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Research Proposal Table of Contents I. Proposed Research Topic - [Provide a brief description or a descriptive title or a research question] 1.

Background of the Study -[Describe the context of the proposed research, making it clears how this context will allow you to accomplish your stated purposes, insert the introduction, statement of the problem, hypothesis, objective, significance of the study and purpose] a) Introduction b) Statement of the problem o Research Questions o Hypothesis o Objectives c) Significance of Study o Purpose - [Expand on the topic/question by describing what you hope to accomplish, and the desired outcomes (especially the practical or theoretical benefits to be gained)]


Literature Review a) [Dito na papasok yung niresearch mo about sa topic na inyong tatalakayin] b) [ sort of a summary ] Methodology a) Method - [Describe in detail the steps you will take in attempting to answer your research question] b) Research Design - [Briefly identify and explain the theoretical framework you will use to guide your investigation, how it fits your purpose and its implications for the research methods] c) Data Collection - [Collect data by administering a questionnaire. The questionnaires will use structured questions, consisting of approximately 20 questions divided into three sections] d) Scope -[Describe such things as the time you will invest, when the field work will take place, the number of participants, and the number of interviews you will conduct]


e) Delimitations
- [Describe the boundaries of the study that you determine] f) References - [List all references cited that are not on the course reading list]

Statement of the Problem The earth is created beautifully for as human beings to live in. But why there are calamities that we encountered in our day to day life? Is there something that we must to consider and for us to realize how important the Gods art of work--- the earth we are living in? In the past years, there were many calamities had come and passed like tsunamis, typhoons, earthquakes and the like. The four spheres of the earth were seemingly devastated especially our hydrosphere. And who are responsible for this catastrophe? Objectives The objectives of the research project are to: 1. To prove whether hydrosphere is a boon or a bane? 2. Identify specific actions required to secure support from the government regarding on the preservation of our hydrosphere. 3. Enumerate the significance and importance of hydrosphere to us. Example of research design: Research Design The study will involve the evaluating the role of Internal Auditors in the good governance of the organisations in the public sector. Consequently, the research will be designed to achieve the objectives set out by the researcher.

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