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7-6 Air Cav r -CAP

Group 13, Texas Wing, South Western Region, Civil Air Patrol, USAF Auxiliary

August 2003

Volume 1, Number 8

August News ELT Search O-Flights Recruiting Competition

August News ELT Air & Ground Search

by 1Lt. Ayre Saturday, 2nd August, around 1830 hrs, Group was trying to put together a ground team and aircrew for mission 03M1733. AFRCC had reported two SARSAT hits from an ELT in the Galveston and Texas City areas. Capt Chuck Brenholm, Group 13 ES Training Director (Ground) was designated incident commander, and Maj. Jerald Landis, CC Ellington Squadron was the Ground Team Leader. Maj Rand Woodward and Capt. David Ayre were tasked with the air mission, using the C 172 aircraft N66059, of Delta Squadron based at Hooks. N66059 took off at 2000 hrs and proceeded south to IH 10 and then direct to Galveston Scholes VOR at 2500ft through class B airspace. The aircrew was able to confirm the ELT signal south of Ellington, and reported this to the ground team. The aircrew utilized the aircrafts DF equipment and narrowed the search area to the vicinity of La Marque and Hitchcock. In fact, this area contained Volk private airport which has an unlit grass airstrip. Unfortunately it was dark by this time and we were unable to see the airstrip. The aircrew directed the ground team toward Volk, from their staging area south of Texas City. When they reached the area, they had some difficulty locating Volk as it was not on any of their street maps. When the ground team reached the private airport they reported a strong ELT signal, and released the aircraft back to base. The ground team found a mechanic doing a 100hr maintenance check on an aircraft, who had accidentally set off the ELT. The ELT was shut off and the ground team returned to base. Another FIND for Group 13! Remember, the SARSAT system can only track 10 separate ELTs simultaneously, so it is easy to overload the system, and it blocks the emergency frequency of 121.5 MHz from being used by other legitimate users in times of emergency and National Security. Group 13 generally is tasked with around half of the ELT missions in Texas. Last year Group 13 was tasked with 57 missions. Details of past and current year missions may be found on Glider O-Flights: Flights in August were cancelled due to schedule conflicts. th They will resume October 4 & 5th. Maj. Elmer Mooring (7-6 Air Cavalry Sqdn.) taught the first class of the Glider Ground School at Hooks Airport on August 9. There were 18 attendees in the class, about half being pilots and the other half made up of adults and advanced CAP cadets. Subjects covered during the first class included Aerodynamics and Launching of Gliders. Future classes are scheduled for September 6th and 20th for cadets and senior members. Any comments, news or information to communicate? Please contact 1Lt D. Ayre, the editor, and Public Affairs Officer via email at

Civil Air Patrol is the United States Air Force Auxiliary

7-6 Air Cav r CAP is the newsletter of the: 7-6 Air Cavalry Civil Air Patrol Composite Squadron, Group 13, Texas Wing. Commander: Capt. S. Dicker 4724 S. Parkway Conroe, TX 77303-4355 Phone: (713) 504 7154 Fax: (713) 218-5550 E-mail: stephen.dicker@cityof or cap76aircav@hotmail. com Were on the Web!


Powered O-Flights: Powered O Flights resumed this month with the return of rd N235TX on August 3 . The aircraft now has a new interior and head liner. Capt Hooper flew cadets Z. Cadwalader, K. Zieschang, and K. Joncyk, in three flights last Saturday (23rd). Corporate Learning Course (CLC): The Squadron hosted Group 13s CLC for Senior Member Professional Development on 16th and 17th August. Many of our squadrons Senior Members participating in either running the course (1Lt Brumlow, Capt Dicker, Capt Tessitore, Capt Brown, LtCol Williams, Capt Taylor, 1Lt Rutledge,) or attended the course (Maj. Mooring, 2Lt Illerhaus, 1Lt Ayre). We had two SMs attend from the Louisiana, and Oklahoma Wings. Recruiting Competition (written and administered by LtCol Williams): Last month Capt Dicker announced the details of the recruiting competition. Cadets are missing out on a great opportunity to compete for the nice prizes to be given away for recruiting. All three of the prizes are valuable and some one will walk away with them. So far I do not have any names of Cadets who have sponsored a new member. The new member may be a Senior, Cadet, Cadet Sponsor, Aerospace Member or Business Member. Just make sure that your name and CAP ID appear on the application. Commanders Corner

Commanders Corner

by Capt. Dicker

As you progress through the Civil Air Patrol, you must complete tasks such as written and physical fitness tests and attend morale leadership courses. If you haven't completed all three, you cannot progress / promote. In certain instances, the Squadron Commander can exempt some requirements for specific reasons, but this is rarely done. As you achieve Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) ranks, there are often additional requirements which must be completed in order to progress / promote. And even more tasks such as Staff Duty Analysis (SDA's) when you become an Officer. It is your responsibility to insure you have completed all required tasks before requesting promotion. In the books you received when you joined, an outline exists of the requirements / tasks for each rank. Please review them often and if you have any questions, use your Cadet chain of command to obtain the answers to your questions. Remember also that your school work has priority over CAP. If I am notified by any parent that you are slipping in your school work, you may find that you could be suspended from participating in CAP until your grades return to acceptable levels as expected by your parents. CAP and I, require you maintain your school grades to participate in CAP activities and functions. Famous Quotes

Quote of the Month: "The great leaders are like the best conductors they reach beyond the notes to reach (encourage) the magic in the players." -Blaine Lee, The Power Principle.

September Events O-Flights ES Training

Upcomming Events & Activities

th Glider O-Flights : Our next scheduled Glider O -Flights are October 4 & 5th. Our Gliding activity is run by CAP members of the Soaring Club of Houston at their Gliderport between Magnolia and Hempstead. Cadets should sign up for this activity on the Squadrons bulletin board or contact 1Lt D. Ayre by phone at 281 367 0519 or via e- mail at . Information about the club and its facilities can be found at . Cadets are encouraged, and SMs are required, to take the Soaring Society of Americas (SSA) Wing Runner course which is available on the national website . Typically we assemble at the US Army Reserve Center Aviation Support Facility (USARC ASF) at 0730 for a 0800 hrs departure, returning around 1800 hrs. There is a rumor that CAP will provide a Blanik Glider from New Mexico to SCOH for use by south Texas CAP Squadrons.

Powered O-Flights: The next dates for Powered O -Flights are and August 1s t th (cancelled due to bad weather) and 6

Group 13 ES Training from Maj. Woodard

Don't forget, every 4th weekend of each month is ES Training Weekend. In September, on Saturday the 27th and 28th, we will have an unfunded Sarex at West Houston (IWS). The full Ops Plan is on the Group 13 Website

Please RSVP to , so that we will know how many people to count on. Major Woodward is the Group13 ES Training Officer for Aircrews.

Chaplains Lectern

Chaplains Lectern by Capt. Dane Riddle

Encouragement Encouragement is critical. Encouragement is especially important in CAP where everyone is expected to achieve. We are a volunteer organization that has high standards and expectations. People can and do become discouraged in seeking to fill responsibilities and finding the time to carry out duties. Some are discouraged by frustration in learning new skills, knowledge, or structures. It is critical that each of us take the responsibility of encouraging peers, those you command and even those who command you. In the Old Testame nt in the Bible, most often when the word encourage is used it is in describing the duty of a leader or commander. (Deut. 1:38: 3:28; 2 Samuel 11:25; 19;7) Encouragement is a critical tool in effective leadership. If a leader is only seen as criticizing, that leader will not be followed well. People need to know not only what to do, but how to do a thing, and be affirmed as they grow in proficiency. In the New Testament of the Bible, one sees people being urged to encourage peers. The Apostle Paul wrote, Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, (1 Thessalonians 5:11 NIV) Most often, leadership is not by position, but by a combination of example, direction, and affirmation. Often the leader may not have

anyone under him or her, but when that leader goes, so do others. So, encourage each other. When someone has their uniform right, commend them. When someone is improving in marching, encourage him or her. When someone is struggling to pass a test, help him or her and encourage him or her. Let them know how you may have struggled to do the same thing, and achieved it. Encourage each other!

Senior Member Spin

Flight Ops

Flight Operations

by Capt Hooper

Our aircraft, N235TX, is finally back at CXO with a magnificent new interior. It is imperative that all members ensure that we are taking care of the plane by not leaving trash behind, etc. In addition, pilots need to check their PI Files in the office to ensure all the information is correct and up to date. Ensure you are keeping up with items such as Form 5 expiration dates and medicals. If you meet the qualifications, become a cadet orientation pilot and share your talent and expertise with the next generation. Keep the pointy side forward and the dirty side down, and be safe out there! Capt Taylor is recovering from his surgery and hopes to be back flying at the end of September. Aerospace Ed.

Aerospace Education

by 2Lt. Illerhaus

Since Capt. Hooper has completely covered the Module 4 in the July presentation we allocated the August AE evening to Sgt. Walls to give an AE presentation towards his Mitchell award. Most of the time was spent to prepare for the Inspection which went well. We could certainly demonstrate that we have a very active AE program with most of the AE presentations availa ble in PowerPoint format. Thanks to 1Lt. Ayre, Capt. Bunin, and Capt. Hooper for their help to generate the presentations. The module 5 presentation is currently under construction and will be presented on Sept. 2nd. The report for the Aerospace Excellence Award has been submitted outlining the various activities and projects that we completed during the first six months of 2003. The final activity was a visit to United Flight Systems on June 28th where we focused on cock pit instruments, types of navigation, and parts of the airplane. For the second part of the year we will conduct a model rocketry program, start the external AE program with a school and certainly continue with our modules.

Cadet Programs
Cadet Programs

Congratulations to C/Chase Ewing who has been selected to participate in the Junior Cadet Achievement Program (JCAP) at Texas A&M for three days the end of October. Welcome back to C/Capt Justin McElvaney who arrived back from his IACE trip to Canada. Part of his trip was cancelled due the SARs outbreak in part of Canada, but despite this he thoroughly enjoyed his time on the trip, going gliding, flying in helicopters, and visiting historical and tourist attractions in Canada. Capt McElvaney has temporarily moved to Denton, TX to start college at UNT.

Emergency Services

Emergency Services

We had an excellent turn out for Capt Browns ES lecture on Blood Borne Pathogens, this week to certify those cadet and senior members who passed the exam for ES Operational Task O -0901 (Demonstrate Knowledge of Blood

Borne Pathogens.) Capt Brown was his usual humorous self, with a professional presentation and video. We are lucky to have such a dedicated training professional in our midst. A group of 20 cadets and seniors took their First Aid and CPR qualifications Saturday 30th August. There will be a repeat training session on 6th September, for those who missed the August 30th training. Bring $15 for the course materials and $5 for pizza, times are on the calendar.

Admin / Personnel Matters by 1Lt. Brumlow

Admin Membership 124 (76 Cadets) Squadron strength was back up to 124 in late August, with 76 cadet members and 48 Seniors. We welcome the following new cadet whose membership card was issued in August: C/Basic Joshua Barton New Sr. Members / Promotions: 1Lt Tessitore was promoted to Captain at the end of last month (sorry we missed you last month) This month the following had birthdays; C/Allen, Grace C/Ballard, Avery C/Blum, Brad C/Fruchtnicht, Max C/Kurtz, Gaston, Fish Manning, (Bill) who started at Texas A&M this week in the Corps of Cadets, class of 07 whoop! C/Wong, Stephen LtCol Eubanks, Mark Capt Hooper, Jeremy Capt Riddle, Dane Capt Tessitore, Ted Many happy returns to you all! We had a Subordinate Unit Inspection on August 12th. While most sections came through with flying colors, some areas need improvement, Re-inspection will be September 23, 2003 The Admin. Office is currently UNDER CONSTRUCTION! Your reports and forms that need to be filed have always been filed under the name of the form, which has been confusing at times, the forms will now be label under the numerical order of the form rather than by title of the form. This should make things easier when looking for your files or reports. If you need any forms printed or ordered please let me know as I will be ordering forms on September 9th. As per regulations, we should maintain year supply on hand at all times. Please e-mail me your order at or give me a call at (W) 713-218-5515 (M) 713-503-7319 Thank you for all your help in making the 7-6 Air Cavalry Composite Squadron the best unit in Group 13.

Professional Development

Professional Development by Lt. Col. Williams

On August 16-17, the 7-6 Air Cav Composite Squadron hosted another successful Corporate Learning Course (CLC). There were thirteen students, which included one each from Oklahoma and Louisiana. The instructors were inspiring as they presented information connecting members to the corporate structure. Very impressive!! The next opportunity to attend this course hosted by a 13th Group /Delta Composite Squadron will be in late 2004. Information will be posted to assist those members who need to complete this course. Most members have at least one Specialty Track they are working on. I have a master list of this information correct through August 31, 2003 from the Natl Headquarters. Please check with me if you to know whats required for your rating or if you want to add another Specialty. Changes have been made in the Air Force Institute Advanced Distance Learning (AFIADL) course numbers. Anyone interested in signing up for one of the courses should contact me. The AFIADL 00013 course is required of all members to complete Level II or higher levels. The Squadron Officers School course (SOS) is available for CAP Grade Captain and above. The Air Command and Staff College (ACSC) is available for CAP Grade Major and above. Both are interesting courses and are usable in case you dont want to go to Region Staff College or National Staff College. All senior members are reminded that Texas Wing Conference will be held on September 12-14. Attendance at this conference and/or a National Conference is required for advancement. An alternate is to attend the NCASE conference (National Congress on Aviation & Space Education). The next NCASE is in the Atlanta, GA Marriot March 24-27, 2004. For more information on Senior Professional Development, contact Lt. Col. Bill Williams Tuesday evenings or e- mail at

Questions & Comments Stay informed Mandatory Training?

Seniors & Parent Power

Comments & Questions As a parent how will I receive information about CAP activities? This newsletter, the r

communicating with parents, however to make this effective we need parents e- mail addresses. These can be forwarded to our new e- mail address . We are taking steps to improve our website and make its content more relevant and current. Parents with any thoughts as to how the website could be improved, or with time to help maintain the website should contact Capt. Dicker.

e-CAP, is a primary means of

"My child says he missed a mandatory training day last weekend, is this a problem?" CAP is a volunteer organization, and when it comes to training nothing is mandatory. Seniors and Cadets must attend as they are able. The Basic Training Day is a jam-packed day of training for new basic cadets. Attendance at this event is strongly encouraged if the Cadet is not committed on some event. Missing the course may cause a delay in a new recruit completing the requirements for their first stripe (just taking longer to obtain all the required training and information to take the tests).

Attendance at the Basic Training Day allows for a lot of information and training to be passed down to new recruits in an eight hour day and allows for testing to be conducted the same day for their first stripe. Of the graduates of the Basic Training Day, usually 99% pass the exams and earn their first stripe. This course is conducted about once every two months. Now that we have a training calendar on the website, a conflict of events should no longer occur. There is no reason that we as a unit should have more than one event a weekend. The confusion that has occurred previously should not happen again. I suggest both Cadets and Parents check the calendar routinely to insure there have not been any changes, cancellations, or items to be brought to specific events. Any parent having questions, concerns or suggestions should feel free to email the Squadron Commander, Capt. Stephen R. Dicker at . Capt. Dicker can also be reached on his cell phone at 713-504-7154 for immediate needs. Please post the following Calendar on your refrigerator. September Calendar


We have placed the Calendar on the squadron website,

with the expectation of keeping it more current and saving space in the newsletter. Go to