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Proposed structure

Find the exact job descriptions in the file LCP-LCVPs JDs

Explanation of the term:

Its our pleasure to announce the release of the application for the 1st Executive boards ever for AIESEC in Lebanon. So Congratulations in taking such a huge step in your life and applying for one of the AIESEC positions in your university. We promise you an unforgettable experience and one of the best 6 months of your life. Lebanon MC team 11-12

This position is for 6 months but could be extended for 6 more months by re-applying. This will give the chance to LCPs and LCVPs to apply for MCVPs in March and start a new term in July as MC for 1 year. If not, then they can apply again for their same position as LCP or LCVP for 6 more months.

Time line:
Application deadline: 2nd of January at 6 pm LCP Elections: 3rd of January LCP selection: 4th of January LCP announcement & LCVPs elections: 5th of January LCVPs selection: 6th & 7th of January

Membership criteria to become full member LCs:

Your LC will be an expansion LC and in order to be a full member LC you need to fulfill the criteria below (you can either fulfill it before March 1st or before June 1st): y y y y y y y y y y y Make a minimum of 5 company visits Make a minimum of 4 school visits Make a minimum of 4 NGO visits Have at least 2 OGX realizations and 2 ICX realizations Have at least 2 OGX matches and 2 ICX matches Have a minimum of 2 general meetings Have a minimum of 20 active members on A 6 months plan for the official extension development An operation forecasted budget A progress report At least one member in the Supervisory Group, by presenting his/her endorsement letter If you do not fulfill the requirements to become a Full Member LC by 1st of June, the LC can be disbanded.

Your Application for AIESEC AUB/ LAU 2012 is divided into two parts:
1. 2. Application Form: It must be answered by all candidates EB Structure: For LCP Candidates only please add the proposed EB structure for your term in the last page of the application

We will be expecting all the above in 1 PDF file. The one file must be uploaded onto, with the title: AIESEC (LC name) LCP/LCVP Application 2012 insert name here . For example: AIESEC AUB LCP Application 2012 Hadeer Shalaby. Once you go on, click on Resources on the top, then on Upload file. Make sure to put the viewing rights for All.

After you upload it, send the file link to with the subject: Application for (LC) 2012 Name, Surname


QUESTIONS & research?

If you have any questions concerning the applications or the application process please contact Hadeer Shalaby AIESEC Lebanon Member Committee President on or call on 76147573 You will need to do a lot of research for this application so feel free to contact us at any time: Name Hadeer Shalaby Afkar Barakeh Ahmed Shaaban Mira Daher Mounes Shibly Position President VP of Incoming Global Community Development Program VP of Talent Management VP of Out Going Exchange VP of Incoming Global Internship Program Email

General Profile of Team Members While the members of the Execuivete Board team come from diverse backgrounds and environments, several general characteristics, skills and knowledge is expected. AIESEC understanding A solid understanding of the association is required in order to run the Local Committee properly. An understanding of our vision, values, identity, current direction, LC development and systems is certainly something we will look for in all candidates. And therefore intense research is required. Society knowledge A broad knowledge of the current trends and issues facing society and cultural issues at both local and global levels are important to represent the organization. Intellectual and psychological Many aspects of personality can be important to being in the EB. Some of them are obvious: y Constant learning and systematic thinking y Creativity and adaptability to change y Sense of responsibility y Critical thinking y Patience y High response rate on feedback y Enduring physical and psychological stress and pressure y Appreciation of Professionalism y Can-do attitude y Team player Others Overall, there is no perfect candidate profile; however, good candidates will possess strong competencies in the areas of social behavior, motivation, task orientation and people management skills. The key component is balance - within the individuals and within the team of individuals!


Full Name Nationality University you are applying to Date of Birth Mobile Phone Email address Tala Atef Miri Lebanese Lebanese American University 05/02/1990 03044594 Hamra- comodore street

Please outline your availability for the following dates (e.g. University, work, commitments, planned holidays, etc) Transition Period 17 , 18 and 19 of January Planning: 24 of January International Congress (IC Russia, August) for LCP candidates only
th th th th

Available Available Available


Please list all aspects of your AIESEC experience and the results achieved. Year 2011 Experience Team member in OGX Country / LC Lebanon y y y y y y y y y y y Results Achieved (in bullet points) Ability to complete the tasks given to me using time management Collaborate with my other team members to achieve acceptable results Excitement to work harder on myself and set goals Act as team member efficiently and effectively Seek feedback from people having a higher position Knowing my personality and imagining myself as a leader Spread the message to people Learn to implement in my local committee Engage with new people from different universities Involvement in recruitment and grabbing students attention Knowing how to interview students and

choosing them upon certain criteria Show my excitement and eager to develop my skills

Please list all conferences and seminars you attended and indicate your role in them. (Don t list local seminars and gatherings) Year 2011 2011 Conference Activate conference Step up conference Country Egypt Lebanon Role (Delegate, OC, Facilitator, Chair) Delegate Delegate

Why have you decided to stand for the Executive Board of AIESEC AUB/ LAU and what qualifies you for that? First of all, as an LAU student I would like to share my experience to students who are not fully aware of AIESEC to get them to get engaged in a youth organization that is placed in 111 countries around the world. Show the students that if they have the will they have the power to work on themselves and develop their own character through interacting and participating in every discussion being held by their team leader or team member. Try to change their lives by coaching and monitoring them step by step until they find what they are really searching for. I am qualified for this position because I have the will to take responsibility of students who have the potential to get engaged in every task that is given to them. Not only that, but also I have the experience until now to be able to handle critical situations and obstacles that might interfere in my goal settings. 1. What are the three most important personal developments you have made through your AIESEC experience? How has AIESEC s learning environment helped you develop in these ways? The three most important personal developments are self-confidence, patience and time management. Being a team member in OGX has helped me listen and learn from my team leader how she expresses her ideas according to a certain outline. The pre-preparation of a functional meeting was really effective because it organizes ones ideas thus the main goal is achieved. Using time management was never important to me, until now when I realized that nothing can be fulfilled unless I set a specific duration for a certain task to be done. Moreover, my team leader pushed me towards expressing my-self over and over again so that I can be able to share my experience in AIESEC in front the team members. When being in a functional meeting a person has to listen carefully from his/her mates so patience should come along as well. 2. What is an ideal EB team in your opinion? What characteristics do you have that can contribute to that? An ideal EB team is like a bubble if it doesn t go through the right path it will bump into something and pop. Collaboration and organization is the key to a successful EB team; each individual should set his/her own goals and try to combine them together so that they produce an effective and efficient plan. My contribution to the EB team would be giving them new thoughts and ideas that I have already gained in my major s background such as lowering cost, sales management and human resources. . 3.

Mention three strengths and three weaknesses in the current MC. How do you plan to maintain + develop the strengths further and avoid the weaknesses? In my opinion, the current MC team are multitasking, goal oriented and persistent. However, they have their own weaknesses such as; lack of time due to their university exams and projects, absence of training lessons to members and lack of weekly meetings which should be instead followed on a daily basis. In order to maintain well established team and to avoid weaknesses we need to create a website like a synergy so that each member and MC posts his/her own news and others can comment and additional experience. 4. 5. Do you consider yourself a result or process oriented person and what is the difference between the two for you? Can you please give an example of your type of personality within that respect?

I consider myself as a process oriented person; the difference between them is that the first one only focuses on the result of a certain task while the other one concentrates on the approach and the path that this task is taking. For example, when I did my internship in Crown plaza I wasn t exposed to a field work before so the only way to acquire experience was to put limits to my colleagues so that I would be able to focus on developing my hospitality skills rather than listening to each person complaining about his/her job. Setting rules from the beginning is very essential because it creates a border between you and the other person which doesn t interfere in your process to success. Please mention ways in how you could motivate yourself and your team members considering the different motivation peaks and drops throughout the 6 months. Motivation is a weapon that is used to boost what you really want to achieve and believe in. In order to motivate myself and my team first we need to set our goals and what we as a unit need to achieve for the upcoming 6 months. Try to make a deal with them to inspire them to work harder by pushing them into things they have never done before so that they will have more self-confidence and a reason to give more. Set examples of people who were an Aiesecers and who got high positions in their dream companies. Act like a hero and listen carefully to them. For example, focusing on a task they did and try to give them positive feedback so that they feel special and creative. Show them that failure doesn t exist in our team work since every mistake they do is a reason to succeed in another task. Face our challenges by going out there and experiencing them directly for instance, recruiting in a university and trying to approach students by sending them the right specifications about AIESEC. Feel free to talk to me and share a problem that they are facing since I am a leader to lead them on the right track rather than deviating. 7. What do you think the three main priorities for AIESEC (AUB or LAU) for the term 2012 should be? What strategies would you propose for each one and what results would you like to see in each of those priorities at the end of your term? 6.

Priority Positioning

Strategies University relations/campus events each month

Results Ensuring that every student in the university knows about AIESEC and the exact message has been delivered properly by the TM and ER.

Planning to increase no of exchanges to 50 EP s(based on analysis)

Market research and segmentation

OGX booths and campaigns in the campuses/create group on Face Book/get interesting internships (such as India for 16 days) Contact companies who are getting interns from LAU and AUB through the guidance office/put our product on an excel sheet, who spur target company and how would they benefit from AIESEC/right a well-organized proposal

Make sure to send all EP s by the end of the term which will create a huge impact on their lives.

Ensure to deliver the right message through the given proposal/get great internship deals for the interns whether they are GCDP or GIP


What are the main challenges you might face during your term regarding the following areas. How do you plan to overcome them? Area Your EB team Your Functional team (for LC VPs) Your personal life (studies, family, etc.) Challenges you might face How will you overcome them?


Please describe your life using 7 words that you generally like, making sure that you underline your favourite words.

4. Specific Questions
Only answer the questions for the position(s) that you are applying for. Please be as brief and concise in your answers as possible.

Local Committee President

1. 2. 3. Describe the state of the LC (AIESEC AUB or LAU) at the end of your term as Local Committee President? Please do not exceed 10 lines. The job description of a President includes managing the Executive Board. What are your strategies to create a cohesive, synergetic, and understanding team? If you are in a situation in which three events are coming up within one month for example, a cultural event organized by the TM team, a learning event organized by the GIP team and the opening of a Project. How do you see yourself helping the three Vice Presidents and motivate them to achieve their goals?



What do you think are the 3 crucial characteristics of a good leader? How would you want people to describe your leadership and what in your opinion should a leader never do? Evaluate yourself currently based on this description and outline your strengths and weaknesses? How do you think should the EB be held accountable in front of the members?

Local Cimmittee Vice President

1. 1. What are your preferences for Functional Area/Portfolio role? Please state & number up to top two preferences in the following table. In the second column place what should be the main strategies implemented in the area and in the third one the results you would like to see in each of those areas at the end of your term! Strategies Results

Functional Area

. 2. Mention 2 major strengths and weaknesses in the LC recruitment & selection process. What are your proposed strategies to enhance the strength and overcome the weakness?


According to AIESEC Lebanon s 2012 goals, we aim to realize 50 exchanges per LC, where do you think this number will come from? Tell us 2 strategies for ICX and 2 for OGX to be implemented for those 6 months.


Please fill in the table below with Yes (FOR ALL CANDIDATES) Areas of interest/experience I have a practical experience

I would like to do

External communication Product Development Companies NGO s Media Alumni University Relations (OSD) Core areas Exchange management ---- Specifically: Matching People development systems Recruitment and Selection Media

Photoshop Video editing Finance Financial management Budgeting, cash flow analysis Financial analysis Accounting Audit IT Web-site development Information materials designing Newsletters editing Training and Coaching Preparation of GMs Managing Member s Development Preparation of agendas Preparation of functional meetings Conducting learning circles

FOR ALL CANDIDATES (Optional) EXPRESS YOURSELF & end your application with just plain you! You can use this whole page to show us, why you are the best person for this position or more about yourself. Be as creative as possible!