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In accordance with the pertinent provisions of Republic Act (RA) No. 7722, otherwise know as the Higher Education Act of 1994 and taking into consideration the requests of higher education institutions (HEI) to offer graduate programs in Information Technology, the following guidelines for the interpretation and implementation of CMO No. 2, s.2000 are hereby issued: 1.0. PURPOSE:

Whereas, the Commission believes that the opening of graduate programs in information technology will contribute significantly to the development of high level manpower in the IT industry, the improvement of the qualifications of IT faculty members and the promotion of quality IT education. Hence, this CMO is being issued to prescribe minimum requirements for the two tracts of graduate programs in information technology and to provide clarification in the implementation of CMO No. 2, s. 2000, re: Policies and Standards for Graduate Program in Information Technology. 2.0. CLASSIFICATION OF DEGREE PROGRAMS:

Graduate programs in Information Technology Education are of two types: professional graduate degrees (MCS, MIT, MIM), that are practice based masters degrees and the research oriented degrees (MSCS, MSIT, MSIM). The (2) two tracts are equal in status but differ only in the objectives and orientation. I. Research Degrees In applying for authority to offer the research-based programs, the presence and quality of research program components in the applying institution should be evaluated in addition to the usual elements outlines in CMO No. 2, 2000. These components should include the following: A. Research Unit: The college should have an IT research unit that manages, monitors and evaluates research activities, and manned by a permanent staff. It should have adequate facilities for the conduct of research.
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B. Pool of Faculty: The college should have a minimum of three (3) faculty members who have at least MS degrees, three (3) MSCS for Computer Science program and any combination of MSCS, MSIT and MSIM for either Information Technology or Information Management programs. C. Policies: The college should have policies and guidelines on benefits and incentives for faculty undertaking research work e.g. de-loading, research awards, patents and intellectual property rights.

D. Research Agenda: The college should have a clear research agenda anchored on the institutions philosophy and framework, be aligned with the MTHEDIP and should answer the needs of the industry. E. Publication: The college should show proof of publications in referred journals or refereed proceedings of national conferences, completed by the current faculty members.

F. Research Budget: The college should have a budget for research undertakings in information technology that is equivalent to at least 2% of the college/department/school/units general budget. II. Professional Degrees

For schools intending to apply for professional graduate ITE program, a strong industry tie-up may serve as an indicator that the program has achieved its maturing point of quality and excellence. The following components should be considered: A. ICT Development Unit: The college should have a unit that manages all transactions activities pertinent to ICT projects and manned by a permanent staff. B. Policies: The college should have policies and guidelines on the benefits and incentives of faculty undertaking applied Information Communication Technology (ICT) development works. The college should have at least 3 faculty satisfying the conditions of CMO No. 2. These faculty should also show proof that they have undertaken ICT development projects in the past and is currently active in ICT development projects.
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C. Pool of Faculty:

D. Projects:

The college faculty should have ongoing projects on software or hardware development related to industry or community concerns as evidenced by fund allocation by the HEIs or the industry partners.


Effectivity and Transitory Provisions

These clarificatory guidelines shall be applied for all HEIs applying permit/recognition of IT graduate.

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