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When the cocaine got chopped up on the table, Julie leaned over it pressing her right nostril and snorted a small line up her left nostril, she had to snatch her head back as her brain and face tingled. All her problems Everything seemed to just drift away to another land, as she became engulfed in an orgasmic sensation of euphoria. seemed to move in slow motion as she ran her fingers through her long, dirty blond hair and slowly slumped herself back into the comfortable hotel room chair. As the Meek Millz song House Party blared out the alarm clock radio through an iPod, life just seemed so simple for her. She grinned as she watched her friends Amy and Melanie toast shots of liquor with her two black guy friends, and couldnt help but feel on top of the world, as she slowly ran her tongue across her front teeth under her top lip. Amy and Melanie shared similar habits with Julie, yet still stayed pretty like her, which kept her clinging to them. She knew her guy black guy friends werent really her friends, but she enjoyed partying with them when it was their treat. The night seemed to be going as perfect as she couldve ever wanted a warm, summer, Saturday night could go. She popped a blue dolphin ecstasy pill and chased it down with a beer, and watched her girlfriends as they danced around the big double bed room to the music circulating from that small clock radio. Her two guy friends rolled up more marijuana in Dutchmaster cigars, as

they giggled to each other watching the three girls slowly wind out of control. She heard a knock at the door through the music and got up to answer it. Her friends laughed at her as she slowly made her way to the door, trying not to stumble. She looked through the peephole, and grinned as she opened the door to let another man into the room. The tall grungy looking white guy, who wore a big shiny, gold chain over an off-white tee shirt smirked, as he hugged her when he came into the room. sitting on the beds rolling up marijuana. His expression He pulled her straightened up when he locked eyes with the two black guys into the doorway of the bathroom, just to the right of the hotel door, and showed her two bags of heroin and three bags of cocaine in his hand. She took the bags and put a $50 bill in his empty hand. He grinned at her and quickly left the room, as to not become too much of an interruption to them. After she locked the latch on the door, she turned around to see one of the guys and Amy kissing intimately, and she bit her lip as she leaned up against the door. her own hands up her slim hips and caressed her B-cup breasts. She slowly gathered herself from off the door and walked over to them. A yearning feeling of arousal drenched her subtly, as she ran

Four hours later. Julie, Amy, and Melanie were laughing hard as they walked along the city street. I mean Im fucked up, but there was no way in hell I was really gonna do that guy with you. Oh yes you would have. Julie confessed.

And I know all he was Amy

thinking was, just one more line and I got her too!

exclaimed, as they all laughed hysterically. Amy was taller than the other two girls, but curvier, as she had to keep pulling her miniskirt down every few steps because it would ride up her bulging hips. No I would not! anyway for all that. I knew he didnt have enough money Julie admitted.

Amy laughed at her and shook her head. So girls, my friend Tom said theres a party goin on right now at his place, you wanna go? Melanie suggested, with her eyes looking almost closed behind her curly brown hair, and stumbles a bit in her high heels that seemed to make her legs under her jean skirt look skinnier than what they really were. Julie and Amy looked at each other and start laughing madly, and Melanie looked at them confused and inquired, Whats so funny? and opened her eyes completely.

Oh come on, even if we say no, we all know youre just gonna leave us and go anyway. Julie said. Amy added, and she

Yeah, to your little pimp, Tom. and Julie laughed at Melanie again. Dont say that! anyway.

Hes not my pimp Not a real one

Melanie contested with a smirk.

Wait a minute, didnt you do his friend James? Julie asked. Melanie paused, and Julie and Amy laughed hard at her again.

Brandon made a right down Main St and spotted the three girls from his green Honda Accord, as he accelerated down the street. standing. Amy and Melanie quickly straightened up and walked off from Julie as he jumped out the car in hast. Brandon was a well built black guy with very dark skin already, but his head full of dread locks under his grey hooded sweatshirt added even more intimidation to his stature. His obvious state of anger did nothing for him, but made him seem like an even bigger problem than anyone may have given him credit to being. He slammed on his brakes, just letting his tire stop halfway up on the curb where they were

Julie straightened up and backed up against the metal gate of a closed store as he quickly walked up towards her. Get your ass in the car now! door. She snatched her arm away as he opened the door. He looked at her in fury, and grabbed her again, Dont make me make an even bigger scene out here then I already have. Now get in the gotdamn car, now! he said in a deep, low-toned growl. She reluctantly got in the car and he shut the door behind her. He quickly walked around the car, got in, and pulled off in a screech. He said sharply, as he

grabbed her by her arm and walked her to the passenger

They make a hasty left turn and he parked up on the opposite side of the well-lit, suburban, residential street. Brandon got out while Julie stayed in the car nodding in a daze. He slammed his car door, which startled her out Wake up and get out. of her daze, and he walked around to her side of the car and opened her door.

She wiped her mouth and took a sip of her bottled water, then slowly attempted to get out of the car.

He snatched her out the car and she stumbled to her feet. Whats your problem? she asked, trying to sound calm. Youre my problem, and you about to have a bigger problem! Where is it? I know you got it give it to me!

I dont have any! Dont lie to me, give it me! I know you got some He said as his fist

money on you, so give it all to me!

clenched up, and he quickly slammed her up against the car. She tried to snatch herself away from him. Give it the fuck up Jules! No! Get off me, please! He barked at her.

She pleaded, while still

in a partial daze. Dont make me break ya face out here! now! looked around at the undisturbed houses. Give it up

He yelled, but tried to keep his voice down as he

Officer Johnson leisurely turned a corner in his squad car as Detective Coppello rode in the passenger seat.

Im telling you bro, if youve ever had a 100% Italian woman, youd think twice about going back to the sisters, I promise you! Detective Coppello pleaded.

Officer Johnson looked over at him and laughed almost uncontrollably. serious. Youre joking right?! You cant be He said as he looked over at the shorter OliveHe actually did have an Italian

toned man in disbelief.

woman before, but didnt know what his fuss was all about. What are you kiddin me? Of course Im serious!

Detective Coppello exclaimed, as he looked back at the bulky, brown skinned, chiseled faced man. Have you ever even had a black woman before? Officer Johnson asked softly. Detective Coppello thought and paused, then answered, Well, not necessarily. me. Officer Johnson chuckled, Yeah, all that booty had you under pressure huh? Aw what do you mean? to go around! Coppello protested. Well why havent you dealt with a sister before then? Officer Johnson asked with a smirk, as he looked He over to watch Detective Coppello answer the question. Italian chicks got plenty ass Detective But a lot of them have come on to

Thats what Im used to anyway!

looked back on the road as he turned another corner and saw

Brandon and Julie on the street, as Detective Coppello started to answer his question. I mean in those days my fam- What the hell is this? Detective Coppello cuts himself short as he saw Brandon standing over Julie in the middle of the street. Officer Johnson sped up and screeched to a stop when he approached them. Brandon looked up at the officers jumping out of the squad car and paused, then turned to run. Hey, hey! Get back here! Officer Johnson yelled as

he reached for his gun in its holster. Detective Coppello fired a shot in the air and Brandon froze as he only got several feet away. Dont shoot! Im not running dont shoot. Brandon

said as he tried to stay calm. Officer Johnson looked at Detective Coppello with a bit of disbelief, as he helped Julie off the ground as she gave a dazed and confused stare at Detective Coppello rushing past her towards Brandon. Detective Coppello put his gun back in his holster, and pulled out his cuffs, as he approached Brandon. He quickly dropped him to his knees and began cuffing him. Got caught beating ya little white girl in the middle of the street huh? Then tried to flee the scene? Not smart

at all brotha, especially not in this state.

You know what

they do to woman beaters in jail around here, huh? Detective Coppello said in Brandons ear as he patted him down and checked his pockets. Brandon looked up at him confused. youve made a mistake here. Officer, I think

Brandon said calmly. And Im not blind, so

Its Detective kid, Detective! up.

I think youre the one that made the mistake here pal, get

Mr. and Mrs. Powell ran out of their front door with their robes on, into the street where the four of them were. Whoa whoa, what the hell is going on here? Powell asked. Sir Im going to have to ask you to calm down first. Detective Coppello warned, as he slowly walked Brandon towards the squad car. I dont have to calm down! breaking my sons arm! that! Mr. Powell demanded. And it looks like youre Mr.

Get those cuffs off of him like

Mrs. Powell looked over at Julie and Julie put her head down in shame. something officer? Then she looked at Officer Johnson and Is she under arrest or started walking towards them.

No maam, we actually helped her out before that young man put a number on her. at Julie. Mrs. Powell looked at Julie and said, Julie, get over here. Im sorry maam, but she has to come down to the station and make a statement first. follow if youd like. her stare at Julie. Johnson asked. Yes he is, and sh-, she was cut off at the sound of Detective Coppellos loud voice. Sir Im not going to tell you again to back off and calm down! Who the hell do you think youre talking to? know who I am? work week! Take those damn cuffs off of my son Do you Youre welcome to Officer Officer Johnson said as he watched He said as he looked down

Maam is that youre son?

immediately, or Ill have your badge by the end of this Mr. Powell demanded. Youre welcome to follow us

Im taking this man in. to the station if you-

I dont need to follow you to no station because you arent taking him anywhere, now give me my son! them. Mr. Powell said cutting him off, as he quickly walked up on

Detective Coppello quickly pulled his gun on Mr. Powell, while he kept a tight grip on Brandons right wrist. Sir Im going to charge you with obstruction of He said as he justice, now thats youre last warning! aimed his pistol at Mr. Powells nose. Dont shoot him! Shut up kid! Brandon pleaded.

Detective Copello snapped. Officer Johnson said, and

Detective, easy.

Detective Coppello glanced sharply at Officer Johnson. Sir Im gonna need you and your wife to go stand on the curb. I dont want to arrest you, but I will. Officer Johnson ordered. Mr. Powell turned and glared at Detective Johnson. Why you son of a- He started as he reached to tighten He hollered the belt on his robe, and Detective Coppello shot him in the back of his right arm and spun him around. as he dropped to his knees in pain and grabbed his arm. No! again. Mrs. Powell gasped as she rushed over and knelt down next to her husband, scared to touch all the blood gushing from his arm, as Mr. Powell hunched over in pain. Dad?! Brandon hollered, as he tried to shake

Detective Coppello off of him, but got dropped to his knees

Ahh you bastard! bitch ahh! My arm! Detective Coppello.

Thats your ass!

You son of a

Mr. Powell cried, scowling up at

Oh my God look at all this blood! ambulance, dont move! ran to her house.

Im calling an

Mrs. Powell said as she got up and

Two porch lights on neighboring houses turned on and doors began to open as people watched all the commotion in the street from their houses. Julie looked down at Mr. Powell in a confused daze, then back at Detective Coppello as he slowly walked towards him on the ground, with his gun still drawn. Her face flushed with anger as she quickly grabbed Detective Johnsons gun from his unstrapped holster and shot Detective Coppello in his right side, dropping him instantly. A slow reacting Detective Johnson knocked the gun from her hands, took her to the ground and quickly cuffed her. Brandon looked over at Julies blank face, and dropped his head.

Three hours later. A white Lexus pulled up in the hospital parking lot, with Brandon in the passenger seat and his Spanish girlfriend Marissa behind the steering wheel. Rob, a

chubby white guy sat in the backseat quietly looking at the hospital building, as she parked and turned the car off. Mami, stay here til I find out whats goin on okay? Then Ima come back out for you. Brandon said.

Okay papi she said, and he leaned over and kissed her, then turned back to look at Rob. Yo, you coming in right? Yeah, Ill be in there in a minute B. smoke a cig first. cigarettes out of his pocket. No doubt. Brandon said, then quickly got out the Im about to

Rob said as he pulled his pack of

car and jogged to the hospitals entrance. They watched him through the big windows as he walked in and hugged his mother. I cant believe this BS happened. she watched Brandon and shook her head. Whore you telling?! was that too, but damn I just thought it was B getting Rob paused, and continued, I He chuckled at the thought Marissa said as

caught up for one of his traffic warrants again well it mean a black guy, standing over a white girl, in the middle of the street, in the burbs? as he lit his cigarette and continued, Bad sight for any cop to see. He said and blew out a bunch of smoke.

I just still cant believe they shot Mr. Powell though. Marissa said in disbelief. I mean, they didnt recognize him or anything? mayor! He works under the frickin She ended. That cop is gonna fry.


Rob agreed as he took another long drag from

his cigarette, and thought aloud as he blew out a bunch of smoke, I know the Powells are really starting to regret adopting Julie now. I mean shes my cousin and all, and its messed up how my aunt and uncle went out, but her drug habits and capers are tearing the Powell family apart, day by day. He paused, and continued, Here this man is trying to save her life and take drugs from her when no one else will, and him and his father end up being the victims in the situation Messed up world. Marissa saw Brandon run out of the hospital entrance and stop. Yo come on yall! Brandon said, waving them in.

Marissa and Rob quickly got out of the car and rushed over towards Brandon as he stood at the entrance. Brandons cell phone rang and he looked at it, took a deep breath, and answered it, Hey Professor O, how you doing? He listened, and responded, Thank you sir, I was I had a He listened as he watched No everything seems okay worried that I didnt get it to you on time. family emergency tonight. now. Marissa and Rob approach him. class tomorrow evening.

He listened again and responded, Yes, Ill be in He listened patiently and

responded, Thank you sir, you as well Good night. put his phone back in his pocket. bookbags in ya trunk? Yeah papi, I got em.


hung up as Marissa and Rob stood in front of him, and he Ma, did you put my

Is he okay? she warily asked.

Yeah, hell make it But I dont know about that cop.