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Slovenian Emigrant Archivists Seminar 2008

The Slovenian Emigrant Archivists Seminar 2008 took place from 14 to 19 September.
It opened at ZRC SAZU and continued at the National and University Library, Studia
Slovenica Archive at the Classical Secondary College of St. Stanislav in Št Vid,
RTV Slovenia, Slovenian House in Čedad and Slovenian Ethnographic Museum.
It consisted of a professional series of lectures and demonstrations -
introductions into the craft of archiving and digitalizing valuable historical
The aim is to save all cultural materials that record Slovenian presence around
the world. The maintenance of records is work done on voluntary basis. The
contribution of the Republic of Slovenia is to provide training and some material
It was a high quality program and an intensive training course, highly appreciated
by the participants, who have in common many years of active participation i a
Slovenian emigrant community and care of the materials that record the community's
endeavours to maintain Slovenian identity in a non-Slovenian environment.


Argentina - Magdalena Ana Belič, Ester Cmor,

Maria Francisca Ustar de Novljan, Veronika Kremžar Rožanec;
Australia - Aleksandra (Saša) Čeferin, Mirko Cuderman, Marija Grosman, Ivan
Lapuh, Anica Markič, Vinko Rizmal, Ivan Rudolf, Mihaela (Michelle) Šušteršič;
Canada - Nevenka Gačnik, Olga Maučec-Novak, Jožica Vegelj;
Germany - Silvana Regalbuto;
Holland - Mojca Nodeljik Guštin;
Macedonia - Milena Pinza;
Serbia - Ana Šoti;
Sweden - Avgustina Budja;
Uruguay - Juan Carlos Jantol Sabjan;
USA - Johanna Bajc, Ivana Yuko.

Monday, 15.9.2008
Archive of the Republic of Slovenia
mag. Danijela Juričić Čargo: Archival material on emigrants in Archive RS;<br>
organizing and cataloguing archival material of the emigrant associations
mag. Tatjana Hajtnik: Electronic archiving
dr. Jedert Vodopivec: Material safekeeping of archival material
mag. Alojzij Teršan: organizing, cataloguing and safekeeping of photographs and

Tuesday, 16.9.2008
dr. Marjan Drnovšek: Practical experience of organizing emigrant archival material
- the example of Društvo Slovenija Berlin
mag. Daša Koprivec: Practical experience of organizing emigrant
photographic/visual material - the example of Društvo Slovenija Berlin

dr. Mirjam Milharčič Hladnik: Methodology of collecting life histories of

emigrants and their descendants;
Viewing of the film Američanke and discussion of oral sources and life histories
of emigrants
Urška Strle: The principles of oral history.

Wednesday, 17.9.2008
all day excursion
Headquarters of the Federation of Slovenian Emigrants from the Julian Alpine
Region of Furlania in Čedad and the bi-lingual Slovenian/Italian primary school
in Špeter;
Excursion to Stara gora, a historic center of pilgrimage.

Thursday, 18. 9. 2008

Archive RS , Ljubljana
Andreja Klasinc Škofljanec: Organizing, cataloguing and housing the Studia
Slovenica Archive;
Viewing the Studia Slovenica Archives in the College of St. Stanislav in Šentvid;
Viewing of the manuscript collection at the National and University Library in
Visit of the Slovene Ethnographic Museum in Ljubljana.

Friday, 19.9.2008
Visit of RTV Slovenia, Office for archiving and documentation;
Vesna Gornik: presentation of the new Portal for Slovenes Across the Borders and
The program concluded with a media conference and a reception for all the
An unforgettable experience and a valuable insight into a part of Slovenian
cultural life and history.

Written by Aleksandra Ceferin on 11/19/2008