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As the mentee in the field of Bachelor in Secondary Education (BSED) major in Technology and Livelihood Education (TLE), I wanted to express my warmest gratitude and acknowledgement for the vigorous effort of those persons who helped and contributed more throughout the contents of this portfolio effectively. The author owes considerations to my bestfriend, CRISTINE DELA CRUZ who helped me for my documentation and to my mother, MARICEL B. Vista for financial purposes in encoding and printing process. Special credit is due to my knowledgeable cooperating teacher, EDEN M. MORTEGA, Public Teacher II of San Fernando National High School (SFNHS) who gave inspired in doing this portfolio that needed most in my educational course to have a successful education career. She helped me to organize, provided me a countless ideas and concepts with effective strategies in teaching Technology and Livelihood Education (TLE) specialized in Agricultural and Fishery Arts and Food Management, and empowered me to a higher level of efficient education as the mentor in teaching and learning process. I also give thanks and appreciation to the principal of San Fernando National High School (SFNHS), ROSIE G. BOLOFER and all the teacher of the different year levels on the said school for accepting us to render practice teaching. They approached us as we already belong to professionals and became part of their organization.


As part of Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSED) of Bicol University College of Education (DepEd) recommended graduating Education college students to undergo practice teaching in different public high school levels in Albay Division. The purpose of this pre-service education is to provide the new educators with hands-on experience in selecting, constructing, demonstrating and tools in teaching and learning process. This actual teaching gives us an opportunity to become fully familiar with the descriptions of the subjects we will teach and the goals and objectives with which we should be most concerned. In accordance of this matter is to accomplish a portfolio or narrative report together of the approval sheets, certification, worksheets, evaluation sheets, resume, reflection on practice teaching experiences (with the students, with the cooperating teachers and with the administration) and the sample outputs (lesson plan, documentation, tests and instructional materials). The contents of this portfolio is the learnings acquainted by one of the practice teachers in the field of Technology and Livelihood Education (TLE) specialized in Agriculture and Fishery Arts and Food Management. This is mainly served as the proof and authentic source of information that Teaching is a complex activity often requiring educators to juggle tasks and goals simultaneously and flexibly. An effective teacher is said to be the one who has honed his/ her skills in the art and passion in teaching.

Name: Ailyn B. Vista Address: Sta. Misericordia, Sto. Domingo, Albay Birthday: February 29, 1992 Birthplace: Sto. Domingo, Albay Height: 52 Weight: 48 kg. Civil Status: Single Nationality: Filipino Religion: Roman Catholic Color of the eyes: Black Color of the hair: Brown Fathers name: Teddy Vista Mothers name: Marisel Vista EDUCATIONAL ATTAINMENT SCHOOL ELEMENTARY Sta. Misericordia Elementary School HIGH SCHOOL Sto. Domingo National High School Bicol University College of Education


AWARD 2nd Honorable Mention Active Girl Scout of the Year




SKILLS LEADERSHIP COMMUNICATION WORK EXPERIENCE WORK Environmentalist SPES (DOLE) ACTIVITIES VOLUNTEER -Medical and Dental Check up -Distribution of Easter Gifts, special hugs, and Birthday gift in every Sponsors facilitated in youth projects here in our barangay. explained good decision making.

MUNICIPALITY LGU (Sto. Domingo, Albay) Sto. Domingo

DATE April - May 2012

AGENCY - Child Sponsorship for Community Development Incorporation (CSCDI)

YEAR 2009 - 2011

-Facilitated in Different Youth Programs SCHOLARSHIP: - Former Hope (Helping Overcome Poverty Education) Scholar under the program of CSCDI. SEMINARS ATTENDED: Seminar workshop on Argumentation and Debate Seminar Workshop on Basic Computer Orientation Program and Seminar on College Survival Freshment Enhancement Program and Course Convocation Mga Metodo, Estratihiya At Tekniko sa Pagtuturo Orientation seminar Sto. Domingo National High School MTC Academy Albay Tabaco City BUCE, Daraga, Albay Sept. 21, 2006

June 21, 2008

June 25, 2008

BUCSSP, Arcilla Hall Daraga, Albay

August 29, 2008

BU Graduate School Legazpi city BUCENG GYMNASIUM Daraga, Albay BUCE, Daraga, Albay

August 29, 2008

Nov. 21-22, 2011

Workshop for Practice Teaching students Orientation Seminar On Labor Laws in The Workplace REFERENCES: NAME Dr. Vilma Ballon Mrs. Eden M. Mortega Dr. Rosana Madrona Prof. Ismael Dineros

Nov. 23, 2011

BUCN Amphitheater Legazpi city

Feb. 22, 2012

POSITION Professor Teacher II Professor Professor

CONTACT NO. 9196081084 9305075669 9198895642 9277250582