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Dateline: FEBRUARY 2012



Dear MOPP Supporter We are now just a couple of weeks away from the caucuses which are scheduled to begin on March 17th. In this pre-caucus e-newsletter, we have attempted to provide you with some more useful information, links and tools to use as you prepare to caucus in your county or township starting on March 17, 2012. We would also recommend Viewing/reviewing our January 2012 Special Edition/Caucus 101 e-newsletter for more detailed caucus informationCtrl+click here. Download our 25 page MOPP CAUCUS 101 Handbookfor FREECtrl+click here: Once the caucuses are behind us, we will begin focusing on our next phase to include our Get Out the Conservative Vote (GOTCV) efforts! Fighting Voter/Election FraudBecome a Poll Worker!! Restore Constitutional Principles and Values to GovernmentBecome a Precinct/Committee person. (**See P.S. for further details/information on page 2) We hope you will join us in helping to make these efforts successfulour countrys and our childrens future depends on it!

**P.S...Important Time Sensitive Information

Restore Constitutional Principles and Values to GovernmentBecome a Precinct/Committee person.

PLEASE NOTE: We are all focusing like a laser beam on the caucuses right now, but as the Missouri Precinct Project, we would be remiss if we didnt also remind everyone that filing for precinct/committee person in Missouri begins this Tuesday, February 28th (filing ends March will take place at the August 7 primary).

Would you like to know the "secret weapon"...and one of the primary tenets of the Missouri Precinct Project in taking our country back?? ...getting constitutional conservatives to fill the 30-40% of the precinct/committee person positions that go unfilled statewide (and indeed nationwide). "In the U.S., the 50 states are each subdivided into counties, which combined number over 3,000. Each of these over 3,000 counties is further subdivided into precincts(sometimes known as wards, townships, parishes, etc.). The voting precinct is the smallest administrative/political subdivision in our federal system. In densely populated urban areas, a precinct may contain but a few city blocks. In rural areas, a precinct may contain many square miles. Population number determines the size of a voting precinct. There are usually between 200 and 500 voters in an average precinct. There are approximately 300,000 precincts in the United States of America." "Why are the party leaders in your county important? Party county committee leaders have a decisive influence over how votes are counted. Party county committee leaders also have a decisive influence over which candidates receive the party's endorsement.." As stated above, 30-40% of these county precinct/committee member positions go unfilled. A campaign for the office of party county precinct/committee co-chair is easily run, and often, easily and inexpensively won. The MOPP precinct strategy is to fill these unfilled positions with Constitutional conservatives...this is the only way we can "infiltrate" the system so it will reflect our constitutional principles and values.

While the Tea Party groups and the 912 groups, etc. -- have held magnificent rallies -- rallies, attending town meetings, and letter writing are ultimately DEFENSIVE strategies. BUTthe Precinct Strategy is an OFFENSIVE strategy through which total victory can be achieved. Defensive strategies by themselves have NO CHANCE OF WINNING against the well-entrenched forces destroying our country in Washington D.C. This is why all concerned Americans must add the precinct strategy to their personal action plan.

MOPP encourages you to get involved in your community...find out which positions are open...find out how you can "qualify" for these positions and then run to fill them!


FOUNDING FATHER, THOMAS JEFFERSON, ON SEPARATION OF POWERS PERTAINING TO WARDS AND PRECINCTS "The article... nearest my heart is the division of counties into wards [precincts, townships]. These will be pure and elementary republics, the sum of which taken together composes the State, and will make of the whole a true democracy as to the business of the wards, which is that of nearest and daily concern. The affairs of the larger sections, of counties, of States, and of the Union, not admitting personal transactions by the people, will be delegated to agents elected by themselves; and representation will thus be substituted where personal action becomes impracticable. Yet even over these representative organs, should they become corrupt and perverted, the division into wards constituting the people, in their wards, a regularly organized power, enables them by that organization to crush, regularly and peaceably, the usurpations of their unfaithful agents, and rescues them from the dreadful necessity of doing it insurrectionally. In this way we shall be as republican as a large society can be, and secure the continuance of purity in our government by the salutary, peaceable, and regular control of the people." --Thomas Jefferson to Samuel Kercheval, 1816. ME 15:70 "Divide the counties into wards of such size as that every citizen can attend, when called on, and act in person. Ascribe to them the government of their wards in all things relating to themselves exclusively. A justice chosen by themselves, in each a constable, a military company, a patrol, a school, the care of their own poor, their own portion of the public roads, the choice of one or more jurors to serve in some court, and the delivery within their own wards of their own votes for all elective officers of higher sphere, will relieve the county administration of nearly all its business, will have it better done, and by making every citizen an acting member of the government, and in the offices nearest and most interesting to him, will attach him by his strongest feelings to the independence of his country and its republican Constitution." --Thomas Jefferson to Samuel Kercheval, 1816. ME 15:37 (reprinted from:

Get Out the Conservative Vote (GOTCV) efforts!

After the caucuses are overand with the weather getting warmer, MOPP will once again refocus on training/organizing MOPP volunteers to get out in their neighborhoods to identify and secure the Conservative vote leading up to the 2012 Elections. We are also proud to be working closely with Champion The Vote, a national effort to identify and register unregistered Christian voters.

Fighting Voter/Election FraudBecome a Poll Worker!!

MOPP plans to offer more education and training classes on these topics in the months leading up to the electionsthese will be publicized via our newsletters, Facebook, etcin the meantime folks are encouraged to sign up to become poll workers for the April and August elections in order to practice before the BIG ONE in November 2012!

Stay tuned

Thanks to everyone who attended the MOPP CAUCUS 101 & Fighting Voter Fraud Seminar on Saturday, Feb. 11, 2012!
Thanks again also to our guest speakers, John Putnam and Linda Boyd-Shell for sharing their time and expertise. A special thanks to a special patriot, Alex Rife, for videotaping our entire meeting these videos can be viewed at @,,, and It was very exciting to see how many great patriots were interested in learning more about the caucus process and how they can participate. Due to the unexpectedly large turnout regretfully we ran out of information packets and MOPP Caucus 101 Handbooks! If you would like to receive the packet information (even if you were unable to attend the meeting), simply email us at and we will forward it to you via return email. The downloadable version of our 25 page MOPP Caucus 101 Handbook is available for FREE at: ---or If you would like to order a printed copy of the handbook, please fill out the order form below, and forward with cash a check for $5.00 for each copy requested (to cover printing and mailing costs), made payable to Missouri Precinct Project and we will forward them to you by return mail.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------MOPP CAUCUS 101 HANDBOOK ORDER FORM Name ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Address _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ City/Town___________________________________________________________________________Zipcode___________________________ # of copies_____________ x $5.00 (per copy) = $____________ enclosed Paid by: ________(cash) _______(money order) ___________(check) (make checks payable to Missouri Precinct Project) Mail order form and payment to:

411 S. Sappington Rd. St. Louis, MO 63122

Some Important Basic Information about the March 17th Caucus Process

To find out the *DATE and **LOCATION of your County/Township Caucus go to:

(*Not all caucuses will be held on March 17see page 7 more information regarding these changes) (**St. Louis County will be caucusing by townshipall 28 townships are also listed at this link)

To find out what County/Township you live in go to:

In order to participate/vote in a caucus, you must be a resident of that particular County/Township. You may become a delegate for any County/Township but you can only vote in your County/Township of residence.

GET TO YOUR CAUCUS LOCATION EARLY! EARLY!once the meeting begins the doors will be locked and no one else will be allowed to enter. Any registered voter who declares that they are a Republican can participate in the caucus in the county in which they are registered. (per MO Republican Party website) It is very importantif not imperativethat you be familiar with Roberts Rules of Order as they will be used to conduct the meeting utilizing parliamentary procedure. (see TIP #3 on page 5)

Note that each caucus will establish its own caucus rules. These rules should be read/discussed at the beginning of the caucus and they will be voted on by caucus attendees. Make sure that you can select if you wish - a slate other than the one potentially picked by the chairman of the caucus. It is important to remember that you will NOT be nominating your presidential candidate of choice at the March 2012 caucushowever, you will be nominating your county/townships predetermined number of delegates and alternates.
(see next page Delegate Rules, Tips and Qualifications)

You are not allowed to carry or wear any signage in support of your preferred presidential candidate at the county/township caucus level. If/when possible, it would be advisable to identify others you wish to align with BEFORE the caucus to agree on a slate of delegates you wish to support who would, in all likelihood, support your preferred presidential candidate.
(see page 8 for more on this)

It is of utmost importance to know your candidates stance on issues inside and out before attending a caucus. You will need to be able to persuade others at the caucus to join your side.

Modifications to the party platform can be made at the county/township caucusesso come prepared to introduce those suggestions using the proper procedures utilizing Roberts Rules of Order.

How Can a Grassr oots Campaign Win at the Missouri Caucus? Organization is the key here. Well organized campaigns can dominate a meeting. All supporters that attend are hoping for the top vote count for their candidate. If organizers can rally all the other local supporters, family and friends, they literally could stack the vote and get themselves elected as the delegate to the convention. (1)

Delegate Qualifications, Rules and Tips Delegate Qualifications 18 Years of age by Election Day US Citizen, Missouri Resident Registered to vote by February 7, 2012 for the Presidential Primary Delegate cannot be confined under a sentence of imprisonment Delegate cannot vote after conviction of a felony or misdemeanor connected with voting or the right of suffrage

Tip #1

Delegate Rules At no stage of Missouris delegate selection process shall any person be required, directly or indirectly, to pay a cost or fee as a condition for participating. Voluntary contributions to the Party may be made, but under no circumstances shall a contribution be mandatory for participation. No persons shall participate or vote in the nominating process for the GOP Presidential candidate who also participates in the nominating process of any other party for the corresponding elections. No person shall vote in more than one meeting which is the first meeting in the delegate selection process.

Delegate Tips Please only consider being a delegate if you can attend the Conventions! Robust, strong, steadfast, persuasive without being overly assertive, and not giving into compromise are good character traits for delegates. When convincing someone to become a supporter with your candidate, let them state each reason first why they support a different candidate. Counter-point each with your candidates platform. To be selected at a caucus depends on the rules that caucus uses, which are set during that caucus. In general, this is done with slates of people that are voted on by the caucus attendees. Whatever rules they propose to use can be amended by the body of the caucus. Learn Roberts Rules of Order. It is the language used during conventions and meetings. See and If you can, it is best to buy the book for Roberts Rules. It has sections on conventions and mass meetings, with detailed rules. See (1)

Tip #2

During the caucuses that will be coming up in Missouri starting on March 17th, those attending will have the opportunity to put forth ideas to change/improve the party platform.

MOPP is in the process of collecting ideas regarding ways in which they would like to see the Missouri Republican Party Platform modified. These platform suggestions will then be distributed statewide to MOPP contacts as suggestions that they can take with them to their county's/township's caucus to be presented for inclusion in the State Platform. If you have any suggestions for modifications or additions to the Republican Party Platform, you can email MOPP at, Attn: Frieda.

Tip #3 A. Know the rules for the meeting BEFORE the meeting begins. The meeting rules are prepared by party leaders before the meeting begins and submitted to the Rules Committee for final approval after the Permanent Chair is elected. Insist on a copy of the Working Rules Draft BEFORE your caucus begins. You might be stone-walled because the Chair can legitimately claim that the rules are not finished yet. If so, ask the Chair to put you on the Rules Committee so you can know them as they are being developed. If the Chair refuses, use parliamentary procedure to delay the passage of the rules until you fully understand what they entail. Ideally the supporters of each viable candidate for president should have a concerned member of their team on the Rules Committee, the Credentials Committee, the Tally Committee, and the Resolutions Committee so their interests are represented. In a worse case scenario in which the a tyrant Caucus Chair is trying to railroad his pre-picked list of delegates through the meeting, you need to know the Caucus Rules and Roberts Rules of Order well enough to put the breaks on if the train gets going too fast. A copy of suggested rules for the Missouri County Caucus can be obtained via the form located on this page .



The draft of the Missouri Republican Party Platform has been released.
During the caucuses that will be coming up in Missouri starting on March 17th, those attending will have the opportunity to put forth ideas to change/improve the party platform...MOPP is in the process of collecting ideas from various individuals regarding ways in which they would like to see the Missouri Republican Party Platform modified. These platform suggestions will then be distributed statewide to MOPP contacts as suggestions that they can take with them to their county's/township's caucus to be presented for inclusion in the State Platform.

Reminder: If you have any suggestions for modifications or additions to the Republican Party Platform you can email them to MOPP at, Attn: Frieda.

NOTE A copy of the 2012 Missouri Republican Party Platform Draft has been included at the end of this newsletter for your convenience --or-You can go to this link...

Dates changed for some presidential caucuses

Associated PressPOSTED: 10:27 pm CST February 20, 2012

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. An already unusual Missouri presidential selection process is getting a new wrinkle with several counties moving local caucuses from St. Patricks Day to alternative dates. Missouri Republicans in most counties will hold a presidential caucus at 10 a.m. on March 17. However, Republicans in Jackson County and St. Louis city plan to meet a week later on March 24. Republicans in Phelps County, which is home to Rolla, still plan to caucus on St. Patricks Day but will start at 2 p.m. The later presidential caucuses should avoid conflicts with St. Patricks Day festivities. In addition, Wayne County in southeastern Missouri is scheduled to caucus March 16 and rural Chariton County in central Missouri is scheduled to meet March 15. Andrea Rice, the chairwoman for the GOP committee in Chariton County, said Monday the caucus date was changed to coincide with a Republican dinner. We thought it would pull more people in, Rice said. Requests to change county caucus dates are considered by the state Republican Party chairman. Missouris presidential selection process is different this year. The state held a primary Feb. 7, but the results were not binding for Republicans. The state party decided to use a caucus process to determine presidential delegates because the primary was too early under national party rules. This is the first time since 1996 that Missouri Republicans have used caucuses to award presidential delegates. During the GOPs annual conference in Kansas City this weekend, hundreds of local activists received training on how to coordinate county caucuses covering everything from how to advertise the meeting to the need to arrange for a podium and two microphones. Local officials were instructed to lock the doors at the beginning of the caucus to ensure no one can enter after the start. Missouri has no official party registration so anyone can participate in the county caucuses, though people will be asked to affirm that they are a strong and faithful Republican. The county caucuses will select delegates for the congressional district conventions on April 21 and the state convention on June 2. County caucuses can chose to elect their delegates either individually or as a slate, and can chose to bind those delegates to a particular presidential candidate or let them cast their presidential votes for whomever they wish. Because of Missouris flexible rules and multi-step caucus process, it might not be known in March how many delegates will be awarded to each presidential candidate. Twenty-four delegates three each from eight congressional districts will be bound to particular presidential candidates at the April conventions and an additional 25 delegates will be bound to candidates at the June state convention. Missouris three remaining delegates to the Republican National Convention will be the states national committeeman and committeewoman and the state party chairman. Missouri House Majority Leader Tim Jones said changes in the county caucus dates were unlikely to change the schedule for the April and June meetings, so he did not expect additional confusion. The whole caucus system this year is going to be unique because we have not had this system for some time, said Jones, R-Eureka.

Networking with Fellow Caucus-Goers.

has made a concerted effort to request contact information for each presidential candidate regarding caucus training/networking with fellow supporters, so that we could publish that information to help caucus-goers hook up prior to the caucuses. It is very gratifying to observe how many grassroots and Republican groups have been holding their own caucus training meetings to educate their memberships on the subject. Below you will find what we have so far. As we learn of other contacts and/or networking opportunities we will post them on our Facebook page. ACTION PLAN: Join MOPP on Facebook to stay updated Attend meetings in your county/township and spread the word to others encouraging them to attend also

Advise MOPP of your individual or group effort to rally fellow supportersemail us with the time and location of your event at: Attn: Caucus Training.


ON FACEBOOK: MISSOURI-TEAM Gingrich 2012 CONTACTS: Dan OSullivan, State Grassroots Coordinator for Newt 2012 @

ON FACEBOOK: St. Louis for Ron Paul 2012 Missouri for Ron Paul 2012 CONTACTS:

Kelly Owens, Organizer, Grassroots for Ron Paul (message Kelly via Facebook at Kelly Owens) Dr. Pamela Grow/State Coordinator for Ron Paul @ or 573-201-4912


Missourians for Mitt Romney

CONTACTS: Ray Bozarth, Romney Missouri Team, (573)268-8177,

ON FACEBOOK: St. Louis for Santorum 2012 Santorum Missouri CONTACTS:

Jeannine Huskey (Greater St. Louis area), message via Facebook @ St. Louis for Santorum 2012, or 636-938-9348 Cynthia Rice (Greater St. Louis area), 314-570-0230

Candidate Meeting Notice(s):

NOTICE FROM JEANNINE HUSKEY to those who wish to caucus for Rick Santorum: "Here is the flyer for our TWO upcoming "Caucus Prep Meetings" for Feb. 28th and March 8th (So. St. Louis and St. Charles, respectively)" this link for further details... fbid=10150573815958193&set=o.324529114264079&type=1

FOR RON PAUL SUPPORTERS: A MOCK CAUCUS FOR ST. CHARLES (and surrounding areas). When: Wednesday, February 29 from 6 to 9 PM Where: St. Peters Cultural Arts Centre (1 St. Peters Centre Blvd., St. Peters, MO 63376) Cost: $1 to help cover the room rental Just like for the real caucus, BE ON TIME! We begin at 6:15 PM! Bryce Steinhoff and Joe Wetter Ron Paul St. Charles County Grassroots Coordinators

NOTE: If you are planning caucus training or organizational meetings to caucus for any of the presidential candidates, you can forward your information to (PLEASE PUT CAUCUS INFORMATION in the subject line so it doesn't get missed) and we will post your information to our Facebook page as we get it.

Disclaimer: This notice is posted as a "public service announcement" and is not to be construed as an endorsement of a specific candidate by the Missouri Precinct Project/MOPP.


More resources/links for caucus/delegate information A Conversation with John Judd - 2012 Missouri Republican Caucus
Video: An interview by Lee Presser with John Judd, aide to MO Sen. Jim Lembke, about the caucus process Ctrl+click this link:

GOP Delegate Tracker

Website: It takes 1144 delegates to secure the Republican Partys nomination for presidentfollow the results of the 2012 Republican primaries and caucuses as the candidates accumulate their delegates Ctrl+click this link:


Video: How states choose their delegates for the national party conventions Ctrl+click this link:

The 2012 Values Voter Republican Presidential Voter Guide From Family Research Council (FRC)
Ctrl+click this link:

Conservative Stats: Mapping

Ctrl+click this link:


Missouri GOP caucuses look to be truer test than primary

BY JAKE WAGMAN > 314-622-3580 and BILL LAMBRECHT > 202-298-6880 Posted: Thursday, February 9, 2012 12:15 am | ST. LOUIS Rick Santorum scored his best night of the primary season on Tuesday, securing victories in three states, including a symbolic win in Missouri. But while the former Pennsylvania senator carried the Show-Me state by a wide margin he won every county and had more votes than all of the other GOP contenders combined he'll find a much different landscape when he returns to Missouri for next month's caucuses, which, unlike Tuesday's vote, will actually count toward awarding convention delegates. Santorum ran virtually uncontested on Tuesday. He was the only candidate to do any campaigning in the run-up to the vote. GOP front-runner Mitt Romney avoided the state altogether, while former House Speaker Newt Gingrich wasn't even on the ballot. And turnout was paltry, with more than 9 of 10 voters staying home. Santorum's success Tuesday may indeed give him a foundation of support and even mark him as the favorite to win the state's March 17 caucuses. But the unpredictability of the process and the tendency for momentum to be fleeting in this year's nominating contest means when it comes to looking ahead, little is certain. The caucuses could actually provide a boost for a candidate such as Ron Paul, a skilled organizer who has cultivated an enthusiastic base of support. It's hard to predict what role Gingrich, whose fortunes continue to roller-coaster, will play in the Missouri results. Of course, if the well-funded Romney decides to make Missouri a priority, he could quickly change the equation.

"The caucuses are very much more grass-roots, organized, structured type politics," said state Sen. Scott Rupp, R-Wentzville, a Santorum supporter. "There is a very high possibility that those candidates that are very organized on a grass-roots level will have the best showing."
Republicans can expect relatively small numbers of voters to take part in caucuses tens of thousands, as opposed to the hundreds of thousands that cast a ballot in even a lightly patronized primary election. The process will play out on a Saturday. Romney, the former Massachusetts governor, has at least one advantage: the support of many GOP power brokers in Missouri, from U.S. Sen. Roy Blunt, who has been tasked with corralling support for Romney on Capitol Hill, to former U.S. Sen. Jim Talent, who is advising Romney on the campaign trail. Talking about Tuesday's victory for Santorum in Missouri, Talent compared it with a game where "only one team was playing." "It wasn't an indicator of Missouri Republicans because Rick was the only one who campaigned," Talent said. "He was able to get out his message without anybody challenging it. That won't be the case with the caucuses." Talent said the Romney campaign already is lining up county coordinators and preparing a get-out-the-vote effort, adding that he expects a 'strong effort" in Missouri from Romney's national campaign and a visit to Missouri by the candidate. Santorum, meanwhile, is trying to build on his momentum. Speaking at a rally Tuesday night in St. Charles, Santorum told supporters that he still needs their help. "We're not done yet with you here in Missouri," Santorum said. "You've got a caucus coming up." Santorum also sent out a fundraising appeal Wednesday saying that he had 'shocked the moderate establishment and pulled off what the media elites said was impossible by winning three huge contests that we were told we couldn't win." While no delegates were awarded in Missouri, media outlets across the country treated the outcome as if a great deal was at stake. The front page of the Washington Post, for example, featured a four-column photo of Santorum with the headline, "Santorum's Breakthrough Night" and mentioned Missouri first in an accompanying story about his victories Tuesday night. Missouri may have given Santorum a push, but Missourians have not yet given him the wherewithal he will need to compete: Santorum reported just $7,000 in donations from Missouri in financial disclosures last week, compared with well over $1 million in Missouri money donated to Romney's campaign and hundreds of thousands more to his super PAC. Whether the path to the nomination ultimately leads through Missouri remains unclear. It will largely depend on what happens on March 6 "Super Tuesday" when 10 states weigh in on the Republican candidates for president. If Romney performs especially well on Super Tuesday, the likelihood of a meaningful Missouri caucus could be greatly diminished. But if the race grows even tighter, look for the national focus and the candidates to zoom in on Missouri again. THE PAUL FACTOR A caucus system is much different from a traditional election. In Missouri, voters will meet at county or township level meetings on March 17 to determine their preference for the nominee. While attendees may go through several rounds of voting, the key to victory is getting the most supporters to the polls. Money never hurts, but, as Santorum showed in his narrow victory in the Iowa caucuses, it may be more important to identify a core group of dedicated supporters rather than blanket the state with television ads or direct mail. When Missouri Republicans last used a caucus to pick their favorite candidate for president in 1996, it was Pat Buchanan's army of supporters that helped him upset the eventual nominee, Bob Dole. For the moment, though, the candidate with the most visible presence in Missouri may be Paul, whose supporters have set up an office in Brentwood. Mike Carter, a Republican candidate for lieutenant governor from O'Fallon, Mo., said he's in the process of arranging a slate of delegates for Paul, who has attracted many volunteers in the St. Louis area. The caucuses, Carter said, are "a more intimate, rubber-to-the-road setting than a primary, and real supporters show up. So it's better for him." Critics of the caucus process point out that even the most lightly attended primary vote has a greater turnout than a caucus. In Tuesday's election, over 326,000 ballots were cast in an extremely low turnout election. In 1996, only about 20,000 participated in the caucus, according to Secretary of State Robin Carnahan's office. Tuesday's "beauty contest" primary was the result of an attempt by the state GOP to comply with national party bylaws that permitted only a handful of states to hold primaries before March 6. After attempts to move the primary date back failed, the party opted to go to a caucus system to select its preferred nominee rendering the previously scheduled election inert.


Initially, local election officials predicted about a 23 percent turnout in Tuesday's election. But that estimate may have relied too much on past primary elections, when convention delegates were at stake. The actual turnout statewide Tuesday was 8 percent. Southwest Missouri, with its concentration of conservative voters, had the strongest turnout. St. Louis and St. Louis County had turnouts of less than 8 percent, as did Jefferson County. Turnout in St. Charles County was about 9 percent. Read more:


Just a reminder
Caucus Dates/Schedule

The delegate selection process, as agreed to by the state committee: *The County Caucuses will take place on March 17, 2012. At these caucuses, which are open to any Republican who is registered to vote in that county, attendees will select delegates and alternates to the Congressional District Conventions and State Convention. No delegates to the national convention are selected at this time. The number of delegates and alternates per county is determined by the Missouri Republican Party based upon the number of GOP votes cast in the last presidential election. * The Congressional District Conventions will take place on April 21, 2012. At each of these 8 conventions, delegates chosen at the county level will select 3 delegates and alternates to the National Convention and 1 presidential elector. The delegates and alternates will be required to declare allegiance to a candidate prior to the voting, and they will be bound to that candidate on the first ballotunless they are released prior to the convention. *The State Convention will take place on June 2, 2012. At this convention, delegates chosen at the county level will vote on 25 at-large delegates and alternates to the National Convention and 2 at large presidential electors. The delegates and alternates will be required to declare allegiance to a candidate prior to the voting, and they will be bound to that candidate on the first ballot unless they are released prior to the convention. In total, Missouri will have 52 delegates and 49 alternates to the Republican National Convention24 selected at the congressional district caucuses, 25 selected at the state convention, and 1 delegate (but no alternate) for the state Party chairman, national committeeman and national committeewoman. Sample Caucus Agenda 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) Call to order by County Chairman Pledge of Allegiance Invocation Election of Permanent Caucus Chairman Election of Permanent Caucus Secretary Reading of the Call to Convention by Caucus Secretary Appointment of Committees a) Credentials b) Tally c) Rules d) Platform Resolutions e) Parliamentarian 8) Reading, Discussion, & Approval of Caucus Rules 9) Recess for Committee Meetings and delegate recruitment. 10) Credentials Committee Report Certification of attendees and eligible voters 11) Election of _(#)_ Delegates and _(#)_ Alternates to the 2012 7thCongressional District Republican Convention for the purpose of electing three (3) Delegates and three (3) Alternates and one Presidential Elector to the Republican National Convention. a) Nomination of Delegates Slate(s) b) Nomination of Alternates Slate(s) 12) Election of _(#)_ Delegates and _(#)_ Alternates to the 2012 Republican State Convention for the purpose of electing 25 at-large delegates and alternates and two Presidential Electors to the Republican National Convention. a) Nomination of Delegates Slate(s) b) Nomination of Alternates Slate(s) 13) Report of the Platform/Resolutions Committee a) Presentation of amendments to the 2012 Platform Draft b) Voting on amendments 14) Other business 15) Adjournment



Go to the Ctrl+Click here:

HEADQUARTERS page at this link

Click on the Get Started Today box and Join (or Log In if you are already a registered Champion.)
(NOTE: When you fill out the simple sign up form it will ask who you were referred byif you are signing up because you heard about Champion the Vote from , we would appreciate it if you would enter name in the box. That helps both CTV and pinpoint where the referrals are coming from.)

Once you have joined, in you will get your Champion number.
(BE SURE to enter your number everytime you make calls so you receive proper credit for your work.)

Go directly to the Missouri Caucus page at this link Ctrl+Click here:

To make calls simply click on the purple Makes Calls button. A separate screen will then pop up with names and contact information, along with the prepared script below:

Phone Script
[Voicemail Script] Hello, this message is for _____. This is ____ with Champion the Vote and United in Purpose. We're a non-partisan Christian group working to get out the vote in 2012. I'm calling to encourage you to participate in the Missouri Caucus on March 17th. All eyes will be on Missouri, and it is important for Christians to make their voices heard. I hope you will consider voting in the caucus. To find the polling location near you please visit (repeat web address 2 times)

A Tip from :

When making calls, the person you are calling may ask if you know time, location, and/or date of their caucus. You can direct them to the link below where they can look up their countys caucus location (Note: St. Louis County will meet by townships; all 28 townships in STL County will be listed at this link as well.

Ctrl+Click here:

OR..If their county/township is not listed yet, you can either click on the ORANGE BUTTON labeled FIND YOUR CAUCUS which will take you to a map of Missouri where you can click on a Missouri county to find the names/contact information for that countys central committeeor you can give this link to your contact and they can contact their committee member(s) themselves

Ctrl+Click here:

You will then very conveniently document your call results (i.e., positive/negative response, wrong number, etc.) online, similar to the method used by phone banks.

(NOTE: The calls to caucus are time sensitive and need to be made prior to March 17th when the caucuses are scheduled to begin...HOWEVER, after that date, we would urge you to continue to make calls to get more conservatives registered to vote prior to November 2012.)
** This message is brought to you courtesy of the Missouri Precinct Project @ ** Please feel free to make copies of this page and circulate to your group members, friends and family and encourage them to make calls too!)



To Choose the Republican candidate for the upcoming election 2012, you must participate in the March 17 caucus. Do you know who, what, where, when, and how? If not, you will not be a part of this very important event, and you must know how to caucus. For information on the caucus process, join us at: Sullivan Elementary School Gym on Mar 2, 6-8PM at 104 W Washington St in Sullivan. Contact Sandra Davidson 314-420-8270 or call your committee chairperson, Kent Howell in Crawford and Tim Millerick in Franklin County.

is pleased to have been invited to participate in this meeting and we look forward to attending!

Saturday, March 3, 2012 2:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Westminster Christian Academy 800 Maryville Centre Drive Town & Country, Missouri 63017

No admission fee and live commercials of Missouris statewide candidates!

Your attendance is important to the young people organizing this event. Support our politically-engaged youth!
helping to organize are from Marquette High School, home school, Mizzou, Westminster Christian Academy and others. Students

This mock debate will feature Newt, Ron, Mitt and Rick taking questions from our distinguished panel. Debaters include Speaker-elect Tim Jones and Rep. Paul Curtman. The ever-popular John Hancock will emcee with his usual style and wit!
(Presented by I Heard The People Say, CWA of Missouri, Independence Forum, Alliance for Truth and Missouri Eagle Forum. Videography by Alex Rife. Inquiries to

SATURDAY, MARCH 10 10 a.m.

Macon County Patriots will have their meeting at the Church of the Open Door 32310 Hwy 63 South in Macon, at which time Aaron Baker will be guest speaker to discuss the upcoming caucuses.

The Federated Republican Women's Club of St. Louis is hosting its first annual essay contest for female high school seniors and college freshmen and sophomores living in the St. Louis area. This year's topic is economic freedom. The prize will be a $500 scholarship towards the student's college tuition or for use at the college bookstore. Submissions must be received by May 1 and the prize will be awarded at a FRW meeting on May 22. Contact Elise Kostial any questions. @ Chair, Youth Outreach Committee Federated Republican Women's Club of St. Louis (636) 230-7612


A Picture Is Worth a *Thousand Trillion Words.

(*modified to reflect the new norm)

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We are very pleased to announce that Kelly Jaye Pratt has agreed to serve as County Coordinator for Jefferson County. Kelly serves on the Jefferson County Tea Party Board and is very motivated grassroots activist. If you live in Jefferson County, please contact Kelly to become involved in your area to help MOPP em up in 12! You can contact Kelly @ Kelly is a regular contributor to the Jefferson County Tea Party website, so you can go here to catch up on Kellys great articles and opinion pieces!


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2012 Missouri Republican Party Platform Reclaiming Americas Future

PREAMBLE Most of what is important in life we do for ourselves, without the government. We form our own families and raise our own children. We choose what we want to do in life. We pray to our God as we choose; we form and join the religious and civic groups that care for our neighbors in need and shape the direction of our state. There are only a few things we need the government to do for us; but it should do those things well and faithfully. Missourians deserve a state and national government with the vision to see the bright future ahead, and the effective leadership to guide us there. We pledge to provide both the vision and the effective leadership Missourians deserve. WE BELIEVE that all of us are endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights including life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It is our fundamental belief that our morals, our values and our culture are derived from Almighty God. To quote the Psalmist, Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord. Psalm 33:12. WE BELIEVE that the strength of America is in the hearts and homes of its citizens. WE BELIEVE in the right of Missourians to be secure in their persons, their homes and their communities. WE BELIEVE government governs best when it governs least. WE BELIEVE that all political power is vested in and derived from the people; that all government originates from the people, is founded upon their will only, and is instituted solely for the good of the whole. WE BELIEVE the role of the federal government should be "to ensure domestic tranquility, to provide for the common defense and to promote the general welfare." And we believe that the 10th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution grants all other duties to the states. WE BELIEVE the Republican Party is the best vehicle to build on the principles of free enterprise, personal responsibility, economic opportunity, strong families, moral values and sound government. WE COMMEND the efforts of elected Republican officials at the county and local levels. We encourage their work to advance good government. WE COMMEND the efforts of elected Republican officials at the state level. Without question, Missourians are better off with Republicans leading both chambers of the Legislature. WE COMMEND the efforts of elected Republican officials at the federal level. We encourage their continued efforts to balance the federal budget, to reign in the growth of the federal bureaucracy, to empower the states and reverse the trend towards socialism and the high taxes that pay for it. WE BELIEVE that the first 3 years of the Obama-Biden administration has been marred by an unprecedented level of government spending and overreach. National Democrats have abused the political process to pass a health care bill that we believe to be unconstitutional. They have accelerated already-unsustainable federal spending and racked up record amounts of debt. And they have ushered in an era of out-of-control rule-making by federal agencies that has stalled the economic recovery.


WE BELIEVE the election of a Republican president and Republican U.S. Senate will reverse the past several years of Democrat mismanagement and, by reining in Washington and restoring government to its proper place, will give our citizens the opportunity to once again realize the American Dream.


DRAFT Freedom The people of Missouri should be taxed only to the extent necessary to provide a balanced budget funding the essential functions of government in a manner that is simple, equitable and uniform. Missouri families can be trusted to know how to spend their money more wisely than government. Free enterprise and fiscal responsibility go hand in hand. Creating an environment in which high quality, family-supporting jobs can flourish must be a priority. Job Creation We believe that the free market creates jobs and allocates resources much more efficiently than government. Extreme and unnecessary federal regulations have stifled innovation, killed jobs, and restrained the economic recovery. Whenever possible, the government should get out of the way and allow entrepreneurs and businesses small and large do what they do best: put Americans back to work. Therefore, the Missouri Republican Party SUPPORTS: Reducing government regulation and restrictions that prevent the creation of jobs and the growth of Missouri businesses. Enacting a moratorium on new federal regulations to reduce regulatory uncertainty caused by out-of-control federal bureaucracies. Reforming the workers compensation system to balance the rights of employees and their employers. Continued efforts to limit job-killing frivolous lawsuits. Opening new markets for Missouri products. Making the 2001 federal tax cuts permanent. Eliminating the Death Tax. Eliminating the Alternative Minimum Tax. Reducing the overall combined tax burden. Revitalizing Missouris urban communities through policies that encourage the creation of jobs and economic opportunities in those areas. Spending & Debt In recent years, the federal government has seen an unprecedented explosion of debt that will have to be paid off by future generations. This must be stopped, before its too late. Governments must learn to live within their meansjust as Missouri families do every day. Therefore, the Missouri Republican Party SUPPORTS: Passage of a federal Balanced Budget Amendment. Balancing the state budget without increasing taxes. Streamlining of government services to avoid duplication at the city, county and state level. Continuing to streamline the state and federal government by eliminating fraud, waste and abuse. Using technology and improved management principles to deliver the highest quality of government services at the lowest possible cost. Keeping and enforcing the Hancock Amendment and electing officials who respect its goals and principles. Performance of government functions at the level of government closest to the people that can most efficiently perform the task. Health Care Freedom Every Missouri citizen should be able to choose and access a health plan that meets their needs at a price they can afford, without the interference of the federal government. Seniors deserve more health care choices and assistance where needed to enable them to access appropriate care and services.


DRAFT Therefore, the Missouri Republican Party SUPPORTS: Efforts to overturn Obamacare and the individual mandate, including the various constitutional challenges to the law. Proposition C, which exempts Missouri from the federal health care laws individual mandate, and which Missourians passed with an overwhelming 71% of the vote in 2010. Allowing every American to purchase health insurance policies across state lines. Giving every American the ability to maintain a Health Savings Account (HSA), and removing any requirement that individuals must obtain a high-deductible insurance policy before opening up an HSA. Empowering Missourians to purchase their own personal health insurance, including allowing small business owners to join together to purchase quality, affordable health insurance for themselves and their employees. Missouris legal reform law that stopped the abuse and misuse of Missouri's judicial system through the filing of frivolous lawsuits and has allowed doctors to remain in our state. Cap & Trade & the Environment At a time when the state and federal economy is faltering, some in Washington have proposed extreme, job-killing measures to regulate carbon dioxide. While it is important to balance economic growth and the environment, these regulations, which would raise prices on every single person in the country, are a step too far. Therefore, the Missouri Republican Party SUPPORTS: Efforts to prevent any state or federal cap & trade scheme from taking effect. Efforts to prevent EPA from unilaterally regulating carbon dioxide. Providing reliable, affordable and environmentally sound energy for America's future, reducing our dependence on foreign sources of energy and responsibly providing for the development of our domestic energy sources. Efforts to promote conservation and diversify our energy supply. Environmental regulation premised upon sound free market principles and elimination of environmental regulation that imposes excessive financial burdens for tenuous incremental benefit. Educating Our Children Education is a true vehicle of opportunity. The education of Missouri's children is much more than the first fiscal priority mandated in the Missouri Constitution. It is our moral imperative. Therefore, the Missouri Republican Party SUPPORTS: Efforts at the state and federal levels to adopt a fair system that grants parents the ability to help their children escape failing schools and attend schools of their choicewhether private, charter, or public. Quick action to address the urban education crisis that has already sacrificed the futures of generations of young people. The foundation formula that funds education based on the needs of our children rather than the taxing capacity of a school district. Education savings accounts that are tax exempt and may be used for meeting education expenses for each individual or family member without penalty for withdrawal. Local school boards in their efforts to guarantee quality instruction and to remove an unfit teacher. Reforming teacher tenure to ensure that the best teachers, regardless of their length of employment, remain in classrooms. Establishing a merit pay system that rewards the most effective teachers. Policies to reduce bullying in schools. Policies that stress the importance of parents in the education system and allow and encourage parents to play an active role in their local education system. The authority of parents as the primary educators of their children in all matters, including morality and sexual responsibility.


The fundamental right of parents to raise their children according to the convictions of their family and faith, to be the primary authority to determine and direct the nurturing, health care, education, guidance, discipline, and moral upbringing of their children including, the ability to home-school or send children to faith-based schools free of burdensome government regulations.


DRAFT Protecting children in our public schools and any public entity where computers and the Internet are made readily available from pornography on the Internet, with local entities choosing the proper filter. Rejecting the establishment of school-based clinics/health links that dispense contraceptives and provide abortion counseling. Requiring the informed consent of a parent or guardian before providing health, mental health or substance abuse treatment services to minor students in public schools. Empowering local school districts to determine how best to handle the teaching of creationism and the theory of evolution. Encouraging people to use their real life experience to teach in elementary and secondary schools. Property Rights Landowners have the right to manage their property as good stewards of the land without government interference. We believe the source of our riches is embodied in the production of our foods and the protection of our environment. We realize the wealth of our nation comes from the land and the conservation and wise use of our resources are essential to the future of America. We understand that agriculture is Missouris largest industry and we support the great work of all our farming families. Therefore, the Missouri Republican Party SUPPORTS: The restricted use of eminent domain only in cases when it is necessary for the benefit of the general public and only when full and adequate compensation is provided to the property owner. Policies and programs that enhance agricultural production. Value-added production and job growth by processing our raw agricultural products in Missouri. A long-term agricultural policy that enhances Missouri family farms and their ability to compete. A common sense approach to environmental policy by both the federal and state governments that does not infringe upon the rights of landowners. Limitations upon excessive land use regulation and zoning that deny property owners the fair use of their property. Policies that recognize that food production and environmental protection are both essential to life in our society. Sound river management policies that do not threaten the flooding of farmland. Encouraging the pursuit of agriculture, promoting agriculture-based economic opportunities, and protecting farming in Missouri by allowing agricultural uses and related activities to function with minimal conflict. Security Freedom is not America's gift to the world; freedom is God's gift to each individual. America has a solemn duty to stand for freedom, at home and abroad, and a special responsibility to help make the world a more peaceful place. Fighting for freedom in foreign lands helps prevent the necessity of fighting the enemies of freedom in our homeland. Homeland Security Since September 11, 2001, America has made tremendous progress in protecting and defending our homeland. We have improved the government's ability to protect our infrastructure, guard our borders and patrol our skies. Therefore, the Missouri Republican Party SUPPORTS: Taking the War on Terror directly to the enemies of freedom. The continued work of the federal and state Departments of Homeland Security and the increased coordination of the gathering and use of intelligence.


The fair application of the Patriot Act as a means to provide law enforcement authorities with the tools necessary to prevent terrorist attacks while protecting our individual liberties. Greater security at our borders to prevent illegal immigrants and terrorists from entering our country. Revamping the system of monitoring the status of all visas, including student and work visas, and mandating better background checks on all aliens applying for visas. All efforts to root out the agents of terror and protect Americans from the evils of terrorism.


DRAFT Strong National Defense Defending the nation against its enemies is the first and fundamental commitment of the federal government. America must use its position of unparalleled strength and influence t o cr eat e a balance of power in the world that favors freedom. Therefore, the Missouri Republican Party SUPPORTS: A strong national defense that protects our strategic interests and those of our allies. Extending the peace by seeking to spread the benefits of freedom and prosperity across the globe and fostering an era of good relations among the world's great powers. Committing the resources necessary to fight and to win the War on Terror, including ongoing military and civilian operations around the world. Defending the peace by opposing and preventing violence by terrorists and outlaw regimes both at home and abroad. The expansion of all technologies, including the national missile defense system, which will allow the United States to intercept any nuclear attack before it reaches our borders. Protecting the size and strength of our armed forces. Improving the compensation provided to military personnel and providing better benefits to their spouses and families. Honoring our commitment to all military personnel, veterans and their families. Maintaining and expanding each of our excellent military facilities in Missouri. A strong Missouri National Guard and Reserve as an element of the national military structure and to provide support to civil authority, in time of emergency or disaster. All troops deployed by the United States government. The integrity and independence of our U.S. troops under U.S. command. The military's courageous efforts to protect us from the threat of global terrorism. The special relationship between our state and nation and our strong ally Israel. Protecting our Borders Americas immigrants helped forge a nation built on a foundation of laws. We welcome those who continue to look to America to pursue life, liberty and the pursuit of happinessand we owe it to the legal immigrants who respected our nations laws to prevent those who break our rules from entering the country illegally. Securing our borders against illegal immigration must be a priority in the ongoing battle against international terrorism and in our efforts to ensure that only law-abiding citizens receive the benefits to which they are entitled. Therefore, the Missouri Republican Party SUPPORTS: An immigration policy that does not include amnesty for illegal immigrants. Preventing illegal immigrants from receiving taxpayer benefits. Securing the border to prevent illegal immigrants or terrorists from entering the country. Fair and effective efforts to assure that people who register to vote in our elections are indeed citizens of the United States lawfully entitled to cast a ballot. Empowering state and local law enforcement agencies with the authority, responsibility, and resources needed to detain illegal immigrants within the course of their regular duties. Punishing employers who knowingly hire illegal immigrants. Law Enforcement and the Administration of Justice The Missouri Republican Party is committed to supporting our brave law enforcement personnel and a fair and swift judicial system that protects us from those who would hurt our families or threaten our communities. Missourians deserve protection from the concerns and fears associated with crime and drugs. Our law enforcement officers are putting their lives on the line every day to protect us. They need and deserve our help. Therefore, the Missouri Republican Party SUPPORTS:


Protection of individual liberties guaranteed under the Constitution.


DRAFT Appointment of federal and state judges who believe in the rule of law and understand that the role of a judge is to interpret our laws, not make them. Preventing activist judges from violating the Missouri Constitution by imposing burdensome taxes on hard-working Missourians. Opening the selection process for Missouri State Judges to the public in accordance with the Sunshine Law. Efforts by the Missouri General Assembly to improve the selection of Missouri judges and reduce the influence of special interests in the selection process. Expansion of state laws that fully protect our children against sexual predators. Aggressive enforcement of existing laws related to child pornography and adult-oriented industries that target Missouri families and children, and further development of law enforcement tools to protect Missourians from such exploitation. Continued efforts to address the special concerns of spouses, children, older people and others who become victims of abuse. An act of Congress mandating the supremacy and controlling authority of the U.S Constitution and federal law and the constitutions and laws of the several states and prohibiting federal courts from according any United Nations or foreign court declaration, law or precedent any weight or authority greater than such federal and state constitutional and statutory authority. Restricting the transfer of power and sovereignty from our United States government to foreign powers and international organizations. Prohibiting the further expansion of gambling within Missouri beyond that already authorized. Strict enforcement of current laws on gambling. Zero tolerance for illegal drugs and those who make, sell and distribute illegal drugs. Preserving and interpreting the Bill of Rights, including the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution, in the manner intended by the founding fathers. State law allowing law-abiding Missourians to carry concealed firearms and other Second Amendment protections such as the Castle Doctrine and the protection of those rights during emergencies. The strict enforcement of existing gun laws but not the creation of new and unnecessary gun control laws. Limiting frivolous lawsuits against gun manufacturers. Limiting governments ability to over-regulate ownership of all guns and firearms. Efforts by the Federal Communications Commission to enhance the enforcement of obscenity and decency standards on television and radio, and to increase the punishments for violators. Swift judgment and sure and appropriate punishment of those who are guilty, with limits on the number of appeals. Capital punishment where called for and administered in a fair and constitutional manner with all protection afforded by judicial review but without protracted and frivolous appeals. Greater latitude for law enforcement officials to use incriminating evidence in the courts. Creating a consistent standard for trying violent juvenile offenders as adults. Making records of violent juvenile offenders available to school and local authorities. Requiring drug testing for welfare recipients when there is reasonable suspicion that the individual is using illicit substances. Protecting the Integrity of Elections The legitimacy of our democracy comes from the knowledge that every American has equal say in the elections that determine the direction of our nation. Those who cheat not only dilute the lawfully cast ballots of their fellow Missourians, but they undermine the foundation of our entire political system. Therefore, the Missouri Republican Party SUPPORTS: Requiring voter photo-identification to prevent voter fraud. Efforts to assure fair and honest elections, making sure all legally cast votes are not diluted, but are counted so that all participants respect the integrity of the election.


Creating a more efficient and secure system of voting by our military personnel, which guarantees that those who are on the front lines have a say in governing our country. Strict and swift prosecution of election fraudincluding ACORN-style voter registration fraud. The use of fair and nonbiased ballot language for petition-driven initiatives. Special elections in the event of vacancies in statewide constitutional offices.


DRAFT Faith & Family Families are the bedrock of Missouri. This question should measure every public policy: Does it strengthen or weaken our families? Policies that strengthen our families should be pursued. Those that would weaken the family structure must be discarded. The Fundamental Right to Life God-given rights for all citizens including the fundamental right to life for born and unborn children, the aged, the terminally ill and the handicapped should be provided for in our laws and in our Constitution. We believe that life begins at conception and reaffirm our support for a human life amendment to the Constitution. We endorse legislation to make clear that the Fourteenth Amendment's protections apply to unborn children, and encourage those institutions, including faith-based initiatives, that take a proactive approach in teaching sexual responsibility including abstinence to our young people. Therefore, the Missouri Republican Party SUPPORTS: Legislation overturning Roe v. Wade and the appointing of federal and state judges that respect the sanctity of innocent human life. Current state law providing women seeking an abortion with information regarding alternatives such as adoption, and increasing tax credits to encourage adoption. Legislation requiring that a minor obtain parental notification and consent before obtaining an abortion. An immediate end to partial birth abortions. Preventing taxpayer money from being spent on abortions or being given to organizations, which perform abortions or make abortion referrals. Legislation that prevents public employees from making abortion referrals. Current state law that ensures that abortion clinics meet the same Department of Health standards required of comparable surgical facilities in the state. The compassionate work of individuals and organizations that offer alternatives to abortions by meeting the physical, emotional and financial needs of pregnant women and those support systems necessary for legal adoption. Legislation to prohibit all human cloning. Legislation to define and standardize Missouris informed consent law, and to prohibit and penalize coercion of women to have an abortion. Legislation to prohibit "assisted suicide." Marriage The traditional family is the foundation of our great history and critical to our future. Building futures through hard work and personal responsibility are American values that should be encouraged by government policy. Therefore, the Missouri Republican Party SUPPORTS: Missouris constitutional amendment approved by more than 70 percent of Missourians clearly stating that only marriages between one man and one woman will be valid and recognized, whether performed in Missouri or any other state or nation. Efforts to promote healthy marriages. A permanent end to the marriage penalty in the tax code. Faith Missouri's many and diverse faith communities are critical to the rich fabric of our society. Government has nothing to fear from people of faith and much to gain. Faith communities should be embraced and allowed to offer assistance to those in need without undue


bureaucratic interference. The most powerful sources of charity, virtue, and shared prosperity in our society are not found in government, but in families, houses of worship, charities, and free markets.


DRAFT The Missouri Republican Party believes in protecting the religious freedom of citizens. Therefore, the Missouri Republican Party SUPPORTS: Freedom to practice religion, as an individual choice, including the ability to pray in school. Protecting the acknowledgement of God in our public life. Keeping the phrase "one nation under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance. Keeping "In God We Trust" on our currency and in other public declarations. All efforts to honor and preserve America's religious heritage, including the public display of the 10 Commandments or other religious symbols, and remaining true to the principles upon which this nation was founded.