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The Sports Injury Rehab Assistant by SORTFIT

Q&A with Brian Pres ge, Head of Performance Analysis, Bolton Wanderers FC




Aileen McManamon,



So ware that is good for your health!



Erik Kun u, Director of Football Video Opera ons, Syracuse University



2012 CSVA Conference

University 20 INFO TECH EVENTS 2012 CSVA Conference 14 AROUND THE NET Online Sports Law: DRC




Online Sports Law:

DRC Database


JUNE 2011

Brian Pres ge, of Head of Performance Analysis at Bol- ton Wanderers Football Club, answers

Brian Pres ge, of Head of Performance Analysis at Bol- ton Wanderers Football Club, answers our ques ons on how technology plays a role in his work. Brian describes the role technology plays within performance analysis and the applica on of media such as video to provide players with real- me feedback. He highlights the vari- ous technological methods used to provide his team with the best possible services that create a successful atmosphere for the players.

The internet is no excep on when it comes to using me- dia to organize "sports-centric" content. This term, which encompasses everything from league and team informa on, players sta s cs and collabora on, mer- chandise organiza on, just to name a few- are collected and delivered online by Blue sombrero. This company, which a ributes its origins in online soccer clinic and camp data organiza on, now provides online administra- on services to youth sports organiza ons of all types in over 45 states in the United States.

ons of all types in over 45 states in the United States. Technology is the fabric

Technology is the fabric of media delivery in sport

This month, we take a closer look at the types of media delivery that are applied to sport and recrea on. Yet the closer we examine the role of media in sport we must also acknowledge the use of technology in this regard.

S ll the word “media” conjures up ideas most commonly iden fied with up-to-the-minute scores and video high- lights viewed on your smartphone. These are most defi- nitely part of media in sports, but we wanted to examine this in a much different light. In this month’s issue, we look at not only how technology enables this delivery, but how it also allows for the informa on being collect- ed to be applied in other areas of sport.

Erik Kun u takes illustrates his role as Director of Foot- ball Video Opera ons at Syracuse University. He talks about the integra on of video technology into the team's prepara on. Kun u's implementa on of innova- ve video applica ons, directly impacts the performance of the Orangeman Football program on the field.

XOS Digital in one of the world's premier providers of content management solu ons and digital media ser- vices for collegiate and professional sports organiza ons. We are very happy to profile XOS Digital in this month's issue, because they epitomize the method by which technology applies to present-day sports media. Their technological solu ons are used by a vast number of schools, sports organiza ons and solu ons providers. In fact, many of the companies profiled in this issue use XOS Digital applica ons to some extent.


JUNE 2011


Technology changes the way we do business, in many ways for the better. Should technolo- gy be allowed to influence the way we participate in sports? As players? Fans? Coaches?

“Technology already has made an improvement to sport - most- ly for the be er. In modern day sport, the game is faster, hard- er, some mes longer and boasts be er equipment for players. All sports have this in common. The core rules are the same as they were before my me. The players are different. Perhaps the ques on should be is there enough technology for sport or should there be more? “

- Lucy C.

“Absolutely! When used properly, technology can enhance the fan experience and give both players and coaches a huge edge on their compe on. Technology has helped expand the reach of sports analy cs and will con nue to do so. “

- Steve F.

“No we should not allow technology in sports as you will never get a perfect system. Sports always raises conten ous issues which creates debate, alterna vely we will have a situa on where you will be stopping a flowing game and looking at video evidence which although you may get a be er ra o of be er decisions, but if will be totally boring. When officials get it wrong it is not deliberate, they just have to make decisions im- mediately, but honestly. The problem that has occurred is due to large sums of money that is now associated with sport in gen- eral and we have lost sight of the fact that sport is compe ve but played in a good spirit and to be enjoyed. When we blame officials of making a bad decisions we place the blame upon them, yet players actually playing sport make mistakes, but are exonerated with countless excuses for their mistakes or errors. “

- Cliff. S

“You only have to watch Thierry Henry’s 2009 Hand of Gaul where he handled twice to keep the ball in play in the build-up to the goal that cheated Ireland out of a World Cup place. The referee Mar n Hansson, only had to ask the linesman or Henry himself but he did not. Bring in the technology to stop the chea ng I say. “

- Chris ne W.

“We must not forget that technology has several facets and is not only linked to the field itself. There are several technology

related products and services that when properly used can give fans either at home or at the arena / stadium a much be er experience. Technology in sports can improve security, comfort, user experience, involvement, etc. I say the more technology the be er. “

- Mark P.

“Your choice of wording leads one to believe there is a choice to allow technology to influence the experience. Technology is how we gather informa on, communicate with others and relive our lives (archived informa on accessible at your finger ps). To think that there are ins tu ons that should be exempt from technological progress will leave you standing on the side of the road as the world rushes by. “

- Jeff L.

“Coaches they require technology when measuring an athlete's performance as it help them recognize areas of strength and weakness in order to improve the athletes. Good example where a coach needs technology is in Cricket.“

- Joseph M.

Sport is a huge world wide business on all levels. Dealing with the entertainment and technical part of broadcasts also we are con nually looking for new products and ideas to help our cli- ents.”

- Bill W.


It seems that the more money a team or country has to pre- pare its athletes with the latest technologies, the be er the results. For example, the Interna onal Cycling Union President wants to level the playing field to allow for cycling teams with more to spend on technology cannot dominate the winner's circle. So the ques on is: “Should technology in sport be regulated by their respec ve governing bodies if it would equalize the compe on?”

Have your say:



JUNE 2011


GEAR AND GADGETS by World Interna onal Property Organiza on Best Inventors 2010 Gold Medal Winner,


GEAR AND GADGETS by World Interna onal Property Organiza on Best Inventors 2010 Gold Medal Winner,

World Interna onal Property Organiza on

Best Inventors 2010

Gold Medal Winner, Medical Equipment,

Geneva 2010

Gold Medal Winner, Medical Devices

3rd Interna onal Inven on Fair of the

Middle East, November 2010

First Place

3rd Interna onal Inven on Fair of the

Middle East, November 2010

onal Inven on Fair of the Middle East, November 2010 User Friendly Controls FEATURES BENEFITS ·
onal Inven on Fair of the Middle East, November 2010 User Friendly Controls FEATURES BENEFITS ·
User Friendly Controls
User Friendly Controls





















Sport it Limited C/O 10 Clos Gorsfawr Grovesend Swansea SA4 4GZ Tel: +44 (0) 1792
Sport it Limited C/O 10 Clos Gorsfawr Grovesend Swansea SA4 4GZ Tel: +44 (0) 1792

Sport it Limited C/O 10 Clos Gorsfawr Grovesend Swansea SA4 4GZ Tel: +44 (0) 1792 893 335 Mobile: +44 (0) 7886 272 886 Email: info@sport URL:

SA4 4GZ Tel: +44 (0) 1792 893 335 Mobile: +44 (0) 7886 272 886 Email: info@sport

Photos courtesy: Football Video Opera ons, Spor it Limited


JUNE 2011


This month the GOLFCARD PRO is our favorite app! Just in me for golf season,
This month the GOLFCARD PRO is our favorite app!
Just in me for golf season, the GOLFCARD PRO app
is the ideal companion for every technocrat on the
golf course.
GOLFCARD has all the shots covered, making our
staff’s round that much more enjoyable.
This app come highly recommended for any level of
golfer, which brings the latest technology to the age-
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GolfCard Pro is available for iPhone, iPod, iPad & Android. They also have a free range finder only app
called GolfCard GPS, available on iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android, Windows 7, and soon on Nokia.
Ar cle photos courtesy: Senygma


JUNE 2011

Ar cle photos courtesy: Football Video Opera ons, Syracuse University




Erik Kun u takes Sports Ac vated into the his world of Football Video Opera ons at Syra- cuse University. He is no stranger to the busi- ness of film processing and video produc on in football. In fact, Erik Kun u -Director of Football Video Opera ons for Syracuse Uni- versity - grew up in the business. His father, Henry, has been the Film/Video Director for the Buffalo Bills since 1965. "I saw the film being processed right a er the games." says Kun u, looking back. "The smell of fix filled the air of my fathers lab. Li le pieces of film were hanging on the wall which in-turn would become 'cut-ups' for the coaches." While a Senior at Canisius College, Erik Kun u become an intern for his father, which would later become a full- me posi on. "I received great experience with the Bills going to four Super Bowls." says Kun u. "I saw what it takes to become successful in that business both on the field and behind the scenes."

It was through this experience in his early career, that Kun u would learn that early

and forth to find a par cular clip. The process was tedious and nights a er the games could have taken over seven hours, that is on top of ge ng to stadium early, shoo ng the game and edi ng it a er. With the evolu on of a tapeless environment, the process has cut the me down tremendously."

Now, Kun u points out that technology has allowed him to deliver con nuous innova on and value to Football Video Opera ons at Syracuse University. "We prepare the "cut- ups" and game footage by using the XOS digi- tal's sports edi ng so ware Thunder." says Kun u. "With this so ware, we can capture, edit and distribute to the coaches on their worksta ons." With this technological founda- on in place, coaches can then plan for games, educate the players on the playbook and on the propensi es of opposing teams. Kun u's department use the Panasonic P2 system, which is encompasses speed, high- capacity, and solid-state memory, to deliver the latest in HD imaging technology. With this type of technology at his finger ps, Kun u highlights the efficiency with which his team can provide video data to the coaching staff. "With the P2, we can pop a card in a laptop and start edi ng the game immediately a er the game. This especially becomes helpful on the bus drive to the airport. The Coaches can review the game on the plane and start grad- ing their posi ons. We then can dock the laptop and distribute the game to the staff."

ball playbook against opponent playbooks, which are acquired through video exchange

men oned earlier in this ar cle. "The players can play a "video game" and be tested on what they see. “ says Kun u. “The answers are then sent to the coaches. It's another way to teach our playbook and our game plan for that week to the players." His team is able to ingest various game- me plays against oppos- ing teams and virtually create a "video game" for the players to test themselves. This prac-

ce of simula ng gameplay is based on the EA (Electronic Arts) Sports model.

In addi on to these video-delivery methods, Kun u's department employs a wide variety of technologies to the benefit of the Syracuse Football program, including Avid Media Com- poser and Final Cut/Mo on for mo va onal highlights to show the team before games and ChyTV for our message board displays.

But as with any technology, Kun u says that the performance (and failure) of hardware makes or breaks a successful implementa on. Due to the me-cri cal nature of the prepar-

ing for weekly opponents during the regular collegiate football season, the technical equip- ment must be 100% opera onal at all mes. Technology up- me directly impacts the abil- ity for Syracuse Football to plan successfully. "One of the hardest parts of the job is the failure of equipment during mee ngs or games. We rely heavily on technology and when something breaks or misfires it becomes

Technology also enables the expedient ex- change of large video data files to other teams. To do this successfully, Kun u and his team use the Dragonfly Storm video exchange pla orm. He points out that the exchange of video between teams has come a long way. "This process used to be done via the airlines on Sunday morning, now we can send the video Saturday night and receive the our op- posing teams film that same night. This makes preparing for our next opponent much more efficient." Kun u highlights some areas in which the football coaching staff use video as a prepara on tool, in ways that help to translate into the team's success on the field. He points out that game simula on plays a large role in helping the teams prepare for each game using XOS Digital's PlayAc on Sim- ulator product. Kun u’s staff are able to cre- ate game-like situa ons by applying SU’s Foot-


"pressure situa on" For mee ngs, the

coaches only have a certain amount of me with the players and because video is a crucial part of their teaching, we can not allow any computers/projectors malfunc oning." says Kun u. All video-related equipment is closely monitored and regularly maintained. Kun u says that server and computer lifespans are tracked and technological refreshes are per- formed ahead of hardware end-of-life. The Football Video Opera ons at Syracuse Univer- sity looks to expand their technological im- pact to the ins tu on’s sport with ever- evolving innova ons in video and HD-quality applica ons to coaching. –SA

means of technology were simply not very efficient for the fast-paced and on-demand world of sport. "When I started at Syracuse, everything was "tape to tape", even though there was a computer that read me code, I s ll had to wait for the tape to shu le back


Erik Kun u

Director of Football Video Opera ons Syracuse University


- office


- cell


- fax


JUNE 2011

Ar cle photos courtesy: Collegiate Sports Video Associa on


The 2012 CSVA (Collegiate Sports Video Associa- on) conference was held on May 14th to
The 2012 CSVA (Collegiate Sports Video Associa-
on) conference was held on May 14th to the 18th
at the Hya Regency Indianapolis (at State Capitol)
in Indiana.
(at State Capitol) in Indiana. CSVA Conference 2012 The Annual CSVA Conference plays a pivotal role

The Annual CSVA Conference plays a pivotal role in the sports video com- munity. It is the premier event to network with the top video coordinators in the industry, keep up to speed with the latest trends and technologies, and to share ideas.




In the most recent CSVA conference held in Denver, Colorado, the largest a ended to date, the a ending members were able to see the latest equipment and so ware from 26 different vendors. They also sat in on workshops from Avid's Media Composer, Final Cut Pro and A er Effects.



The Na onal Video Coordinator of the year was awarded to Ma Englebert of Iowa

The Collegiate Sports Video Associa on is dedicated to serving

its members and providing a place

for dialogue and

development within the profession. The CSVA will be a forum to:

Ul mate SAVVY mo va onal video was awarded to James Duncan of Texas A&M.

•evaluate professional standards among all Video Coordinators

•facilitate the exchange of informa on and technological innova ons


•advance ethical procedures and quality techniques



•raise the awareness of the role that Video Coordinators play within the athle c environment

9 JUNE 2011





Ar cle photos courtesy: XOS Digital
Ar cle photos courtesy: XOS Digital


JUNE 2011

XOS Digital, Inc., is a leading provider of content management solu ons and digi- tal
XOS Digital, Inc., is a leading provider of content management solu ons and digi- tal

XOS Digital, Inc., is a leading provider of content management solu ons and digi- tal media services for collegiate and professional sports organiza ons. This month, Sports Ac vated goes in-depth to look at some of the many services XOS digital provides to its customers. Nathan Christopher, Corporate Communica ons Associate for XOS Digital, helps to illustrate just how XOS delivers world-class content services.


JUNE 2011


Ar cle photos courtesy: XOS Digital


The Vault

XOS Vault is the first sports-specific digital asset management and pub- lishing system. The Vault allows content owners to search, manage and distribute content via an easy-to-use web interface. The Vault allows partners to repurpose and mone ze their content. Consumers “interact” with the Vault when they watch content that has been pub- lished via mul ple pla orms including web, mobile and Smart TV among others. Along with being fully indexed and searchable, the Vault offers one-click publishing to pla orms like Facebook and Twi er. Vir- tually all media formats are supported in the Vault, including video (HD and SD), audio, photos and documents.

Sports Branding

XOS Digital Media works with established brands across mul ple cate- gories to provide increased engagement and awareness among target- ed web, mobile and tablet consumers. XOS College Sports, the compa- ny’s consumer pla orm, leverages partnerships with over 120 rights holders in collegiate athle cs to offer highly customized branded con- tent and sponsorship opportuni es to clients around the country. XOS College Sports clients include: Allstate, CDW, Chiquita, RAM Trucks and Regions Bank. These clients and many others have succeeded in achieving consumer engagement rates that are well above the industry

average. In the spring of 2011, XOS College Sports will add Smart TV as

a content distribu on pla orm to allow us to reach consumers using

any device and providing even more unique opportuni es for brands to reach their poten al customers.

XOS Thunder Football

The XOS team understands what coaching staffs are trying to accom- plish, and everything we do is to improve their speed and accuracy. With a company of more than 150 employees, we have the exper se

from individuals that have worked in coaching paired with leaders in engineering and technology. Everything we build is from the perspec-

ve of the coach teaching the players and we work it backwards from

there. As new technologies present themselves, we evaluate their value to a team’s staff and determine if that technology could make them more efficient.

XOS HD Coaching Tools

As with all of XOS’ products, our HD solu ons will make team work- flows faster and more efficient. Any HD technology that adds me any- where in a team’s workflow is unacceptable, so we found a solu on that works for us and for the teams. With AVC HD as our HD solu on, we can deliver four mes the resolu on of today’s standard defini on video while offering a workflow that is twice as fast.

This season we have focused on ge ng the market ready for the HD transi on. Everything from the video shooters uploading to streaming and downloading HD content is being plumbed in today. We envision teams working first to get themselves and their own content up to HD this year, and we will push for accep ng HD recrui ng content next


3D integra on would just be adding another codec to our long list of supported video formats. However, because of the camera posi ons in coaching video it does not make sense to use 3D cameras. Coaches typically use two angles for teaching.

A high sideline shot usually at the 50 yard line and a high end zone view. Both are shot from a distance where 3D cameras would not pick up any depth. 3D depends on crea ng a triangle with the camera’s dual lenses to create the effect. When your subject is 300, or more, feet away there is no triangle, it’s just a line.

SEC Affiliate Network

The SEC Affiliate Network provides the news media with a complimen- tary digital video player dubbed the “SEC Video Zone,” which delivers game highlights and original studio content for all 12 SEC schools im- mediately a er televised games conclude.

The network provides publishers with the opportunity to enhance their online sports repor ng through interac ve video valued at more than $300k weekly , while also providing the media outlet with a means to help drive site traffic through exclusive content.

During the program’s pilot period, the company’s Affiliate Network team adopted a philosophy of collabora ve innova on. One key driver of innova on came in the form of a series of surveys designed to de- fine affiliate expecta ons and to determine unanimous opinions re- garding the program’s direc on and growth. Armed with significant affiliate feedback, XOS Digital evolved the SEC Affiliate Network and its associated content to create the official 2010-2011 program offering.

Cri cal technology adjustments included the following:

• Crea ng an online Video Zone Gallery so affiliates could select from a variety of video players

• Enabling affiliates to select video player orienta on

• Providing single-team players in official school colors

• Empowering affiliates to custom-build Video Zones in real- me

• Expedi ng embed code delivery for the Video Zone from 24-hours to instantaneous receipt

• Crea ng social media sharing capability to help drive traffic back to affiliate sites

• Enabling affiliates to select single clips for direct embedding into online stories

• Providing affiliates with a means to make instant changes to live Video Zones

• Developing a 16x9 video screen to accommodate broadcast truck

feeds without using “le er boxes” in the previous design’s 4x3 screen


JUNE 2011


cle photos courtesy: XOS Digital


The Affiliate Network also enables TV sta ons to present game highlights and special event videos to fans via on-air news broadcasts. Through XOS Xchange, an online video FTP portal, TV sta ons can access and download SEC video content and televise it to local viewers.

“The SEC Affiliate Network provides objec ve video packages that tell the complete story behind each week’s games shortly a er their conclu- sion,” said Anna Marie Neri, Director, Affiliate Network. “The SEC Video Zone delivers this official video content and enables fans to relive all the ac on behind their favorite SEC teams. We’re steadily scaling and are fortunate to partner with some of the region’s best in sports repor ng.”

Smart TV

XOS Digital is entering the Smart TV space in a big way. The company has created a cross-func onal team focused on reaching the college sports fan in their living room. With its XOS College Sports ( consumer video on demand service, the company is quickly posi oning itself to take advantage of the expanding Smart TV audience. “We really see this as a game changer,” said Shaun Pope, XOS Digital’s Director, Strategic Content Partnerships. “Our mission is to provide the consumer with the broadest access to the highest quality college sports video on the widest variety of digital screens… this includes Smart TV, web, mobile and tablet devices.”

XOS Digital is ac vely working with Samsung, Google TV, Boxee, Sony, Yahoo! and many other leading Smart TV partners to reach consumers on those devices before the 2011 football season. In parallel, the company con nues to grow its content library to include full games and docu- mentaries represen ng mul ple sports from all the top college teams and conferences. “We’re in somewhat of a unique posi on,” said Pope. “We’ve brought together all the pieces required to give the customer more choice and the best possible experience. This is no easy li . It re- quires exper se in mul ple areas of content rights, digital asset management, sponsorship development and consumer services marke ng. Most companies simply don’t have that all under one roof. We do.”

2011 and beyond

We will be working on several ini a ves including expanding our SmartTV offerings and working to secure addi onal digital partnerships for projects like mobile apps and online digital networks. On the team technologies side, the big push this year will be for the prac ce camera sys- tem which helps avoid scenarios like the unfortunate death of the school videographer at Notre Dame. This new system will allow video coordi- nators to control the football prac ce cameras with a joys ck from a remote loca on.

XOS Coaching Tools
XOS Coaching Tools

Nathan Christopher

Corporate Communica ons Associate XOS Digital, Inc.



JUNE 2011

Ar cle images courtesy: DRC Database



Database [ around the NET ] ONLINE SPORTS LAW: DRC DATABASE 14 In his book, "The


In his book, "The Jurisprudence of the FIFA Dispute Resolu on Chamber," Frans de Weger had published a survey of all relevant jurisprudence of the FIFA Dispute Resolu on Chamber, which is the competent body of FIFA that de- cides on legal ma ers between clubs and players as well as issues related to training compensa on and solidarity contribu on.

"In line with the DRC book, we recently ini ated an online database with all the decisions of the FIFA DRC." recalls de Weger, poin ng out that the database contains the extracts of all decisions and their respec ve commentaries. His current work as a lawyer for the Dutch Federa on of Professional Football Organiza ons, affords de Weger the opportunity to assist the Dutch clubs first hand with legal advice and procedures before the na onal arbitra onal commi ee and the FIFA Commi ees (DRC and PSC) and the appeal commi ee CAS. It is in this capacity, de Weger says, that the DRC Database he had helped create is of great benefit. He is not the only one who regularly refer- ences the online database of specific legal football related ma ers.

Anyone working in the world of sport and dispute resolu on can use de Weger's database as a great resource. "The database is of use for legal advisors, such as sports lawyers, clubs, agents, football organiza ons and all other par- es ac ng in the professional football world." says de Weger. "Furthermore, it brings the football world more trans- parency in the field of interna onal football law. Since the book (he wrote) only contained all decisions as from 2002 un l 2006, an online database was needed and is more prac cal since it does contain extracts of all, also the recent ones, decisions of the FIFA DRC. It is a very prac cal tool to work with."

How prac cal is the DRC Database? de Weger says that the true benefit of his online legal resource is in its ease of use and accessibility to thousands of football-related cases. "Let's say you are a sports lawyer and you have to deal with a case before the DRC. In order to prepare your statement properly, the DRC Database can be very helpful." The DRC Database provides lawyers with all the applicable and important DRC decisions regarding a specific issue which can be referred to in prepared statements. "In other words," says de Weger, "It will help you to increase your chances to win the case."

Unlike other online legal resources, de Weger says that the DRC Database brings a much needed transparency to world of interna onal football. "It can be seen a helpful tool in order to understand the cases between players and clubs more properly." he said. "Other databases are more general and not as specific as DRC Database. DRC Data- base is exclusively produced for interna onal legal football ma ers and lays its focus on this specific field."

The search capacity of the DRC Database is what de Weger points out to be one of the most beneficial aspects of this online resource. He had re-discovered its benefits in a recent case where de Weger was able to use the search capability of the DRC Database to strengthen the posi on of one of his clients. "The opposing lawyer provided me with a DRC decision in order to demonstrate and prove that the club he assisted was right. With help of the search engine of the database, I provided him with several relevant DRC decisions to strengthen the posi on of the Dutch club I assisted in this ma er and to change his point of view. It really helped me a lot and I realized the advantage of the database myself in order to handle my cases more adequately."

Based on this, de Weger says, he intends to con nually improve on the extensive search engine of the DRC Data- base.—SA

to con nually improve on the extensive search engine of the DRC Data- base.—SA JUNE 2011

JUNE 2011


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JUNE 2011


Q&A SA: How important is your work to the coach-

ing staff and players? In many teams, there

with Brian Pres ge, Head of

Performance Analysis at Bolton

Wanderers Football Club

SA: Where do you see technology impac ng performance analysis in your work? How im- portant is technology to a world-class football team?

BP: Technology and the con nued advances in this area are key to the whole coaching pro- cess in elite football. The recruitment of play- ers is a process that has benefited drama cal- ly by this. The scou ng department view games from across the world streamed to their base at the training ground enabling them to view players from across the world and being able to analyze numerous games in one day as opposed to spending their me travelling across the world to watch a player who may well be le on the subs tute bench. The collec ng of informa on on match day is a vital cog at the club. Video informa on is captured via SportsCode on our Apple Mac- book Pro in which events are logged on an ipad using iCoda. ProZone is used to provide sta s cal feedback both on physical a ributes as well as technical a ributes. All this infor- ma on is fed back to the manager, coaching staff and players through a variety of medi- ums; Team Reviews in which Projec on via Hi- Def Projector onto a 72inch screen is the pre- ferred method of feedback; Individual analysis which can be streamed to staff's media play- ers at home via a cloud server - be this their Boxee, Apple TV, iPad or home computer; and then Graphical representa on of team and individual performance via a digital signage solu on in the training ground dressing room.

can be a struggle between technological aids

and the experience of a coach or player. How

are you able to use to technology to provide

a be er perspec ve with regards to perfor-


BP: It's all about understanding the person

you are communica ng with, not just as a coach or player, but as an individual. Analysts need to be able to communicate in a manner that provides the greatest understanding to the recipient, and this includes using technolo- gy that fits smoothly into their work & life- style, this will develop a respect between the two par es.

SA: Do you forecast more dependency on technology in Performance Analysis in the future?

BP: I think there is already a great dependency on technology within Performance Analysis. The change i see in the future is the efficiency and effec veness in which data is collected and analysis is delivered. This may be with technology like the NeuroHeadset, enabling players to reconstruct scenarios through their own thoughts, poten ally high advantages in an academy system, as well as enabling coach- es & analysts to deliver feedback on a screen without being in touching distance of either the screen or a computer. With such develop- ments it is key for the analyst to also develop in order to use future technologies with un- derstanding.

SA: What types of performance analysis tech- nologies do you currently use? Can you pro- vide a list and quick review of each?

BP: "Technology" is a very ambiguous word - but as for the analysis tools we use there are three main solu ons we integrate into our analysis;

SA: How do you balance technology and per- formance development? Where is the empha- sis?

BP: The emphasis is always on performance development and it's all about understanding how different technologies can be used to enhance the coaching process without causing any disrup ons. Any new technology that is introduced into the football environment needs to be fully understood and tested by those who are going to implement these tools.


JUNE 2011

1) ProZone - Using an 8 camera set-up on a match day which is then transferred to Pro- Zone to code player movement & match events, this so ware provides us with match stats regarding every aspect of performance, both physical and technical. Using this so - ware we are able to dissect the informa on and combine this with the video of the match, along with our own objec ve observa ons & the coaches subjec ve thoughts and opinions regarding team, unit & individual perfor- mance.

2) SportsCode - This so ware runs on our MacBook Pros and enables us to capture mul- ple angles of our matches live, allowing for immediate playback of any moment as well as enabling us to implement a coding technique that logs events specific to our game plan which are then able to be recalled and played at any speed at the click of a bu on during the match. This allows us, through radio link up with the coach's bench, to communicate & discuss with the coaches regular pa erns of play by either team as well as causes and effects of certain moments during a match.

3) Scout7 Xeatre - A total scou ng solu on that provides up-to-date player informa on and appearance data combined with scou ng management tools as well as providing an unrivalled stream of match videos from around the world, enabling the analysis de- partment & the scou ng network to be more efficient as well as specific when scou ng po- ten al new players for the club.

Further to these we also implement various other technologies at the club including -

Sony HVR Z1E Cameras & Dell Inspiron Zino For Live Rehab Feedback in the Gym, iPad & iPod solu ons for video feedback & Player Management, Gefin HD Recorders for scou ng, Slingbox Solu on for access to Matches anywhere in the world.

SA: What are some examples of past technolo- gies that simply did not provide the data accu- racy required to effec vely measure athle c performance?

BP: Over me, technological development has enabled the data collec on process to be be- come much more accurate, this is down to numerous factors - higher quality cameras enabling greater detail of technique analysis and injury cause iden fica on; more sophis - cated GPS systems allowing for more accurate fitness data from training sessions -to name just a few. So it's more of a case of as technol- ogy develops, so does the poten al to obtain more accurate data.



SA: You men oned sta s cal trend analysis and "crea ng the right environment through visual & audio experiences" in your back- ground. How do you apply technologies to get the most out of your skills so that the team benefits through your work?

BP: Sta s cal analysis packages allow us to be able to not only collect data regarding individual, team and league trends, but also iden fy the importance of such data, thus enabling us to provide the management team with informa on that is grounded in sta s - cal significance. Crea ng a winning environ- ment is key - we do this through posi ve im- ages & graphics represen ng team work, ambi on and success. Players are provided with mo va onal videos during key moments

during their season as well as the provision of team mo va onal video prior to matches. These are edited in final cut pro and provided via various means (iPad, Streaming, Large


Projector Screens etc

Using digital signage

solu ons - posi ve thoughts are re-enforced via the display of prior good performances.

SA: Where do you see the Bolton Wanderers Football Club Performance Analysis Depart- ment headed (technologically speaking) in the future?

BP: I think that, as with a lot of industries, data is o en collected, analyzed and acted upon without a true understanding of the informa on and without looking deep enough into the effects different variables have on performance and injury preven on. Being able to collect data that can be dissect- ed and its influence on a team or individual is an area in which developing technology (Advanced GPSystems; complex sta s cal analysis packages) can provide vital aid.

In addi on to this, the con nued develop- ment of mobile & cloud technology will ena- ble advancements in the provision of data. Also, improved automated player & event

tracking systems will enable data to be pro- vided quicker and therefor be acted upon quicker.

Brian Pres dge

First Team Performance Analyst Bolton Wanderers Football Club The Training Ground Euxton Lane Euxton Chorley PR7 6FA

Tel +44 (0)1204 673720 Mob +44 (0)7507634302 Fax +44 (0)1257 226225 bpres

+44 (0)7507634302 Fax +44 (0)1257 226225 bpres 17 JUNE 2011 •


JUNE 2011

Ar cle photos courtesy: 5TSports


Marke ng YOUR




5T Sports Group was founded in 2009 by Aileen McManamon, a former technology, auto industry and minor league baseball execu ve. Having spent over ten years in the tech sector focused in market intelli- gence, business strategy and strategic partnerships, Aileen now brings her busi- ness acumen and apprecia on for tech- nology applica ons to the sport industry. 5T Specializes in marke ng and manage- ment strategy for sport organiza ons, venues and products. McManamon deliv- ers a guide to current trends in marke ng sports technology.

Right now mobile marke ng and mobile apps are the nut to crack. Intui vely eve- ryone knows this. I believe it is a terrific poten al revenue opportunity. Even or- ganiza ons who aren’t sure of their ac on plan in this space are building their data- bases (fan, numbers) so that as opportuni- es come up for them they have the base to capitalize on them. The best things I’m seeing right now are the move the NY Red Bulls are making to move to a “paperless venue” by 2015 – they have begin using a smart card to load season ckets and inte- grate a payment system for concessions. I see mobile payment as the beachhead applica on that will move a lot of teams firmly into this space and have the adver- sers right on the heels of the opportunity. They are employing a smart card but I believe this needs to move to the phone. That’s on the ‘progressive’ front. General- ly though I would say sport organiza ons’

behavior reflects other in- dustries – they are staying with the basics and trying to improve produc vity. So while social media mar- ke ng is not exactly ‘cu ng edge’ they are s ll at the earlier stages of leveraging this and adop ng it first into their media mix (addi onal voice) and into the main- stream of their marke ng

mix. Even the early adopter

teams aren’t really s cking their necks out here – they are just using more features of the media.

One of the most progressive campaigns I have seen yet was the Charlo e Bobcats’ ‘crowdsourcing’ of cket sales via Face- book– basically enlis ng their fan base as an outside sales force and rewarding (compensa ng) them via a tracking code

and rewarding (compensa ng) them via a tracking code for referral sales. My other recent favor-

for referral sales. My other recent favor- ites have been the Cleveland Indians’ (and other teams) social media suites, where they are invi ng social media influencers into what is basically an addi onal press box with the expecta on that addi onal real- me comments, insights and discus- sions will be fostered during games. This is great in two ways – the highly engaged fans are being brought ‘into the family’ and acknowledged for the content they generate, and the addi onal real- me commentary & discussions are making the game more interes ng for the casual to avid fan base.


JUNE 2011

All organiza ons are looking for ways to enhance the in-venue experience without pu ng the organiza on ‘out’ – there is s ll a disconnect between cool apps and gadgets which are trying to gain adop on & trac on and teams/venues looking to maintain profit margins by holding or cu ng opera ons while straining to keep the fans they have at the park.

It is frustra ng for both sides, but not unique to sport – all technologies struggle with adop on. A technology is successful is when it can walk through the business model from the team’s perspec ve. Offer- ing up something that has a $10 price tag and a $6 cost to the team does present an opportunity for the team to earn those $4, but it s ll places the burden on the team to make the $10 sale. And without extra bandwidth. Tech companies with fan- oriented solu ons need to keep in mind that all sales staff are focused on ‘bums in seats’ first, not the upsell. And if the upsell involves both understanding and explain- ing to fans the benefits of a product it is just too much for the sales staff to handle. Where an app or technology makes the business case all the way through, sup- ported with some pilot installa ons and market research on their end to ease ‘customer’ (team) concerns they have a shot.

end to ease ‘customer’ (team) concerns they have a shot. Aileen McManamon Senior Partner

Aileen McManamon

Senior Partner

Ar cle photos courtesy: Advanced Fitness Systems




The Advanced Fitness Designs Team imagines, develops and markets innovative web applica- tions and related services in two sectors: 1) physical education and health and 2) elite and professional sports.

The FitStats Web systems are designed to streamline fitness assessment and reporting for large groups or implement physical activity tracking and monitoring programs. The Athlete- platform is designed for profes- sional sport coaches and trainers looking for an efficient way to quantify training, manage fit- ness testing, track injuries and individualize training in a team-sport context.

injuries and individualize training in a team-sport context. CUSTOMIZATION Advanced Fitness Designs products are de-


Advanced Fitness Designs products are de- signed and used by professionals. As each pro- fessional has developed a unique expertise in


JUNE 2011

fessional has developed a unique expertise in 19 JUNE 2011 his/her field, a fit-for-all solution doesn’t

his/her field, a fit-for-all solution doesn’t work for them. The AFD Team recognized this early on, and created a system in which all applica- tions are entirely customizable by the user. The AFD systems offer preset standard features, that can be changed at any time in order to meet the specific customer requirements. “We have engineers capable of designing and devel- oping pretty much anything.” says François Gazzano CEO of Advanced Fitness Designs. “We routinely add and enhance features follow- ing customers’ feedback or comments and are always pleased to adapt or develop systems that make the life of professionals much easi- er.”


“Athletes like to be treated well and always ap- appreciate when a coach listens to them and takes their subjective feelings into account when making training decisions.” says Gazza- no. “Our AthleteMonitoring system is doing just that. It helps coaches to systematically and au- tomatically collect subjective feedback, along with more conventional objective markers of training volume and intensity. Our systems are helping coaches to systematize the monitoring of athlete’s subjectivity, fatigue and recovery levels which, in turn, leads to better coaching decisions and healthier athletes. We always work hand-in-hand with our clients throughout product design, development and improvement. In return, we are receiving a lot of praise for the flexibility of our systems, their inventiveness and the level of service we offer. I think these important elements, and those that differentiate us from our competitors.”

François Gazzano

CEO Advanced Fitness Systems

Ar cle photos courtesy: communica ons 21


Get Your Game On(line)

Blue Sombrero services provide youth sports organiza- ons with a full set of features to both help Administra- tors run their club and to provide communica on and convenience for their members. Blue Sombrero is 100% web based and built on the .NET pla orm. Our infrastructure u lizes Amazon's Cloud Compu ng services.

“There are some major differences between us and the other providers. First of all, we have continued to evolve and improve our services. Last year alone, we released over 90 new features and enhancements. We listen to our customers and we continue to stay ahead of the curve with new technologies. Many of the other providers have not reinvested in their product and kept pace with changing technology and the needs of sports groups. Secondly, Blue Sombrero was founded with the mission of giving back to the sports community and helping clubs run more efficiently so that they can spend more of their time and energy inspiring kids to love the game rather than be buried in paperwork! We consid- er our customers our partners. We work hard to provide the best service and software to help them grow and provide the best sports experience to their members. We don’t hide anything from our customers. ALL of our features are listed on our website, complete with descriptions, screen shots and videos. Our pricing is also available to the public on our website. There are no hidden fees, no contracts and no surprises! Lastly, our customer service is unmatched in our industry. We stand behind our software 100%. We understand that we provide mis- sion critical software for our customers and we back that with an unrelenting commitment to excellent service. Every customer gets a dedicated account manager that serves as their single point of contact for all of their Blue Sombrero software needs. Our customers get to know their account manager by name, and we are available via phone or email.”

- Erik Stadler, CEO & Founder, Blue Sombrero

For coaches…

Communicate with team through a

Team Dashboard.

For teams…

Create Team Pages where you can post

schedules, results, photos, etc.

SombreroPAY lets coaches and team

managers easily collect payments.

For players & parents…

easily collect payments. For players & parents… ♦ The Club Store is a great feature! ♦
easily collect payments. For players & parents… ♦ The Club Store is a great feature! ♦
easily collect payments. For players & parents… ♦ The Club Store is a great feature! ♦
easily collect payments. For players & parents… ♦ The Club Store is a great feature! ♦

The Club Store is a great feature!

Blue Sombrero partners with Eurosport, the world's largest

soccer retailer, to provide all registered soccer clubs with a

fully integrated store into each club website.

Parents and players can browse and purchase Eurosport’s

complete inventory of over 55,000 products directly from

their club’s web site!

Every purchase made will earn 5 percent back for their club.

Best of all, parents NEVER leave the club's website to com-

plete their purchases.

The Account screen contains all the player's info, from con-

tact info to order history, and can be updated and edited at

any time.

In addition, team assignments, rosters and schedules are easily accessed.

Finally, parents and players can sign up for new events di- rectly from the My Account screen.


di- rectly from the My Account screen. COMPANY HISTORY ⇒ A er a career of playing

A er a career of playing soccer at all levels, including NCAA Divi- sion I college and professional, Stadler wanted to remain close to the game.

Stadler started a soccer company that conducted camps and clinics in the Atlanta area. During that me, he worked for a dot com company where he was introduced to the world of technology.

Created a website for camp and clinic online registra on, pay- ment collec on, repor ng and email communica on.

Based on feedback, Stadler soon realized that he could have a bigger impact on soccer and youth sports at large by focusing efforts on technology and sports management.

In 2002, Blue Sombrero was born.

Nine years later, Blue Sombrero is working with youth sports organiza ons of all types in over 45 states na onwide.

Erik Stadler

CEO & Founder Blue Sombrero 866-258-3303 @blue_sombrero
CEO & Founder
Blue Sombrero
866-258-3303 @blue_sombrero 20 JUNE 2011 •


JUNE 2011

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