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AUSTRALIA Business Migration Questionnaire

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All questions are for the main applicant - the person who controls the business and wants to migrate to Australia. For a quick assessment, send the first page to We will reply with a quick Yes or No. If you need more ideas, send the fully completed questionnaire.

Client full name? ...... Title: Company Director Business Owner Part Owner GM (salary) Senior Executive Client date of birth? .././. Client Nationality... Phone number (work): .. Name of Immigration Agency? ...

Fax number: .. Email: .. 1) What is the name of your main business now? .... a) What service or product do you sell? ... ....... b) How long have you been owner, manager or director in this business? 2) What was the turnover of your business for each of the last 4 years? (what currency?) The turnover must be above AUD$300,000 for two of the last four years. 2010 2009 2008 2007 3) What other business have you managed or controlled? (Please send a separate CV or resume) ............. ......... 4) What is the total value of your personal and business assets? (what currency?) a) How much net equity do you have in the business (what currency?).. 5) Can you transfer more than AUD$250,000 to Australia? How much?.. 6) Do you want to start a new business or buy an existing business? New Existing

a) What type of business will you do in Australia? b) Not sure. What might be suitable for my business history? (tick) c) How much money will you invest in the business? AUD$.. 7) Have you ever visited Australia? When/where? ... ............. 8) In what city or area do you want to do business? .. Why? .... 9) How good is your English? None Basic Average Good Fluent

a) What IELTS Score did you get? Did not sit IELTS b) What other language can you speak? .. 10) Have you been in business that is illegal or unacceptable in Australia? Yes 11) Have you or your spouse ever been bankrupt, insolvent, or now in proceedings? Yes 12) Have any of your personal or business assets been illegally acquired? Yes 13) Do you or any family travelling to Australia have a criminal record? Yes
Career Wings Consulting Group, 2010

No No No No

AUSTRALIA Business Migration Questionnaire

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BUSINESS ACTIVITY 14) Please give a full description of your main business today, give a good description about what you manufacture or sell, who your main customers are, where you distribute your product. ......... ......... ......... a) Start and finish dates of management activity in this business // to //.. b) Are you the sole owner of this business? o Yes No

What % of shares do you hold? .

c) Tell us about the shareholders in the business and partners in the business, what % shares do they have, what work do they do?....... ............ ............ 15) If you are operating a professional, technical or trade service firm, have you spent at least 50% of your time in management during at least 2 of the last 4 years? Yes No 16) Who is the day to day manager of the business? Tell us about your management work in your main business today:....... ........ ....... Allocate hours per week
Financial control: Planning, thinking: Managing, supervising: Customer management Sales, Marketing work Market Research

Production Marketing/Sales Personnel Administration

Operations, warehouse Supplier negotiations Technical work

Hiring and firing staff Administration, payroll Staff supervision

17) How many people are paid to work in your business? Include family paid by you.. 18) If you have five or more employees, please provide an organisation chart of your business management team(s), with job titles for other main staff. 19) If you employ one main General Manager, give the job duties for other salary managers. ......... ........ 20) Is this the only business you operate today? Yes No

a) Give details of any other business you have managed or owned, now or in the past. Give your job title and tell us if you are (part) owner or manager. Give the start and finish date of your management involvement. .... ....... ....... ....... ....... ....... ....... .......

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AUSTRALIA Business Migration Questionnaire

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THE NEW BUSINESS ! 21) Do you know of an existing business and want to buy it? Please give business name, contact details, owners name, location and business type ...... ...... 22) What management role do you want to take in the business in Australia? . 23) Is there anything that would be new or different about your business in Australia? Products? Skills? Technology? If you are granted a visa, how will the business benefit Australia? ...... 24) Have you visited Australia to assess markets and business viability? Have you done some research? Do you have business associates or contacts in Australia? Tell us about who you met, what businesses you visited, what information you discovered. When did you visit? ... How long did you stay? .... Why did you visit? .. What cities or towns? ...

Who did you meet? Give contact details

Family Name and relationship Friends Name and Location

Community groups


Real estate (house)


Trade associations Person and Organisation name

Business owners Name and Business Name

Business broker Name & Business Name

Business consultant and speciality?

Business contact from home country


25) When do you want to arrive in Australia? .... 26) How long will you stay in Australia each year, except for visits overseas? All year Most of the year Half the year Very little

27) Do you have general knowledge about the business laws and taxes in Australia? Explain what you learned and tell us where you got the information from. ...... ...... 28) What contact have you had with Government or State organisations? ......
Career Wings Consulting Group, 2010

AUSTRALIA Business Migration Questionnaire

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29) Tell us your own ideas about the business! a) How do you want to develop the business? ...... ...... b) Why will you be successful? ...... ...... c) What are the main obstacles or concerns you have about the business? ...... ...... d) What one thing will make your business different or attract more customers? ...... ...... e) What differences do you see between business in Australia and your home country? ...... ...... 30) If your business will be IMPORTING or buying and selling products, please provide price list and catalogues from any suppliers in overseas countries, including your own business. Make sure to give this information from supply companies: o o o o o o o Contact details Product catalogues Shipping and insurance costs Quantities Buying price for each product Photos of sample products Comments ????

31) If you are going to EXPORT Australian product to overseas customers, please provide the overseas buyers contact details, buying prices and quantities to be purchased. o o o o o o o Contact details Product details Selling price range for each product Photos of sample products Quantities Minimum shipping amount Comments ????

Career Wings Consulting Group, 2010

FINANCES 32) What has been the combined turnover or gross revenue of your company, and net profit? Give 5 separate figures, one for each year please: What currency? (Circle or tick): INR RMB US$ Turnover/Revenue Year 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 KRW BDT UK NZ$ Net profit MR Other

33) Please give the total net assets OWNED BY THE COMPANY that would be available for transfer to Australia within 2 years. Deduct any loans and liabilities to give net assets. If you have more than one business, please give a total figure for all items added together. Include any real estate, commercial property, land, equipment, vehicles, investments, stock, etc. What currency? INR RMB US$ KRW BDT UK NZ$ MR Other

ITEM....VALUE.. ITEM....VALUE.. ITEM....VALUE.. ITEM....VALUE.. List the ASSETS YOU OWN PRIVATELY that would be available for transfer to Australia. Deduct any loans and liabilities from the asset figure to give net assets. Include anything that you can transfer or liquidate. (Superannuation may not be considered if it is tied up for more than 2 years.) What currency (Circle or tick): INR RMB US$ KRW BDT UK NZ$ MR Other


CareerWings Consulting Group, 2010

PERSONAL DETAILS 34) Do all adult family members speak good English? 35) Are you married, or do you have a de facto spouse? Yes No Yes No

What is their name, age, occupation and business experience? ........... ........... 36) What age are your children? Give names and birthdays. ........ 37) Of the family members travelling with you, how will they help you with the business? ......... 38) If you have friends/relatives in Australia, in what area and postcode do they live? 39) What is their occupation? ....... 40) How will they help your business?.... ......... QUALIFICATIONS 41) Do you have training or qualifications related to the business? Management training, apprenticeship, trade certificate or professional qualifications? Yes No a) Please list the NAME of your qualification Eg, Bachelor degree in Engineering, Certificate. ...... b) Give the name of the educating institution, Eg, ABC University, Big City, Australia. ...... c) Did you complete the course and pass the exams? Yes No

d) How long did you study this course? What year did you graduate? .. e) If you have more than one qualification, please list each one..... ...... ANYTHING ELSE? 42) Is there is anything else that you would like to tell us about your business, yourself or family? ...... ...... If necessary, give other information as an attachment to this questionnaire. Please complete ALL of the form and then send it to: CareerWings Consulting Group Fax: +91 172 4005017 SCO 445-446, Office No.209, Level 2, Sector 35C, Chandigarh, INDIA-160022 Email:

CareerWings Consulting Group, 2010

This form can also be used for assessment of prospective Business Immigrants willing to migrate on Business/Investor visas to various countries all over the world. Missing information may delay the start or finish of work. No answer implies the applicant meets all sponsorship and visa requirements and exonerates CareerWings Consulting Group from any error or problem arising from using that understanding.

CareerWings Consulting Group, 2010