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5 KB / Downloads: 425) Automatic bottle filling system using PLC About PLC Definition Basic Block Diagram Features Language Used PLC Definition Digital electronics device that use programmable memory to store instruction & to implement specific functions such as logic, sequence, timing, counting arithematic etc to control the m/c & process. Features of PLC It is field programmable by the user. Centralized system, modular It contains program function like logic timing , counting, arithmetic etc. It provides checking in a diagnostic manner. It scan memory, input, output in a deterministic manner. It can be monitored. Language used for PLC Programming Ladder Functional Block Diagram Statement List Ladder The diagram look like a ladder in a way so is called ladder diagram Functional Block Diagram I0.1 Statement List A I 0.1 A I 0.2 = Q 4.1 Schematic Diagram of Temperature And Level Control System Actual Hardware of the Project Components / Instruments used PLC Program Loader/ Monitor DC Motor Transformer Relay Pump Photoelectric Sensor Switch Indicator Thermostat Push button Solenoid Valve Heater and stirrer Rectifier PLC Specifications: Make : Siemens

Model: S7 300 Digital Input : 16 Digital Output : 16 Analog Input : 4 Analog Output : 4 DC Motor Output Power:12 Watt Nominal Voltage:12 & 24 Volt Nominal Speed up to:4500 rpm Transformer Step Down Transformer Primary 230 v ac Secondary 0-24 v ac 750 mA Relay A relay is an electrical switch that opens and closes under the control of another electrical circuit Pump Submersible Pump Specification: Make : China Model: JUGNU HJ- 901 Voltage : 165- 250V/ 50 Hz Power : 12 w Output: 800L/H Photoelectric Sensor Model CP18D1BAD2, Make : Honeywell Scan Distance 100 mm Supply voltage : 0 to 30 v dc Current consumption <20 mA Switch Two types: Momentary Push Button Maintained Push Button Indicator 24 V dc Conveyor Arrangement Thermostat Rectifier Used for operation of DC motor for conveyor Operation Sequence By pressing Start push button,the process will start. The sensor 1 will indicate low temperature.this will increase until the high level sensor will senses. Then the process fluid is filled in the reservoir /process vessel with the help of inlet pump. Then the sensor 2 will indicate the high level.The pump is stopped when the high level sensor is sensed. At that time heater and stirring system will start working provided thermostat indicate low temperature. When the fluid temperature is increased to the high limit,the thermostat will sense it

and cut off the system. After thermostat senses the high temperature,the outlet of the solenoid valve is on. After releasing all the water from the process vessel through the solenoid valve,the same process will repeat continuosly until it is not stop by stop switch. Fluid inlet,low level of the fluid,high level of the fluid,switching on of heater and fan,thermostat low temperature,fluid outlet indications are given in the announciation panel Conclusion Progamming Logic Controller is an multiloop control system intensively used in Automotive Industries. It reduces the manpower and increase the smoothness of the operation. It improves the quality of the product. Control the process parameter with better accuracy. Problem Faced To set the pointer of the level indication system properly. To connect the dc motor with the fan or stirrer. Switching time of thermostat To maintain the thermostat at certain cut off temperature limit. Future Work A limit switch Automatic pick up of bottle after filling up it. Lids to be fixed on the mouth of the bottle. Automatic labeling of bottle. Reference: