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Mary Alice Bruce, Ph.D.

, LPC, NCC Department of Professional Studies

1000 East University Avenue/Dept. 3374 Laramie, WY 82071-3374 Phone: 307-766-6819 Fax: 307-766-5638 Email: Webpage:

March 15, 2012 Dear Colleagues: I am pleased to offer this strong letter of recommendation for Jeremy Elsmore as an outstanding applicant for your school counseling position. Jeremy will earn his Master's degree, May 2012, in our CACREP accredited, 61 credit-hour Counseling Program in the University of Wyoming's College of Education and be eligible for provisional licensure as a professional counselor as well as K-12 endorsement as a professional school counselor. Throughout my interactions with Jeremy these two years as a student in our program, I experience him as a thoughtful, energetic, intelligent person. Jeremy works extremely well with others, taking the lead or supporting others to lead. Throughout his internship and work experiences, Jeremy has facilitated a variety of counseling groups. At Cathedral Home for Children in Laramie, he was involved in a chemical dependence group for teenagers. He learned a lot about different cultures and circumstances people are given in life. Jeremy is a nonjudgmental, unassuming man whose compassion is notable as he strategically plans how to help people be their best. While interning at Natrona County High School, Jeremy helped create and co-facilitated socialization, bully, and girls groups. The work Jeremy put into these groups was apparent with organization, engaging activities and meaningful reflections which translated into positive student behaviors. The counselors at NCHS had not seen nearly as many groups running for a long time and were appreciative of Jeremys energy. The students told Jeremy they never wanted to be absent and miss school the day of their group. At NCHS, Jeremy also dealt with some very difficult situations in a calm and collected manner. Several students threatened suicide to friends, and Jeremy was right there for those students and his supervisor. Fortunately those students are still with us. With has passion for school counseling, Jeremy is always looking for new ways to incorporate technology to benefit the students in the schools. During his internship at Natrona County High School, when administrators realized his talent and high quality results, he was asked to create several different videos to advocate for specific programs in the school. For example, three of these videos helped to promote the IB program at NCHS, since the number of students who chose IB program has dwindled in the last few years. The online videos answer questions and show perspectives of students and teachers, thus giving the counselors and administrators more resources to share with parents, students and faculty.

Jeremy also extensively updated the counseling website at NCHS. This has been a valued resource for the counseling department at NCHS. I have no doubt that wherever he goes for a job that he will be an excellent counselor and a wonderful tech savvy helper updating websites, improving the school image, and educating all those who are connected with the school. With comprehensive experiences during his internship, complementing his demonstrated hard work and supportive collaboration with others, I highly recommend Jeremy Elsmore as a top applicant for a professional school counseling position with you. Sincerely yours,

Mary Alice Bruce, Ph.D. Department Head School Counseling Program Coordinator