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Limitless Access! The Clash of the Firecrackers!

Firecrackers. How do we define this terminology? In a professional approach: Firecrackers (firkrkers) n. a small cylindrical firework which goes off with a sharp, cracking noise when its fuse is lit. (The New Websters Dictionary of the English Language) From the perspective of Filipino citizens: Firecrackers: paputok; cause of utmost happiness, excitement or joy; a tool used to gain popularity and attention of others; used to throw away bad spirits and bring in good fortune; an indispensable part in the celebration of New Year and special occasions (for users) loud, deafening and contributes to noise and air pollution; MUST be banned for it brings detrimental effects; the garbages that must be sweeped, cleaned and cleared in the morning of the first day of January; its twin brother is the word DANGER (for non-users)

Regardless of the definitions, for Filipinos a typical festivity of New Year would not be complete without the usage of firecrackers. It had become linked with the words Media Noche, New Years Resolutions, twelve round fruits and polkadots. Sadly enough, the joy and excitement someone will feel in using a firecracker can swiftly turn into a feeling of pain and misery. Firecrackers are downright dangerous for humans health. A person who had sniffed the chemicals of it can be struck with sickness for a long time. That is why after the celebration, rain must fall on land for the chemicals to evaporate. The worst part of is that a firecracker can be the cause of accidents or even death. A persons future could even be destroyed because of a single firecracker. To gain enough knowledge and awareness, here are some typical firecrackers that are used every New Year. THE OLD SCHOOL 1. Rebentador (Triangle, Fivestar, Thunder, Superlolo and Pla-Pla) Appearance: 3/5 Hazard level: It depends on what firecracker will be used These firecrackers have almost the same appearance. (They are all triangular in shape) The only difference is the size and intensity and might of explosion of each firecracker. The triangle is not as dangerous as the Fivestar, Thunder and Superlolo. But still, your fingers could also be burnt by it. The next three are loud firecrackers. A persons fingers could easily be cut by these. Lastly, Pla-Pla is the most intense of all these intense firecrackers. The patronizers of this product can get his eyes infected of the chemicals and powder used, cut his fingers and even be deaf because of its hazardous effects.

2. Bawang Appearance: 3/5 Hazard level: 5/5 Small but terrible. Bawang can be the size of the locally produced garlic you may see in the market but its effect is disastrous and its loudness is deafening. If you are not careful enough to throw it on the ground as quickly as possible, your hand will explode together with the firecracker. Therefore, be careful in using this firecracker. 3. Whistle Bomb Appearance: 4/5 Hazard level: 5/5 A very unique firecracker. Patronizers can run for their safety freely because this firecracker can give a signal (which is the whistle) before it will explode. But what if the whistle bomb did not explode as expected? If youre going to pick it then youre making the wrong choice. The firecracker should be wet with water immediately so it will not bring untoward incidents. 4. Watusi Appearance: 4/5 Hazard level: 5/5 (to kids and toddlers) Magic! Thats what kids often say as they stomped Watusis on their feet or crumple it on their hands to produce smoke as if theres sorcery behind it. Regardless of the magic, Watusis contain poisonous chemicals that can damage childrens and toddlers intestines. Parents should not allow their sons and daughters to use such dangerous firecrackers. 5. Fountains and Lusis Appearance: 5/5 Hazard level: 5/5 Fountains and Lusis have somewhat the same function but lusis are smaller in size and is in a stick. They both give bright lights to viewers and these firecrackers do not explode. Be careful though, factory defects can make these two firecrackers explode in surprise and make you a person with injuries.

6. Sinturon ni Judas and Sawa Appearance: 4/5 Hazard level: 5/5 Named after a possession of one of the twelve disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ, Judas, Sinturon ni Judas is a firecracker that is composed of Triangles that are put together, forming an array of firecrackers with the same length as a belt and with a large impact of explosion. Sawa is the longer version of Sinturon ni Judas. Regardless of the length, these two firecrackers are still hazardous to human beings ( to their health and to their savings: one Judas belt costs 2,000 already) 7. Kwitis (Baby Rocket) Appearance: 4/5 Hazard level: 5/5 This is the firecracker that has a problem with directions. In fact, there are people who got their heads decapitated because of the Baby Rocket. It is known for its sudden change of point of direction. One second its direction goes upward when it goes off and another second it may change back in a downward direction and harm any innocent passerby or audience that is watching.


1. Picolo, Goodbye Philippines, Goodbye World, Goodbye Bading and Kabasi Appearance: 5/5 Hazard level: 6/5 These firecrackers can be identified as the latest and the most dangerous ones. Of course, because of the loudness of these firecrackers, its intensity of explosion is very high. (Especially the Goodbye Edition) If a person is near to the said firecrackers and then it suddenly goes off or malfunction there is a high possibility that one can get into a serious accident or the worst scenario, death itself. Fireworks, aside from firecrackers are also being displayed during New Year but its cost is truly an explosion to Filipino citizens pockets. That is why some people use guns as an alternative firecracker which is a very, very wrong decision to make. No type of firecracker got the hazard level of 4/5. It is because all of these are very dangerous and hazardous to people. Firecrackers are epic. They are just plain epic. It had made many individuals feel the excitement of the coming festivity. But if you want to celebrate the New Year like a boss, its better that you should stop using firecrackers. Stay at home, enjoy the company of your family as you celebrate and jump as high as you can as the clock strikes to twelve which gives the signal that it is the start of a new year. (Marjorie Ann Abe)