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Multiple questions Soc. Scie 1 1.

Which of the following areas in the brain has been shown in experiments to be closely connected to hunger, eating, and satiation? a. Medulla oblongata c. hypothalamus * b. Hippocampus d. thalamus 2. The receptors for hearing are located on which of the following in humans? a. Inferior colliculus c. tympanic membrane b. Oval window d. basilar membrane * 3. Proprioception is the ability to a. Localize sound c. sense body position b. Use peripheral vision d. sense the nearness of objects 4. Which of the following areas in the brain is the master of the endocrine system? a. Thyroid c. thalamus b. Limbic system d. pituitary gland * 5. Which of the following is necessary for audition? a. Papillae c. organ of corti * b. Pinna d. ciliary muscles 6. The vestibular sacs in the inner ear are essential for a. Sensory transduction in audition c. detecting high frequencies b. Detecting low frequencies d. physical balance * 7. The limbic system is crucial in the regulation of a. Autonomic nervous system c. hormone activity b. Somatic nervous system d. emotion * 8. Which of the following sensory system components is said to accommodate? a. Cornea c. retina b. Lens * d. basilar membrane 9. Activity in which of the following areas is thought to be triggered by lying and analyzed by lie detector tests? a. Central nervous system c. sympathetic nervous system * b. Somatic nervous system d. parasympathetic nervous system 10. Mrs. Gomez has multiple sclerosis. She experiences muscle weakness, loss of coordination and speech, and visual disturbances that result from the slowdown or interruption of neural transmission. The cause of these symptoms probably involves the degeneration of the a. Myelin sheath * c. corpus callosum b. Dendrites d. synapse 11. Neurotransmitters are to hormones as ________ is to ________. a. Nervous system; endocrine system * b. Nerves: neurons c. Hypothalamus; pituitary gland d. Brain spinal cord

12. When Alvin was faced with a final exam worth 80% of his grade in his Psychology class he was totally stressed out. The particular gland in his endocrine system that is likely to be stimulated is the a. Gonads c. adrenal glands * b. Pituitary gland d. thyroid glands 13. If researchers electrically stimulate the reticular formation in a sleeping cat, it is most likely that the cat will a. Aggressively attack the researchers b. Stop breathing c. Become paralyzed on both sides of the body d. Instantly wake up, fully alert * 14. The occipital lobe is to _______ as the temporal lobe is to __________. a. Anticipatory thinking; seeing b. Seeing; anticipatory thinking c. Seeing; hearing * d. Hearing; seeing 15. After Leos serious motorcycle accident, doctors detected damage to his cerebellum. Leo is most likely to have trouble a. Swallowing, coughing, and breathing. b. Sleeping c. Staying awake d. Playing tennis, typing, and walking with a smooth gait * 16. When doctors removed a tumor fro Bens occipital lobe, they also had to remove healthy brain tissue from the same area. When he recovers, Ben is most likely to suffer from loss of a. Language comprehension c. muscular coordination b. Visual perception * d. taste perception 17. Edith suffers from severe epilepsy that so far has not responded to any treatment. As a final resort, her doctor operates on her brain and surgically cuts the a. Amygdala c. corpus callosum * b. Hippocampus d. adrenal cortex 18.