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Coconut Tree Farming For the past few decades our economy has been constantly falling. A good kind of business is now a necessity to keep up with our economy. Now a good kind of business should, no not just should but must have a good kind of product. One that has a lot of uses can be made easily and is needed by everyone. This best describes the coconut tree. This tree has a countless number of uses, from its fruits down to its trunk. And in a place like ours, this tree can mostly be grown anywhere. So ladies and gentlemen coconut tree farming, were just trees away from keeping up with the economy.

II. Executive Summary

Name of the firm: Butong Dako Location: 123 ABC St. ASDF, QWERTY City 5,000 square meters Existing rights of way: 1) All roads in the area are made of asphalt 2) Water is supplied by a near river and NAWASA Transportation and Facilities: Jeepneys, Taxis, Motorcycles, Pot-pot, Multicabs, any of the following can be used. Legal Regulations: Mayors Permit, Barangay Clearance Medical Facilities: A medical clinic is available in the site Reasons for selecting the site:

The firm chose the location because it has an industrial and commercial viability. It has very good roads. All the necessary requirements are met. Descriptive definition: Farming has been a main living of many Filipinos. It earns big amounts of money, provides the needs for the people and help run the economy. Especially when the output has many uses like the coconut tree. That tree has so many uses from making lumber, fruits, oil, vinegar etc. Combine that with mass production and well make a big profit out of it. Long-range Objectives: Our goal for the future time is to export our different products made from the coconut tree to different parts of the world. Project highlights: Timetable The construction for the site will take about 3 months and it will be ready for operation 3 days after. The machineries will be delivered within those 3 days. Nature of operation The business will belong to the farming industry. The products will be made from the coconut tree. Our business will play a big role in the economy Findings and Conclusion: Market Feasibility The buyers of the products will mostly be the people, these people will be located anywhere around the world. Well, I havent even started the business so how the fawk am I going to know the past, present and future demand. The sources of supply will be in our business, pricing will be depending on the product. Competition in the market would probably be tough so I like chocolate and me is sleepy. Now the question What is the status of demand? we are about to find out about that. Is there an unsatisfied demand? read the first answer. How can the unsatisfied demand be filled? you fill it with satisfied demands. Is there suppy? yes. What would b the marketing programs of the study that would address the filling in of demand? first of all is to win the competition, attract costumers through advertising and etc. Technical and Production Feasibility The products will be made from the coconut tree. They will be produced through mass production. The technology to be used are going to be a lot and very complicated. The production sized will be bigger than yours. The location is in

the location part of this paper, go find it. The plant sized will be big. Its layout will be very stiff so that it can withstand an enormous amount of force. Now for the workers they should be intelligent enough to do their jobs. The building requirements are all doors locks, because all of the lamps are helmet to the shoes of your paper and the cellphones are usually speakers. The waste disposal will be properly handled, we will be putting a good waste disposal because sanitation is very important. Financial Feasibility In this area most of the things we will tackle is the budget of the business. Since the business is a big one, a corporation. Its very obvious that it is going to take a lot of money to make it, like lets say more that a couple of millions of pesos. All of that money will be spent for the making of the business, from its building, machineries, materials, etc. Why do investors put their money in the business? Because they want their money to grow, it takes money get money. And when can investors recover their investments? Well it depends on how the business has been running. Socio economic feasibility So who can benefit the study? Of course it is going to be us, why the hell would we make a study for the government, they should get their own study. Now what are the effects of the project on society and the economy as a whole? A business will be added to the society which is our business and well be able to help grow the economy through our business. It is both beneficial to the people and in line with the economys development program. Management feasibility Our business will be having different departments with each of their special purpose. The job description will be depending on what job a certain person is applying, for example if he is applying for a janitor then his description will be to keep the place clean. The job specification will also depend on what type of job but what is important is that the employee should be smart enough for the job and must accomplished the given tasks. Our form of business will be a corporation because it will be faster to expand. And yes it is compatible with the industry standards.

I. Organizational and Management Study

Reasons in forming the organization:

We formed our organization because we want to use the things that are abundant in our society, make different products out of it, and show it to the people. We want to prove that we can make our very own Filipino products into an international product. Type of organization: The type of organization that we are creating is a corporation. Organizational structure: Our organizational structure will be composed of a variety of highly skilled open-minded people. Here is an example of how they will be organized:

Officers and Key Personnel: President This person is the one who will lead the company; he will be the one who will make the decisions with the help of the VPs. Which means he should have the important skill of leadership and wise decision making. VPs They will be the one who will be helping the president in making decisions. They also have their own specific area where they will be assigned according to their skill whether it is sales, production or marketing. They have to be responsible in their area so that the company will run smoothly. Managers They will be in charged of the employees of the company, which means that they have to monitor the employees that they are actually working. They have to have a skill of management to do their job properly. Employees They will be the ones who will be doing the work for the company. There is going to be a lot of number of these guys and they should have the right skill depending on what they will be working on. Project Schedule:

III. Market Study

Description of the market: As of now, the market is high on competition. Many different businesses are creating ways to be on top. Prices of different products increase from time to time, maybe its just inflation. Big companies are gradually shutting down our small businesses. Its a tough world out there, we have to adapt to the different changes to survive. Demand Potential: The demand potential will depend on the people who will be buying our products. If we will have a big number of costumers then it is expected that we will be having a high demand potential and if not then it will not be good for our business. Supply Aspects: We would probably have an incredible amount of supply because we can just grow our own products. As long as we have the materials for planting our products we would have a low chance of having no supply, unless we get to sold out our products. So our supply would just depend on our materials for the supply to be made. Competitive Positioning: Since there is always competition in business, we should always strive to become the best to stay on top of the competition. We can do that through creative advertising, exposing our products to the people who might become potential costumers. Another good way of staying on top of the competition is to do things differently than what other businesses have been doing one way or another. Proposed Marketing Program: Client Research Project One of our proposed marketing programs is a client research project. We made this proposal so that we can easily sell fast our products to sure buyers. We made this possible by advertising through the whole community and with the help of the Internet. Tour de Coco

Another program that we proposed is the Tour de Coco. It is a program which we tour the people through our place so that they can see how unique our place is. They will see how our products will be made from start to finish. This idea is good for business because people will see our products as well as get a tour to our facilities, which might increase the chance of them becoming potential costumers. Projected Sales We predict that we will be having a lot of projected sales based on our marketing programs and our variety of products made from the coconut tree. We will be growing a mass production of coconut trees. Then sell it to our clients, so basically we are somewhat also like a supplier of coconut trees which is why we would make a ton of projected sales this coming year.

Products: 1) coconut milk for cooking, by adding it as the liquid ingredient in cooking dried gabi or taro leaves (a delicacy in Bicol region, Philippines, sometimes known us 'Bicol express' if fiery red labuyo peppers were added into it, so hot) 2) coconut husk as floor polisher,is common in elementary grades in the Philippines. We were assigned as cleaners for designated days (Mondays thru Fridays) and we used to polished the floor with coconut husk . 3) coconut shells for fuel,is often used by villagers who didn't have electric or LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) as source of fuel. Even today, when we ran out of gas or LPG, I still use the coconut shells as fuel. 4) young coconut meat for snacks, the 'buko' or young coconut with succulent soft whitey and fleshy meat is often the favorite snacks in the barrio or even in the city, here in Manila. It costs 50 cents in dollar value if you happen to tour the Philippines. Try it, I'm not kidding, it's a healthy snack. If you have UTI (urinary track infection) you can drink the cool, fresh coconut water for an immediate relief. 5) coconut milk for hair spa or conditioner,is usually used by the villagers in the barrio, especially those girls who have long strands of hair. It leaves a shiny look and fresh smell to the hairs, after you squeeze some juice of lime or lemon. You hair will never look dry.

6) coconut leaves for roofing materials, are still used by farmers who cannot afford expensive roofing materials. 7) coconut timber for lumber,is more affordable than other lumber materials. 8) coconut ribs for brooms,are still used in the country, especially the street sweepers in the city. Every household have two or three sets of coconut brooms for cleaning pusposes. 9) young coconut meat for sweets (bukayo in Bicol term or Filipino term),is like tart in taste. 10) matured coconut meat for copra used in producing cooking oil,is affordable and cholesterol-free. You can make a homemade coconut oil by just letting it boil in the wok or frying pan until the liquid part became transparent. Bonus: coconut heart (the sweet soft part of coconut timber at top part with young leaves) as viand (as in 'ubod ng niyog' ) like young artichoke. Manufacturing Process Method: The processes in producing the main product are as follows: a. b. c. d. e. f. Plant the seed. Wait for it to grow. Harvest the trees. Separate the different parts of the tree. Make the other products made from the different parts of the tree. Keep doing letters a f.

Plant Size: 5,000 Square Meters

Production schedule: Production starts at exactly 8:00 in the morning until 5:00 in the afternoon.

Machineries and Equipments Needed:

Most of the machines that we will need will be for farming and for the production of our products, some of these are chainsaws, tractors, chisel plows and a machine that has a conveyer belt which helps in separating the parts of our product. We would also need transportation so we will also need a couple of trucks. Plant location: 123 ABC St. ASDF, QWERTY City Building and Facilities: Since most of what we will be doing is planting, the majority of our area will be covered in trees. So for the building and its components will have an estimated cost of about 3 million considering that our area is 5000 square meters big. Raw Materials: The raw materials that we will be needing is the seed of our trees and fertilizers, those are the main raw materials that we need. Utilities: The utilities that we will need are water, electricity, fuel. Since we have a big area, it is expected that we will having a big amount to pay for the utilities. Waste Disposal: We will have our own waste disposal that has a place for each kind of garbage. We will also promote recycling in our business to help with the environment. Production Cost: For the production cost, it may range about 3-5 million depending on the situation we are in.

II. Financial feasibility

Total Project Cost: For the whole project an estimated 15 million pesos will be needed to make it possible.

Initial Capital Requirements: We would probably have an initial capital of 8 million pesos.

Pre-operating Cash Flows: Probably about 3 million pesos.

III. Contribution to the Philippine Economy

We at the Butong Dako will have a great contribution to the Philippine economy because our products will be made in our motherland which we can export to other countries which means their money will be flowing in our country when we start to export internationally. We will also provide job opportunities for our fellow kababayan, for them to have a living. Not only that we will also show everyone how one thing that has a lot of uses can have a big impact to our economy.