot date for the weekend. These chemical signals, which are naturally produced by your body, communicate reproductive quality, as in whether or not you're a good candidate for offspring. Studies show that the smell of androstadienone , a chemical component of male sweat, sets off passionate urges in CERTAIN women, unfortunately not all. Expert: Jayme Waxman, M.S.Ed

3. Eye Contact
Think you're just being polite when you maintain eye contact during a conversation? Well, think again. You could be sending out seductive signals. Direct eye contact triggers a primitive part of the human brain, calling forth one of two impulses: approach or retreat. When the gaze becomes mutual it is all about approaching. A study titled "The Effects of Mutual Gaze on Feeling of Romantic Love" found that participants who engaged in mutual gazing significantly increased their feeling of passion, or at least liking for one another.

4. Blushing
If a red hue spreads across your cheeks when you look at someone, it could indicate that you're flustered by his or her presence, and maybe even "interested." Physiological changes, such as blushing and dilated pupils, occur when you're turned on by what you see. That's why rouge has been used by women (and men) throughout history, to increase sex appeal and amplify seductive signals.

5. Slight Touches
You may be good friends, and you're just being helpful by fixing her stray hair. But the moment your hand touches her hair, that friendship could heat up. Thousands of tingling nerve endings stimulate and provoke.

6. Posture
It's plain and simple, good posture conveys confidence and what's more sexy than

confidence? A study published in Personal Relationships revealed that positive personality traits, such as confidence, draw the attention of those around you, any one of which could be a potential partner. Lead researcher Gary W. Lewandowski, Jr. says this study and others he has conducted have demonstrated that "personality goes a long way toward determining your attractiveness; it can even change people's impressions of how good-looking you are."

7. Voice
Imagine listening to PeeWee Herman and Morgan Freeman with your eyes closed. No way you'd be more attracted to the squeaky tones of PeeWee than the deep intonations of Mr. Freeman. It's just human nature, research shows, for women to be more attracted to men with deeper voices. On the other hand, women with higher estrogen levels have higher voices, which makes them more desirable to men. According to psychologist Susan Hughes such insights, "speak to the fact that voices are signaling some biologically relevant information to potential mates. Information like fertility or the ability to put food on the table."

8. Captivating Curves
That form-fitting dress may be doing more than accentuating your natural curves. If you happen to be a women who has an hour glass figure you're emphasizing your power as a man magnet. Since attraction pretty much comes down to perception of reproductive potential, men are inherently attracted to a shapely figure because they subconsciously believe it represents the best choice for bearing their offspring.

9. Eating Habits
You've probably heard the saying that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Well, it's also the way to hers. Spicy food stimulates a release of endorphins, which provide your body with a natural high. It also speeds up, blood flow, improving circulation and intensifying sexual sensations. Ingredients that'll offer that thrill include chili peppers, jalapeo, and ginger.

10. Mimicking and Mirroring

Fear of the unknown can stop a relationship in its tracks. Heck, it's even deterred people from making the first move. That may be why doing something a potential partner finds comforting and familiar ordering the same beer, folding your napkin in a similar way, maybe even separating your meat from your mashed potatoes - can be the key to intensifying affection. Turns out opposites don't always attract.