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LIGHTING SOLUTION PROVIDER - SWOT ANALYSIS: This document is to be used internally by GreenLight Ventures - and as a decision-making tool for

our customers. Note: The details provided herein will be modified when additional information becomes available. SWOT ANALYSIS

lumens/watt ranges from 3080 and expected to better with time good color temperature and all visible colors wide range of color lamps available extremely long lamp life expectancy 40,000-50,0000 hrs No mercury or other heavy metals


best lumen/watt for high bay applications 90-126 high lamp life expectancy - 25,000 to 30,000 hours good CRI, typically 85-90 electronic ballast makes it smart full sensor and network capability focused light source good for task lighting less lamps needed than fluorescent low maintenance cost exact wattage setting of ballast Ceramic Metal Halide gives even more lumens/watt and higher CRI low lamp lumen depreciation low color shift with electronic ballasts as compared to core & coil ballasts simple hook and hang retrofit contains mercury hot re-strike is not instant not ideal for office applications more expensive up-front cost


long lamp life 30,000 hrs highest lumens/watt 50-150 monochromatic light helps for eye adaptability for darkness for outdoor applications

immediate start good CRI - typically 85 usually used with 112V AC

instant start good retrofit for T12 matching lumens while saving energy good CRI, typically 82-86 good lamp life dimming available at premium pricing with dedicated ballasts can find inexpensive fixtures for lower upfront costs low lamp lumen depreciation (LLD) lamps are inexpensive diffuse light source

instant start more lumens/watt than T8 for high/low bay applications good CRI, typically 82-86 good lamp life expectancy low lamp lumen depreciation dimming available at premium with dedicated ballasts diffuse light source

excellent lamp life - 50,000 to 100,000 hours mercury is in solid form - easily recovered for recycling instant start CRI 82-86

instant start very good CRI +95 lower Wattages easy to dim Old reliable technology



very expensive and long ROI does not perform well under high wattage applications yet still in development phase of technology high glare effect high quantities of aluminum used for heat sinks re-lamping expensive the whole LED arrays needs to be replaced single LED failures create negative visual effect could replace all applications of light fixtures after some years of development

contains mercury poor CRI 20-30 unacceptable for indoors applications

contains mercury not good for high bay applications typically used for downlights and wall sconces good lamp life 10,000 hrs luminosity sensitive to ambient temperature changes bulky lamp source lowers efficiency of fixture optics replace all standard incandescent lamps easy one by one retrofit with self ballasted CFL

contains mercury multiple lamps needed per fixture for high bay applications increase in maintenance costs significant lumen loss from cold or hot environments not aesthetically attractive dust is attracted to lamp in open fixtures adding to lamp lumen depreciation

contains mercury multiple lamps needed per fixture for high bay applications results in increase in maintenance costs more expensive up-front cost of fixture and lamps compared to T8 significant lumen loss from cold or hot environments more cost in labor for installing and relamping due to many lamp fixtures not aesthetically attractive dust is attracted to lamp in open fixtures adding to lamp lumen depreciation can be used for high bay applications excellent for office applications

contains mercury poor LLD of .7 60-80 lumen/watt large size results in bulky luminaire significant lumen loss from cold or hot environments high price higher wattages not available low selection of ballasts available color shift to pink as lamp ages

not good for high bay applications very low efficacy 10-35 lumen per watt low lamp life expectancy 1,000-6,000 hours 95% of energy is converted to radiant energy (heat) while only 5% is visible light

/ Benefits (Corporate)

preferred lighting for high bay applications superior for retail/showcase type of lighting, especially with ceramic metal halide lamps

poor CRI enables only roadway and outdoor lighting or other specialty applications where color temperature does not matter not a good light source for human tasks

replace old T12 lamps with development of smart ballasts, more control excellent for office applications inexpensive lighting solution

use in difficult to access locations where light quality is less important than lamp life

down-lights, spotlights, accent lighting, theatrical lighting applications

/ Known & Potential Issues (Corporate)

still under development and may not reach reasonable price levels for years

expensive up-front cost for ballast

only useful for low bay or office applications down-lights or wall sconces applications threatened by ceramic metal halides and LEDs

many lamps are a burden for maintenance group high cost of environmentally safe disposal due to mercury content

more expensive fixture and lamps are more expensive than T8 - leads to increased maintenance costs high cost of environmentally safe disposal due to mercury content

expensive up-front cost limited number of suppliers future maintenance may become difficult

EISA 2007 legislated standard incandescent bulbs out of production as of 2009 due to low energy efficiency

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August 12,, 2010

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