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First 20 Days of Spotlight Lessons for Teaching Students to Work Productively in Groups Spotlight Lessons for Personal Responsibility

Spotlight Lessons for Respectful Discourse Spotlight Lessons for Collaborative Problem Solving Silent Interview: On-task Partners: Helping Accountable Talk Paired Response Interview your When prompted, Curriculum: to the Cards: partner in writing check to see if your Offering help, Community: Pairs of students only, then partner is on the asking for helping, Explaining your have one set of introduce him or right page, etc. accepting help, partners ideas. response cards and her to the class. declining help. must agree on an answer. Noise Meter Discussion Accountable Talk Think-PairConversation How sound noise Partners: to the Knowledge Square Roundtable levels be managed What makes for Base: Discuss a topic Create notes about in your class? good How do you ask for with your partner, a topic, then communication clarification? How then extend the discuss these with between students? do you provide discussion with your group. Write evidence? another set of each members partners. ideas, then summarize on your own. Novel Ideas Only Reading Partners Group Response Sounding Board Accountable Talk Groups of students Partners read the Cards: Pairs of students for Reasoning: brainstorm a list, same piece of text Groups of four meet to share work How do you then stand. Each twice and discuss students have one in progress and disagree with group reads one its meaning. set of response provide responses. someone without item on the list, cards and must being disagreeable? without repeating agree on an answer. How do you ideas. Goal is to be respond when the last group someone disagrees standing. with you? Walking Review ReQuest Numbered Heads Opinion Stations Collaborative Students seek Partners read the Together Where do you Posters others to answer same piece of text Groups resolve a stand on a Work with your questions on a and quiz one problem together, controversial topic? group to create a worksheet, signing another using making sure all can Choose your poster summarizing their names for questions they answer it. The answer and discuss your work on a each solution. The wrote. If one cant teacher identifies your opinion with topic. Each last one is answer, the other the spokesperson others who member must write answered by the one shows them for the group by answered similarly, in a different student back at his how to locate the selecting a number. then with someone colored marker. or her desk. answer. who had a different opinion. Most of these are 10-20 minutes in length. All should be modeled by the teacher first! After each instructional routine has been introduced, use it as many times as you can to reinforce and refine skills.

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