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National jubilee insurance company limited

(Business process management project)

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Sir Fayyaz

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Hassan jalil MSC IT A38 Abdul Ghaffar MSC IT E16

University of Education
Township campus Lahore

Contexts Introduction and history Vision and mision General areas Processes Process model Process analysis process design Process refinement

Established in 1953, NJI is one of the brightest and most reputable names in the insurance sector. Sustained growth over half a century has secured NJI a place among the Big Three Pakistani insurance in terms of gross direct premium and financial base. NJI is listed on the Karachi & Lahore Stock Exchanges. Major shareholders include Aga Khan Fund for Economics Development and Hashoo Group. NJI, with its Head Office in Karachi, has an extensive and dynamic branch network in all major cities and towns of Pakistan that guarantees prompt service at the customers doorstep. The company prides itself in its longstanding reinsurance arrangements and relationship with international renowned reinsurers such as Swiss Re, Munich Re, Lloyds, Hannover Re and Mitsui Smitomo Re. The company is also supported by internationally acclaimed reinsurance brokers including AON Group, Willis, Marsh and UIB. In 2003, NJI became the first Pakistani insurance company to acquire a foreign company when it took over the Pakistan operations of Commercial General Union. Together with AKFED, NJI also acquired majority control of CU Life Assurance Company of Pakistan Ltd. At NJI, diversity is maintained through underwriting all classes of general insurance including fire, marine, motor, engineering, health and general accidentsNJI has developed unique and innovative insurance solutions to meet the growing consumer financing trends of economy. From auto financing to personal loans, mortgages to plastic cards, and trade finance to capital investment finance, NJI has the customized solutions to secure entire operationsAs pioneers in Group Health Insurance, NJI continues to develop new, flexible and customized plans to suit the diverse need of our many blue chip Pakistani companies and multinational clients.

With a broad spectrum of services available, NJIs client-base comprises prominent national and multinational corporations operating in Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Textile, Cement, Services (Hospital & Hotels), Oil & Energy, Manufacturing, FMCG, Engineering, Banking and Financial sectors. NJIs business philosophy can be summed up as Customer Protection, Customer Satisfaction and Customer Trust. This is acquired largely by ability to handle claims effectively. The customer focus and pro-active management approach in all areas of business, allow NJI to underwrite and handle claims in an expeditious and efficient manner. The true test of soundness of insurance converge is the duration of client relationships. This is proven by the fact that many clients have been with us for over 40 years. Clients are satisfied knowing that NJI is their best security.

Vision & Mission

Vision: To be acknowledged as the strongest and best insurance company of Pakistan and to enjoy the highest level of trust and confidence.

To provide our policyholders the highest degree of financial security, prompt and fair settlement of their insured losses, professional and friendly service of all times. To provide our employees a fair reward for their services, good working conditions, stable employment; and the opportunity for training, self development, long term professional growth and prosperity with the company. To earn a steady and satisfactory return for the shareholders on the company's capital and to strive for the growth and prosperity of the company.To be a good corporate citizen and contribute to the uplift and welfare of the community we live in.

Strategic Objective:
NJI is a growth-oriented leading insurance company of Pakistan. Our strategic objective is to increase our market share without compromising on level of service to our customers and profitability. We aim to achieve our objective by diversifying our portfolios, relying on niche areas by developing new products, sustaining profitable growth through employee training and continuously improving service to our customers.

Core Values:
Customer Satisfaction We believe that we can achieve our strategic objective only by providing the best of service to our customers. This means providing product according to the requirement of our customers, assisting them in maintaining and improving their risks and finally settling their claims (if any) promptly and judiciously. Employee Growth and Development We believe in the sustainable growth of the Company through employee training, development and personal growth. Innovation We are committed to change the way of business through introduction of new products related to needs of our society and innovate e-based distribution channels. Profitability We believe in maximizing the returns to our shareholders by application of best practices.

corporate Setup
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Mr. Towfiq H. Chinoy

Managing Director & Chief Executive

Mr. Tahir Ahmed


R. Zakir Mahmood

Akbarali Pesnani

Akbarali Hashwani

Sadruddin Hashwani

Masood Noorani

Aly Noormahomed

John Joseph Metcalf

Executive Directors Atiq A. Mahmudi

Board Committees

Audit Committee Akbarali Pesnani Chairman Akbarali Hashwani John Joseph Metcalf Aly Noormahomed Rattansey Human Resource and Remuneration Committee Towfiq H. Chinoy Chairman Akbarali Hashwani Masood Noorani John Joseph Metcalf Tahir Ahmed Finance and Planning Committee Masood Noorani Chairman Towfiq H. Chinoy Tahir Ahmed John Joseph Metcalf Aly Noormahomed Rattansey Atiq A. Mahmudi Secretary Business Development Committee Akbarali Hashwani Chairman Towfiq H. Chinoy Tahir Ahmed Mirza Ali Mahmood

Management Committees

Underwriting Committee Tahir Ahmed Mian Faisal Usman Mohammad Safdar Azfar Arshad

Claims Committee Tahir Ahmed Mohammad Safdar Imran Rabbani Re-insurance / Co-insurance Committee Tahir Ahmed Mirza Ali Mahmood Brendan Thomas DLima Karim Merchant

Processes and activities

General areas

Property insurance Personal life insurance Marine insuarance Vehicle insurance Family sehat care Engineering insurance Bond insurance

Group Health Insurance Family Sehat Care Miscellaneous Insurance

A request from a client has been receive for insuring a shipment after that the report has been recieceve is that the check whither is it need to examination or not in both cases the request has been forwarded after that t the finance department create list in detailed as per rule for the insurance of whole consignment and on the bases of damages the premium rate is to be decided after that the offer are to be made by finance department and forwarded to the insurance department and then insurance department give it the shipment company after that if offer is to be accepted then the 50%of that offer are to be paid and a complete policy about that is to be defined and contract is to be forwarded to the shipment company as a policy .



Process model


Process analysis
In process analyisi of marine insurance we are first analysis that on what factor we are insuring a a shipment what are the type of the insurance we are going to perform and what kind of material we are mostly insured in most cases medicine raw material and the general commodities which are to be used are be insured what is the rate on the whole assignment are to be applied and what are risks when we are insuring a shipment what are the basic criteria to check the validity of the material or other legal issues ralted to that shipment While insuring a car first of all we search that what type of insurance a client wants what are the general defects in dat car and how wqe will check if the acciedent is to be happened and on what rate we have to offer to remain in gd profit as well as to comete other companies


Process design

In process design all the activities of insuaring a car is to be defined if we are seeing then in the above process the key activities are financial condition of a person and the involvement of the bank.and also the customer satisfaction is the first oeriority in dat process a lot of paper work but in this model it is quit clear that if the status of customer is clearly good then there is no complication present after the approval of status while a bank is involved then steps for that person .


Process refinement


In last after complete observation it is highly recommended that a request which is forwared by the bank is mst be approved wrth flexibility if the customer of th differets bankare to be satisfied then business will be entertain more bnifits and it is neededthat a frot desk st b present separately by the company fr vehicleinsurance and ie insurance

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