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Design Research Seminars - Semester 1, 2012

ART(ificial) LAB(yrinth)scape - Jerome Frumar Asian Urbanism - Dr Marieluise Jonas Unwitting accomplice - Craig Douglas

Asian [Landscape] Architecture + Urbanism

ARCH 1360/ 1362/ 1366 Post Graduate Design Research Seminar in Landscape Architecture
Asian Architecture + Urbanism is a selective and strategic study of architecture and urbanism in Asia that integrates history, theory, professional practice, technology and design with a particular focus on how the study of the Asian city be applied to our work as designers and practitioners. This Course has been a successful installation in the Masters of Architecture at RMIT for a number of years. Its core is reflecting the leadership and expertise of RMIT academics engaging in the field of Architecture and Urbanism through innovative design research practice. The focus of the design research seminar is Asian [Japanese] landscape architecture and urbanism, which is provoking contrast with domestic practice, projects and thematics, ultimately enabling open, critical and sensitive global perspectives. The design research seminar is built on the premise that designers must be able to articulate and engage in formal investigations through rigorous research practice not only to broaden their understanding in the act of designing but also to advance the scholarship that makes up design. Therefore, the seminar will offer students training in principal methods of project-based research with focus on precedent study, discourse and literature review and basic research methodology in design research. The course is structured around a twelve week lecture series presented by RMIT Architecture and includes a distinct landscape architecture focus. The seminar offers the exposure to architecture research practice through the research poles Expanded Field, Urban Architecture Laboratory and Advanced Architectures. The Asian [Landscape] Urbanism + Architecture seminar forms an ideal introduction to the July 2012 Fractured Landscapes Design Research Study Tour to Tohoku, Japan.

Lecturer: AA+U Curator: AA+U Coordinator:

Dr. Marieluise Jonas Prof. Sand Helsel Anna Johnson

Contact: +61 3 9925 2966 LA Course coordinator: Julia Werner, Prof. SueAnne Ware

ARCH 1360/ 1362/ 1366 Blackboard / Lectopia Times and Rooms Lecture Series: Wednesdays 11.30-13.30 10.13.03 Wednesdays 2.00-4.00 8.12.41

LA Tutorial:

unwitting accomplice

... now look what youve made me do!

Alas, poor Planametric! I knew him, Planametric, a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy. He hath bore me on his back a thousand times, and now how abhorrd in my imagination it is! My gorge rises at it.

tutor Craig Douglas OUTR research lab time Friday 9:30-12:30 (class to commece week 02) room 88.5.14 This research seminar will interrogate drawing as an act of making that has the capacity to generate ideas, form understanding, and reveal previously unknown relationships. We will be interogating the activity of drawing in order to develop an understanding of the nature, and effect, of an approach (the how) to design research. As such, we will be asking questions such as: What is the capacity for drawing as a design tool? How are ideas challenged and transformed through the activity of drawing? How are drawings read, and how might they enable us to see? What are the qualities, capacities and potentials of various drawing conventions, what are their rules, and how might they be embraced and transcended? How might we understand, and utilse drawing as a machine for thinking, decision making, and ... design?