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An emotion is a mental and physiological state associated with a wide variety of feelings, thoughts, and behaviour. It is that feeling which is produced from heart such as love, fear, irritation, hesitation, etc. The words Emotion is derived from the Latin word Emovere. Where E-means out and movere- means move .Normally,lives in one moment you are happy and another moment you are angry .It means emotion moves from one moment to another moment.Emotion is not permanent,it changes time to time.It was believed that emotions and thoughts are opposite because emotion come from heart while thoughts come from mind.

Types of emotion:There are two types of emotion i.e, (i)Primary Emotions :- Primary emotions are those that we feel first,as a first response to a situation.Primary emotions are important,because they provide us with information about our current situation and get us ready or motivated to act in some way. For example: - if someone is late For a meeting that is scheduled,you may experience frustation or concern,these emotins would be considered a primary emotions. (ii)Secondary Emotions:-Secondary emotions appear after primary emotions.They may be caused directly by them. For example:-feel threatened or feel anger, depending on the situation that we are experiencing.

Effects of emotions:(a) General Effect :-

It results in a lack of awareness. It inhibits the full development of self consciousness. It creates confusion in our relationship. It creates a source of self-deception.
(b) Physical Effect:-

Your emotional health has a lot of influence on your physical health .We get thousand thoughts a day, each producing a body sensation or feeling, some thoughts produce positive effect and some have negative effect on our body.

Positive effects

Negative effect

They help us to repair our mood & improve overall thinking and response. They reduce the negative effects of stress on the bodys physiological system. They improve our problem solving skills. Negative emotions exert powerful influence over our thoughts , behaviour & also affects us physically. Negative emotion can cause illness to manifest. Negative mental emotion cause physical change in the body. They produce condition of stress, depression, debility, headaches which produce a lot of effects on our health.

(c) Effects on behaviour :-

Emotions produce a great effect on our behaviour. Positive emotions give enjoyment, happiness and lead you to good relationship with others.but negative emotions such as anger, jealously, anxiety and fear have a direct bad effect on your behaviour.
(d) Effect on performance:-

Your performance is largely depending on your emotions .negative emotions produce bad effects on your performance.
(e) Effect on decision:-

Emotion affects on your capability of taking right decisions. Decisions are very important in our life because they shape our destiny.

Techniques to manage emotions:(a) Learn to accept what can not be changed:-

In our life, there will be things that you can change and then there will be things that you have absolutely no control over. For better emotional stress management learn to recognize the things that can not be changed and accept them.

(b) Write it down :-

Write down your thoughts and feelings in a notebook or journal may be helpful if you experience high levels of stress or frustration. It helps to determine situations and circumstances which increase your stress level.
(c) Take a walk:-

Exercise is very effective at lowering the level of stress and harmful hormones that stress can cause in your system. Exercise releases relaxing and sedating chemicals in your brain and body.

(d) Imagination:-

If you are suffering from high amounts of stress, one technique that can help is to close your eyes, take a few deep breaths & imagine yourself in your favourite pleasant place, you can visualize that makes you happy.
(e) Do not overextend yourself:-

You may need to learn how to say no and refuse at times means dont take overload that can increase your stress level.
(f) Remember general terms:-

Always live in good environment because it has a positive effect on your mind. Always think positive. Keep distance from negative feelings. Try to transform ve thoughts into +ve thoughts. Yoga helps to manage your emotions. THANK YOU

Seminar by:Vishal Ranjan Class: - Dip. ECE 4th A Roll no: - 100636121413