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Feb 26Mar 3

Welcome Our focus is still on the words from Jesus reflected in the model prayer; this week we really want to center our discussion on the word supremacy. Opening Prayer Pray that God will help us understand His Supremacy. In the English language we often say one thing but mean entirely another. It is so important to truly understand that Gods thoughts, plans, & actions are supreme (best). Spend some time in silence thinking of how His ways are superior to your ways.

Family Time What is the difference between a Supreme pizza and a Cheese pizza? (Have kids name some of the different toppings. i.e. their favorites.) Ordering a pizza with only 1 topping wouldnt make everyone here happy, right? A Supreme pizza includes more toppings implying that it is the best. Now think about Gods kingdom...what makes Gods Supreme Kingdom better than all other kingdoms? (for example, Gods Kingdom is made up of all nations, not just one nation.) Gods ways are much better than our ways. His Kingdom will be Supreme... better than any other kingdom that the world has ever seen. Kids Time Pantego is challenging every child to memorize ALL OF Matthew 6:9-13. Print out the passage and cut it into key phrases. Start by challenging the kids to see if any of them can put all the phrases in the correct order. Then, have the kids select a few pieces each. Now have each child read their phrase of the passage in the correct order. In this weeks passage, Micah4:1-5 uses hills and mountains to describe Gods Kingdom. Have each child draw a set of mountains or hills (colored differently to show variety) at the foot of a Supreme Mountain. Encourage each child to tell how they see the Supreme Mountain as Gods is Gods Kingdom better than the other kingdoms? Adult Time In what ways do you tend to forget that Gods thoughts, plans, or actions are Supreme(meaning His ways are better than mine)? What helps get us back on track? (Ex., agreeing with Him that His ways are Supreme)? What would it be like to have a God whose thoughts, plans or ways are less than Supreme? (talk this through) If you were King for the Day, how would you express your Supremacy? (What would it look like? How would it express who you are and what you value?) The Bible says that in the last days things will get worse before they get better. What thoughts or fears come to mind? Does it help us, or cause fear, to think that the world will experience more war and conflict before Jesus establishes His Kingdom with worldwide peace and prosperity? Lets talk about what the world will look like when the Supreme King is ruling. Prayer Time Pray that Gods Supremacy would influence our thoughts. Pray that God would move in our hearts to want what is Supreme. Pray that God would realign our plans to more reflect His plans.

Community Calendar: For those interested in taking the next step in getting connected, come join us at Discover Pantego. This one-hour class is offered on the first Sunday of every month at 9:00 a.m. in The Connection Building, Commons Room TC 130. Church Calendar: Our annual All-Church Baptism Service is March 25. BUT those who desire to be baptized must contact their Area Pastor or the church by this Sunday, February 26th in order to participate. That evening, Pastor Daniels will be holding a special class for adult baptism candidates (6:00-7:30) at the church. For more information, contact Chelsea Poulos at 817-2741315 ext. 166 or