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#29/ 2, Archid Ply Ltd, Nehru Circle, Seshadripuram, Bangalore, K.A, India.


Cell: +919535101333,

D O B:

26 th March 1987, Single, Indian, Languages: English/French/Indian Languages


Business Development Manager:

A dynamic International Business Manager who leads and delivers rapid strategic business development. Has successfully transferred product & services Sales and Marketing experience across companies in B2B and B2C markets, in start-up, turnaround and growth environments.

Leadership & General Management: High-energy leader, motivator and team player who drives demanding change agendas. Delivers results by bringing clear thinking and generating action. Managed and developed teams, serving customers through channels, direct a direct and by telesales.

Strategy, Sales & Marketing Expertise: Creates the strategic vision and balances this against short-term requirements. Created sales and marketing strategies and worked in turn-around and start-up environments in both B2B and B2C.

Sector Experience: 11 Companies (17 if subsidiaries are included) in 5 different markets as diverse as Insurance, Education, Biotech, IT, and Finance as Management Consultant y turnoturnovers of: INR1million to INR100m, and assets under management.



Customer, People & Performance Focus: Listens to customer and company needs, then,


by working across functions, delivers results that meet or exceed expectations. Highly


intuitive people skills enabling the maximization of individual performance.


Business Development Manager

Specializes in delivering business results and change by solving problems and implementing solutions fast Works with Boards, Teams, and Individuals, Prospected, negotiated, and closed several sales, marketing strategic planning service contracts either as a business consultant or as an on-site temporary employee for the below companies. Client Includes:

Jan 2010- Present A Business & Educational Consultancy based in Bangalore, India, currently working as CEO after strategic Business Development and financial Support.

Hillton Motors, Bangalore: Motor Car Company, Business Operations and Business Advisory with 22% yearly Profit by lowering costs and increasing profits with 6 Sigma methodologies.

Sabareesh Finance Limited: A Privately held Public Limited, (NBFC) Non-Banking Financial Corporation under Reserve Bank of India, doing micro finances for business startups also serves into business mentoring programs for Startup Business projects.

& Educational

consultancy on online marketing planning strategy, link up, Branding and Advertising online and offline with Viral, Robotic, and Creative Technologies.










Big leap Pvt. Ltd.: The solutions arm of The Corporate Facilities Group, providing manpower and technology solutions to large companies in Gulf, UAE, India, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

Kahan Technologies: USA: Direct Marketing and Business lead generation, providing marketing channels and new vendors, clients and associates.

International Testing Center, India: Biotechnology Management, Business Development and commercial strategy Bio and health Care Science.

As Marketing Manager.

Duties: Understanding current and potential customers, Researching and reporting on external

opportunities, Managing the customer journey (customer relationship management), Developing the marketing strategy and plan, Management of the marketing mix, Managing agencies, Measuring success, Managing budgets, Ensuring timely delivery, Making customer focused decisions, market research, development of marketing strategy and plan, Situation Analysis, Objectives, Strategy, Tactics, Actions.

Jan, 2009 - Dec 2009

As Educational Marketing Consultant:

Progression from graduate entry to College Guidance Services Management Quota is a well-known Term in Indian Education System now. •Mentoring support to students through counseling for higher education and Targeted colleges for Marketing, Branding, promotion and provide students following all major professional courses. Counseling Partners IBMR Group, Bharat Institute of Technology , Bharti ividya Peeth ,Pune, RIMS, AEME, VIMS, IAME, Institute of Creative Management etc.)

2007 2011


ICICI Lombard Health Care Company : Manager for this Health Insurance Company following 6 Months employment with them in Bangalore, India. International Testing Center:QA/QC after Biotechnology Degree to research the Biotech as industry and Biotech Business Management.

KEY SKILLS & STRENGTHS Sales, Marketing, Strategy & Planning, Idea Generation, Execution, Leadership, Motivator, Mastery of Biz Model, Soft Skills, Responsible , Stress tolerance, Quality Improvement, Bargaining, Self-Management, Networking, Consistency, Risk acceptance, Emotional Control.


Business Certificates:


: (Certified Business Manager- From APBM). Senior Level Business Development.


: (Six Sigma- Black Belt), Quality Improvement Business Services.

Academic Background:

MBA. June 2010: (International Business) Specializing in Globalization, Sales, Marketing,

Economics, Business Development, Corp. Law Planning Strategy

B.Sc. June 2008: (Biotechnology) Genetic, Biotech Management. (University of Rajasthan 2005-2008)

(University of Rajasthan 2008-2010)

Personal Interests & Achievements:

Adventure Freak, Travelling, Internet, Swimming, Music, family & Friends Networking.

Coined “Management Quota” as official Seat Matrix in Indian educational institutions.


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Online Resume:

Personal Website:



1. My Vision, Mission, Objectives and Goals @

2. Experience Part time from 2005 to 2008 (As Virtual Assistant).

3. Full Time 2010 to Present (Diversified, Business Development).

4. Area of Expertise, International Business Development.

5. Business Interest in Global Business Management Strategy & Planning